Making my ex my slave: part 5

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# Part 5 – The Negotiator

I woke much later than I usually do, a quick glance at my phone said it was already 10, I had completely forgotten to set my alarm. Upon waking my nose was filled with the extremely pleasant smell of frying bacon, after putting on a pair of pajama pants that did little to hide my morning wood, I walked into the kitchen.

Sarah stood at the stove, wearing what I saw her in last night, just a t-shirt and a pair of gray panties, which was quite a sight to behold and did nothing to calm down my erection. When she heard me enter she turned around and subconsciously pulled her shirt lower to cover her underwear, the shirt was far too small to have any noticeable effect.

“oh…I was going to finish the bacon and get dressed…can you watch it while I put something on?” she asked

“sure, here” I said, sliding in behind her, grabbing the spatula. The kitchen was small and she had to squeeze past me to get back to the guest room. As she squeezed past, her butt pressed up against my hard cock, I was positive she felt and and fairly confident that she didn’t need to quite that close to get past me, she could be a real tease when she wanted to be…or maybe I was just reading too much into it.

After we had eaten breakfast Sarah cleared the table and asked “can I make you some coffee?” I raised my eyebrows, I knew when I was being buttered up.

“sure, that would be great” and I watched as she loaded my coffee maker, as it brewed she sat down and asked “that laptop in your office, the one on top of the bookshelf, looks old, are you getting rid of it?”

“oh, yeah, I was going to sell it” I replied

“for how much? I want to buy it”

It wasn’t too old, I had planned to try to get at least $400 for it, it was in pretty good condition, exactly how was she planning to pay? It’s not like she had half that.

“I was going to put it up for like 4-5 hundred, that’s what that model goes for used”

“oh…that is a little out of my budget…” she looked pretty defeated, her eyes focused on the table “what if I suck you off for it? Ill swallow again.” it practically came out as a mumble

While that was tempting, $400 was a lot of money and while she was good, nobody was that good. The good news is that my resolve was strong.

“I mean…I like it, but I was hoping to use that money to buy more parts for my gaming PC, I’ll have to pass…not that I don’t enjoy it”

“are you sure, I’ll make you feel really good?” she said, rubbing my leg with her hand, “maybe I can make you cum a few times, you know, work it off?” Her offer was very tempting and my legendary resolve was starting to waiver, I changed the subject.

“Why do you need a laptop, don’t you have your phone?” I asked. The distraction worked and she stopped rubbing my leg long enough to pull her phone out of the pocket of her pajama pants.

Her phone was old, it was one of those cheap prepaid android smartphones, the thing could barely open its texting app, I imagined that the trip she took to the porn site last night was slow and the site was borderline unusable on her screen.

“It’s fine for making calls and sending texts but most sites won’t run on it anymore” she replied with a frown.

“oh, you can use my computer while you are here if you want” I said, hoping to keep her successfully distracted.

“Thanks, that will help, but I also wanted to have a laptop with me when I headed to my aunt’s place”

“oh, makes sense. What do you want to get on facebook or something?”

“Kinda…I have a friend online who might be able to hook me up with a job, just need a computer for it, I was hoping I could earn a bit of money”

I went into my office and logged into my computer for her, I fired up a browser and told her to “have fun” while I did some chores around the house. As I walked away, I saw Sarah pull up an incognito window, she didn’t want me seeing her history…interesting.

When I got downstairs, I fired up the spare laptop that I kept down there and pulled up my router’s reporting page, all the incognito windows in the world wasn’t going to help you if the router you were attached to logged your traffic and DNS requests. I saw that Sarah had headed over to a forum site frequented by those in the kink community. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but I figured she was contacting this “friend” she had talked about, was she going to do what she did to me to others? I doubted it, if so, why didn’t she just go to him in the first place? Maybe she was truly talking to a friend (with or without benefits) and the job was data entry or customer service or something.

Given that I couldn’t learn any more from starting at her web history, I elected to shut the laptop and do some laundry. After I was finished loading the washer, I went back upstairs. I poked my head into the office and I saw Sarah had moved from the kink site back to craigslist, but not the seedy part, she was shopping.

“Hey, I was going to the store, you want to come with?” I asked, surprising her, she went bright red, despite the tameness of what she was looking at.

“oh, yeah, I was just looking for a laptop” she said

“cool, can you grab a few bags, ill put my shoes on”

I put my shoes on, but Sarah wasn’t anywhere to be seen, could she not find the bags? I went into the kitchen and saw she was looking in cabinets “on top of the fridge” I said

“oh, right” she said, looking up, she reached for the bags, they were quite high and her tiny frame just couldn’t reach. I walked up behind her and grabbed for the bag. Maybe she hadn’t realized how close I was behind her, maybe she did and decided to try and use it to her advantage but instead of getting out of my way, she ground her butt into my crotch. I let out a “mmmm” when she started and I will honestly say that I took my sweet time getting the bags, I took long enough that she finally asked

“you find any bags up there?”

“uh…yeah” I said, my brain focusing again, the grinding was very distracting. I got the bags and put my hands down, she didn’t stop what she was doing.

I put my hands on her hips but I don’t really know if it was to stop her from doing what she was doing or if it was because that’s where I wanted to put my hands. As my hands found her hips she leaned back to me, looking up and over her shoulder.

“You like?” she asked

“You know I do…” I answered “Yeah, I can feel that you do…but maybe I like hearing it…” as she continued pressing her ass in to my now rock-hard cock through my jeans.

“You like it enough to let me get you off for the laptop?” she asked, almost a whisper

My eyes snapped open and I moved away from her butt

“Is that what this is about?” I asked

“Yes!…I’ll need it to get a job” she said, her eyes now looking directly at the floor, like a child who had been caught red handed

I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there silent for a few long seconds.

“I’ll let you put it in me…” she said

“huh?” I responded, a little stunned, which she took to mean I didn’t hear her, she was very quiet.

“I’ll let you put it in me, we can have sex, any position you want” she said

I was a little stunned, a blowjob was one thing, but this was different. I definitely wanted her, she was always a great lay. I mulled it over, I didn’t technically need the money from selling the laptop, it would have been nice though. It was still wrong, but I was slowly but surely coming around to the idea that if nobody was getting hurt and we were both consenting adults, why should it be wrong? She needed things from me, I needed things from her…it wasn’t prostitution, it was a symbiotic relationship, right?

I decided “fuck it” and figured that if hell was a real place, I was going to go there for other reasons anyway, might as well enjoy the ride down.

“I don’t know…its a lot of money…” I said, I could be a good negotiator when properly motivated…which I was today.

“…sex and a blowjob?” she suggested. She needed it more than I did, could I push for a little more?

“A blowjob and sex twice, once tonight, once when you wake up tomorrow and ill let you spend the night again?” I countered

Her eyebrows shot up, she had totally forgotten that it would be dark in a few hours, she still didn’t have any place to sleep and she hadn’t heard back from her aunt yet. “how about I suck you to get you ready tonight before we do it instead of the blowjob?” she suggested.

I had her on the ropes, she had showed her hand…maybe if she wanted something else, I could negotiate my way into something involving her and ropes…

“No deal, I want you to swallow again” I said, which resulted in her frowning. “How about we get you some supplies when we go to the store; soap, shampoo, conditi-?”

“Deal!” she said, smiling

“but only if you shower when we get back and make sure everything is shaved before we do anything…” I added

“oh…even my…?” she asked

“especially that” I answered

She paused for a few seconds, chewing on her lip. She was clean shaven when we had first started dating but she didn’t like to keep up on it and it quickly fell to the wayside once she realized it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

“ok…fine, but I want a good razor and lotion too so I don’t get razor burn from it” she finally said

“That seems fair” I agreed

“Same deal as before, if you aren’t satisfied, you kick me out?” she asked

“yep” I said, it was a lie, but it’s not like she wasn’t going to satisfy

I smiled, while it was more than she wanted to give up, I was still fairly confident she liked the idea of being used.

“You want to sit on the couch again?” she asked, pulling her hair back

“Not right now, we have the whole day” I said, I wanted to wait a little bit, maybe when we got home from the store.

“oh, right” she said. With this transaction completed we went to the store. I drove to the big superstore across town, it had everything; groceries, clothes, electronics, furniture, whatever you wanted and mentally added condoms to my list.

As we walked down the isles that contained grooming products, she picked out; shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, all of which came in feminine scents. She had showered the other day using my soap, while it smelled just fine, it didn’t smell like a girl, which is, I gather, what she was going for.

We moved to the family planning isle and I stopped in front of the condoms, she came over when she was done picking out her razor and lotion. “oh yeah, we should get some, I don’t have any…” she said, looking at what I was next to.

“neither do I, I don’t remember…do you have a preference on brand or texture?” I asked

“not really, whatever you want, I guess, they all kind of feel the same to me” she said. I nodded, she asked “can you get some lube too…just in case?”

I put the condoms, a “thin” variant of a popular brand as well a small bottle of lube in my cart.

We walked past the women’s clothing section, Sarah looked longingly at the socks and underwear display.

“you want to go over there?” I asked

“maybe just to look for something on sale” she said, heading to her right

Sarah looked at a pack of panties, nothing fancy, just a simple pair of black briefs, no lingerie, no lace, no holes in fun places, no bows, just a simple pair of underwear a woman would wear every day. I frowned as I remembered the state of Sarah’s current clothes, her underwear threadbare and worn. I felt a little bad about having the upper hand in our negotiations earlier.

“you want those?” I asked

“yeah…but they aren’t part of the deal…I know” she said, moving to put them back

“They don’t have to be” I said, Sarah frowned, I was pretty sure she was about to say something about not needing a handout when I quickly added “Ill add them in, if you agree to wear them for me tonight” I offered.

“they aren’t very sexy” she said with frown

“no, not especially, but you won’t be wearing them for very long…” I said

Sarah blushed a little bit “fine” she said, trying to conceal a smile and threw them into the cart.

The rest of shopping was fairly uneventful, aside from when Sarah reached up to get produce bags and produced the sexiest little view of her midriff.

We got home and began putting things away, put Sarah’s things in the bathroom, the lube and condoms in my nightstand and her new underwear on her bed in the office.

“you want to watch a movie and maybe have a drink before dinner?” I asked

“sure” she said

I mixed two rum and cokes and handed her one. We sat down on the couch, Sarah sat slightly closer to me than she had last night but nobody that walked in would mistake us for lovers. I turned on a film we had both seen and relaxed, sipping our drinks. Sarah was never much of a drinker, she tended to stay away from addictive substances due to her family’s enjoyment of them but tonight she was powering through, matching my pace easily, no mean feat considering how many pounds I had on her and that I was the more experienced drinker.

Sarah had changed from her jeans that she wore to the store into some kind of yoga-pant type thing and the way her legs were curled under her made it do some very interesting things to her ass. I couldn’t make out any panty lines, maybe she wasn’t wearing any? I drained my drink and set it down, focusing back on the movie but the image was firmly planted in my brain and made me more than a little horny.

Sarah looked over at me at one point and I met her eyes, she was obviously feeling the alcohol a bit and so was I. “What?” she asked, smiling back at me. Maybe emboldened by Dutch courage I simply said “I want your mouth…now” I didn’t say it loudly but it wasn’t a question and it maybe had a little more edge than it should have.

I got a smile in return along with her reply “ok, can I stay on the couch like last time?”

“Sure, here” I said, handing her the pillow to hump, she took it, I think a little embarrassed but put it between her legs and tied her hair back. While she readied herself, I pulled down my pants and pulled out my dick, the second it was out Sarah dove on it, sucking playfully

“I like it when you get hard in my mouth” she said in-between when she took a break to reposition herself on the pillow. I don’t normally talk dirty, I’m not good at it, but as I pushed her head down I growled out “I can’t wait to cum down your throat” which caused her to redouble her efforts, I groped her ass through the yoga pants and gave it a hard smack which brought a little moan from Sarah.

While I was having a great time, I noticed my partner was having a little trouble grinding against the pillow, maybe she couldn’t find the angle she wanted? The next time she popped my cock out of her warm, wet mouth, I asked “You need to move?”

“Maybe? I don’t have a good angle” she said

“Here” I said, gesturing for her to get up, she did. I pulled her into my lap so that she was straddling my right thigh, I grabbed her waist and started to move her against my leg, she let out a little shudder that told me this angle was much better for her.

“I can’t suck you this way” she said

“its ok, you can finish first” I replied, but I did move her hand to my dick and got started moving it up and down, I wanted her to get off but I wanted to stay close for when she was finished. Her dry humping my leg was extremely hot, she pushed her forehead against mine, it was kind of cute. Her rutting was speeding up and so was her breathing, I really wanted to kiss her, not necessarily because I had feelings for her I mostly wanted to do it because the kissing would feel good and it would give my mouth something to do but I decided it might be crossing a line.

“you want help?” I asked, sliding my hand down to where Sarah’s moist crotch met my leg, I had barely grazed her pubic mound when I heard a raspy “Yes!”

She lifted herself off me long enough for me to slide my hand between us, my middle finger found the center of her slit, it was hard to do through pants and underwear but I was reasonably sure I found her clit and applied pressure, eliciting a moan from lips that where right next to my ear, her breath hot and heavy.

I moved in little circles the way I know she likes best and her breathing got more rapid, she tightened her grip on my member and started to jack me off again, she started nibbling on my ear, the way I used to do to her when we were dating, did she want a kiss or did she just want something to do with her mouth?

We went like this for a minute or two before she stopped at my ear and spoke. “please, need to feel you, inside” she said pulling my hand away, then shoving it inside her pants. The girl was absolutely fucking drenched and was definitely not wearing underwear, I started working on her clit again but she spoke again “nooooo, inside…please?” I smiled. I was going to be inside her tonight anyway, might as well give her my finger before I gave her my dick. I changed my grip, hooking my middle finger and slipping it inside of her, now using my palm to apply the pressure to her clit. Sarah moaned wildly, enough to hurt the ear she had been nibbling on earlier, I couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle.

Sarah had been jacking me off this whole time and while she was not focused fully on it, it did feel good plus the show she was giving me meant that I needed to tell her to slow down if I wanted her to finish me off with her mouth. I was about to say something when she approached her climax, “FUCK, IM CUMMING!” she said and she forced her mouth against mine.

Unfortunately, kissing really turns me on and as she came I exploded from her hand, covering her yoga pants and her right hand with my cum. I kissed back.

“oh, sorry…” she said

“its ok, it felt really good” I replied, bumping my forehead against hers. After a few seconds she got up and grabbed us some paper towels to clean up.

“Was…the kissing…was, that…I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again” she said

“Why? Kissing feels good, you wanted something to do with your mouth, it doesn’t bother me…unless it bothers you, then it can be off limits” I said

“No! Its fine, as long as that’s what it is, just something that feels good…its not off limits” she said

I nodded, maybe it wasn’t a good idea, but I didn’t think she was likely to catch feelings and while I was sexually attracted to her, the emotional attraction just wasn’t there.

Sarah sat back down on the couch, wiping the last of my seed from her hand, with a heavy exhale she said “one down, two to go” smiling at me

“No.” I said, her eyebrows furrowed as I continued “I said I waned you to swallow, you just wiped off everything off your hand”

Her face fell and eyes went wide as she flashed back to our negotiations earlier this morning. “but…that…you were in my mouth?!?!”

“I was, but that was not the terms of our agreement” I said, pulling up my pants and heading to the kitchen to start dinner.

“UGHHHHHH” she said, throwing a pretended temper tantrum and slamming her fist against a pillow.

“You’re just angry because I’m right” I said from the hallway

“AND YOU’RE JUST HAPPY BECAUSE YOU TRICKED A FREE HANDJOB OUT OF ME” she yelled, but there was amusement in her tone.

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