Making my ex my slave: part 6

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# Part 6 – All the way

After Sarah had changed her pants she came into the kitchen as I was chopping onions.

“Heard from your aunt?” I asked

“yeah, she said she would call me tomorrow morning…hopefully that means good news” she responded

“hopefully, in the meantime, you have a place to sleep for tonight” I said

Sarah bit her lip, thinking about her words carefully “do you want me to sleep in your bed tonight?” she finally asked

“do you want to?” I replied

“…Would you be offended if I said no?” she asked after a long pause

“depends on the reason you said no, can I ask why?” I asked back

“don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind this, beats standing on the corner for sure, but its not like we are dating, I kind of want to keep it that way, all business…is that ok?” she asked

“As long as that’s the reason, sure, the deal never involved cuddling” I said

There was a comfortable silence as she watched me at the cutting board.

“do I have time to take a shower while you work on dinner?” Sarah finally asked

“sure, take your time” I said

Sarah paused and bit her lip again “you want me to shave everything?” she asked

I laughed “well, I was hoping you can keep the hair on your head and your eyebrows”

“no, I mean…do you want it shaved bare or do you want me to leave some?”

“All of it” I said

“…do…do you want to watch while I do it?” she asked

An interesting proposition, but not really one of my kinks

“not really something I’m into, but I appreciate the offer” I said

“oh thank god, I have no idea how to shave and make it look sexy!” she said with a smile

“I’m pretty sure just being naked and having water run over you would do most of the work” I said

“plus white stuff all over my body…” she said with a devious little smile…and probably referring to the shaving cream or soap, although I could think of something else she would would soon have all over her.

It took me off guard and all I could choke out was a “yeah” before she turned to go into the bathroom.

I finished dinner while she showered, she took a long time, I didn’t have a vagina to shave so I didn’t know how difficult it was but after a while she popped out of the bathroom wearing a loose t-shirt and pajama bottoms, her hair soaking wet.

“ughhhh, I missed good smelling soap!” Sarah cried, putting her dirty clothes back in the office

“my soap doesn’t smell good?” I asked

“not as good as mine” she yelled from the office

We ate dinner while watching a tv show, reclining on the couch afterwards. Sarah started nodding off as the show wrapped up.

“Tired?” I asked

“mhmmm, I should probably go to bed soon” she mumbled

“you have a job to do first” I said with a smile

“I know…do you want to go to your room?” she asked, still a bit groggy but more awake than she had been.

“no, I have a better idea, why don’t you start without me?” I said, taking her hand and gently placing it between her legs. “bonus points if you can finish before I get back” I added

“yes, sir” she said groggily, her eyes where still mostly closed as she stuffed her hand down her pajama pants and found what she was looking for with a smile

She hadn’t ever called me that before, I kind of liked it…

While she had her fun, I went to my bedroom and pulled out one of the condoms that I had purchased, walking back toward the living room but I stopped just before leaving the hallway. I watched as Sarah needfully played with her clit, one hand beneath her pajamas the other tugging at a nipple, she had raised up her t-shirt to get at it. I just stood and watched her for a while, stroking myself through my jeans.

I could tell she was doing her best to sneak in a quick climax before I got back, even she wasn’t that fast. I decided to let her have one before I had a turn, after all this wasn’t going to be a long adventure, despite having Sarah having given me an orgasm earlier, I was extremely horny and I hadn’t been inside a woman in months, best to let her have one now, plus she was always more excited after her first climax.

I watched as Sarah brought herself to the edge, shuddering as she crossed the threshold, when she was finished, she licked her fingers…that was new, she had never done that before…and it was incredibly sexy. Sarah finally opened her eyes and saw me in the doorway, hand on my cock over my pants.

“Just watching?” she asked

“mhmm, I like she show” I said

“A show wasn’t part of the deal…you’re lucky I’m all about customer service” she laughed

I walked over to where she was laying on the couch, she lazily reached for my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my pants, feeling how hard I had become watching her, her eyes half open again.

“Take it out.” she whispered

I saw no reason not to oblige her, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulling out my already hard cock. Sarah started stroking as soon as it was out and moved her head but couldn’t quite reach while she was laying down, I moved closer and bent down, shoving my cock into her waiting mouth. Sarah sucked on the tip for a few seconds and then stopped herself, remembering our agreement.

“How do you want me?” she asked quietly

I smiled, this was going to be fun.

“Bend over the arm of the couch.” I said, moving back towards where I had indicated.

Sarah got up, walked over to the arm of the couch and pulled down her pajama pants, she moved to remove the black panties I had purchased this afternoon but I grabbed her waist and turned her around.

“I paid for these, I want to pull them off” I said, getting on my knees and pulling the panties down, they where glued to her bare pussy by her wetness, a single strand of grool connecting and breaking to the fabric as they dropped to her ankles. From my new vantage point I was able to both see and smell what I had paid for, her spicy scent filled my noise and the view of her shaved and perfectly formed pussy filled my vision. I was extremely temped to shove my face into her crotch and start licking, but I knew Sarah didn’t especially enjoy being on the receiving end of oral sex…but god damn, she smelled so good, I could almost taste her from inches away, spicy and rich. I lingered perhaps a little too long and became aware of Sarah’s breathing, it had gotten heavy.

To remove the temptation of Sarah’s delicious snatch, I stood up, dropping my own pants and underwear, leaned against her fully exposed ass, my cock pressing against her while I slid my middle finger into her, feeling only minor resistance, well lubricated already, I decided I wanted to borrow some. I took my fingers out of Sarah and made sure I was good and hard, using a little of her homemade lubricant. I opened the condom and rolled it over my uncut cock, I lined my dick up with Sarah’s slit and slowly started probing her, just the tip at first, I didn’t want to hurt her.

Slowly I started easing in, once the crown of my cock was inside her she let out a deep moan, nothing like you hear in mainstream porn, not high and squeaky but deep and loud, more groan than moan, a sound you would normally associated with pain but I had heard Sarah make the sound hundreds of times and it was never when she was hurting. She was as tight as I remembered, if not tighter, it took me a few minutes before I was able to get my entire cock inside her, breathy moans coming from her on each thrust.

“OH, FUCK, how much more of you is there?” she asked as I managed to finally get to the base of the shaft

I just smiled and laughed, I was average sized at best, but she had no reason to flatter me, maybe it had been a while for her too? Once I was fully inside her I took a second to just savor the molten velvet that and surrounded my cock, she felt like lava, hot and wet. I moved my hands to her hips and started to move, in and out, short strokes at first and full length as we built up a rhythm, Sarah moaning as I moved in and out of her. I bottomed out once and it elicited a hiss of pain from Sarah.

“Sorry, you ok?” I asked

“Yeah, just keep going, I’ll be fine, can we go easy this time though? Its been a little while for me”

“Sure…this time” I said, giving her ass a hard smack, leaving a red handprint on a perfectly formed right cheek.

“yessss…” Sarah whispered as her nerves reported the pleasant sting to her brain

I kept thrusting, now a little more conscious that I shouldn’t be going too deep, Sarah had pulled off her shirt and started tugging at her nipples with both hands, making the most pleasant sounds. I knew she was enjoying it but despite how easily she could come, Sarah needed stimulation on her clit to make it happen and this position, while pleasant, just wasn’t giving her the friction or pressure she required. I told myself that it didn’t matter, I had paid to fuck her, she was a glorified fleshlight, I didn’t need to worry about her enjoying it…but I also liked watching her convulsing on my dick, it was a sight that never got old. I didn’t know if I would last long enough to make her climax but I wanted to give it a shot. I stopped and pulled out of her, she made a little disappointed noise as she felt the emptiness inside her.

“lay down on your back” I said pointing at the oversized ottoman that came with my couch. Sarah got up and took the few steps to where I had been pointing, sitting down.

“You want to see my tits?” she asked, smiling and laying down.

“I want to cum all over you when I finish” I explained

Sarah smiled and let out a “mmmmmm” as she laid her head back and began playing with her clit as I walked over and settled myself between her legs. When I was at her entrance she stopped playing with herself long enough to guide me back inside her.

The position was a little awkward for me, the ottoman a little to short to make this comfortable, I was sort of half kneeling, but the concept of me fucking her in my living room was hot enough to make a little extra work worth it. Already lubricated I slid into her all at once, another groan escaped her and I grabbed her stomach, just above her hips and started thrusting again. I was tempted to lean in and kiss her, since we had determined that kissing was not off-limits but I moved her left hand to her clit to give her the best chance of feeling her contractions as she came on my dick.

“Fuck, you feel amazing, I missed this” I said, smiling at her.

“So do you, gooooood I needed this” she said with a moan

Unfortunately my climax was nearly here and I had been through too long of a dry spell to try and delay it. I was tempted to fill up the condom but I knew that would have disappointed Sarah, I pulled out much sooner than I had to but I wanted to make sure my partner’s cum fetish was satisfied, once I was out of her, I pulled off the condom, stroking myself, still pressed against Sarah’s body, in missionary but not penetrating her. Sarah continued to rub her clit, trying to get herself to climax before I exploded but she was too late.

I covered her in cum, most of it shot onto her stomach a few errant drops making their way onto her tits where one hand was still tugging at a nipple as she desperately tried to make her way to a release. I came more than I ever had before, like I hadn’t had an orgasm in weeks, it was a one-man bukkake video. My partner was completely covered, her right hand moved from her breast and she used it to rub my cum all over herself, like she was applying lotion while her left hand continued working on her clit.

I was enjoying the view and was about to get up when I felt her left hand grab my still hard cock, at first I thought she was trying to get my semen covered dick away from her opening…but she was doing the opposite, she was trying to slide my unprotected cock inside of her presumably fertile pussy.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Put it in, I’m soooo close” she mewled, her voice thick with desperation and frustration

“That’s…not a good idea…” I said

“No, its OK, I’m on birth control…just put it in.” she said

It’s not that I didn’t believe her, I had no reason to think she was lying but I wasn’t sure.

“I…don’t” and then my brain went blank as I slid into her waiting pussy Sarah’s hand guided me in.

“Please…I need it…only for a little bit…” she said, need dripping from her words

I slid into her and my still hard cock reported an explosion of feeling, I made an audible moan as I settled into her.

“FUUUUUUUUCK” was all I managed to get out

A moan came from Sarah as she started playing with her clit again, our bodies pressed so close together that she had difficulty getting her hand between us.

My climax only a few seconds ago meant that I was already too sensitive to really enjoy the raw feeling of Sarah’s pussy but it didn’t matter, Sarah, like she said, was close. As she climaxed, I felt the walls of Sarah’s pussy clamp down and spasm, a feeling unlike any other. If I had felt her through a condom I would have said she had fire inside of her now with no latex between us I would say she was filled with lava, indescribably hot and silky.

I waited until Sarah had come down from her climax and slowly slid out of her pussy, my dick over-sensitive but, god, I wanted more of her…but I would need a break first. I keeled over, I had been holding myself in a semi-crouch while I fucked her and now that I had came and watch her do the same, I just couldn’t hold it anymore, I managed to fall somewhat gracefully and landed on the couch.

Sarah hummed with satisfaction and continued to spread my sperm all over her body, taking a thick drop rubbing it directly into her slit…god I hoped she was on birth control. I just watched as she slowly came back down to planet earth. Sarah finally turned on her side and looked at my now deflating penis.

“God…I needed that, I haven’t had anyone inside me in so long” she said with a smile

“yeah, it’s been a dry-spell” I echoed

Sarah stood up, affording me a fantastic view of her ass, which she knew I was staring at and teasingly bent over in the most tasteful manner to pick up her underwear. She turned around to catch me staring and arched an eyebrow.

“You want to go again?” she asked, somewhere between joking and sincere

“Give me a second to recover here” I said, feigning exhaustion that may have been somewhat genuine.

Sarah chuckled “It’s ok, I think I’m good for now” she said, pulling up the black underwear that was in my shopping cart a few hours ago. Once she had thrown on her t-shirt, she plopped down on the couch next to me, her pajama pants still on the floor.

There was a substantial awkward silence before either one of us spoke again.

“Something wrong?” Sarah asked, she had seen my face as I puzzled through how to ask what I wanted to ask.

“I…thought you didn’t want me to put it in without a condom?” I asked, it wasn’t an elegant way to broach the subject but I didn’t know how else to start.

“Oh…yeah…I mean, I didn’t…I don’t?” she bit her lip, trying to put her feelings into syllables and sentences.

“I got on birth control last year, so we’re safe, planned parenthood gives me free pills. The guy I dated after you wouldn’t wear condoms, so I kind of got used to feeling skin-on-skin.” she started pulling at her hair, clearly nervous and looking for something to do with her hands.

“I told him I didn’t want him to cum in me but one time he didn’t listen and…well…I was fucking pissed, it was the one thing I was going to save for a husband”

“I’m sorry” I said, I didn’t really know what else to say

“Oh, It’s ok…it was dumb, like those girls who don’t have sex till their wedding night…I don’t know why I put it on a pedestal…and I figured…fuck it…so, I let him do it a few times…and I’m honestly kind of into it…” she said, a weight had lifted from her, like she was confessing a secret she had held for too long

“So…do you want me to wear a condom?” I asked

“No…I don’t know…I kind of wanted you to wear one because of what this is…kind of separate it from like what I would do with a boyfriend but it just felt so fucking good and I wanted to feel you without one…” she let out a heavy exhale.

Sarah continued “We probably should have talked about it so you didn’t think you were going to knock me up, but I was just kind of in the heat of the moment and figured ‘why not’…are you mad?” she asked

“No, not mad…but I would have apricated a heads up” I said

“well…now you know, you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to but its fine if you do.” she said

“I mean, as long as we are both clean and you are on birth control I would rather not wear one…”

“I am clean and it is safe, I got tested after I broke up with my ex and I take the pills every day, same time, you can still pull out if you want to be extra safe…but you don’t have to” she said, offering a wicked smile as she finished her words. I didn’t have to think about it, I trusted her, she had never given me any reason not to and, it felt amazing, I couldn’t wait to be inside her again, this time without anything between us.

Sarah got up and grabbed her pajama pans from where they lay on the floor, I have to admit I was a little sad she was putting them on.

“Is it OK if I go to bed…that kinda wiped me out” Sarah asked

“Oh, yeah, its getting late, ill make breakfast tomorrow” I said, getting up off the couch

Sarah retreated to her makeshift bedroom, calling out from a only halfway closed door “And that totally counted, so don’t say it didn’t!”

I laughed as I turned off all the lights and headed to bed, I slept like the dead that night.

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