Making a mess in my open relationship

My husband actually approached me about being open. To him, he should never control who I am or my body, and he sees my sexual autonomy as part of that. He believes I ought to have complete sexual liberation of my body and sexuality. He doesn’t understand why he should ever, under any circumstances, have a say in what I do to my body, including sex. We’re extremely sex positive and he even got me my own FSA card connected to his work account to help privatize any sexual health items I’d need, with no boundaries to what I need to access it or what I can buy.

Hell, he even bought me a generous amount of plan b and even abortion pills if it ever came to it. He doesn’t require anything from me except to notify him of any infectious diseases I contract, and to let him know when I’m introducing another sexual partner into my life so he can assess his sexual health risk too.

He said the only thing he won’t allow is for me to stay in a bad or negative relationship.

I press him for ‘boundaries’ and all he asks is that I’m smart and respectful to myself. I can make and define my relationships as I see fit, communicating those changes in emotion to him.

Empowering… But vague.

Fast forward a year: I’ve been fucking his best friend for about 9 months. (Let’s call him Jake)

It’s honestly the most intense sex I’ve ever had. He makes me feel 16 and feverish again. He’s about 2 inches longer and a little girthier than my husband and he’s a perfect fit inside me. I also have ADHD and crave new and intense things. He really enables me to embrace that intensity. He’s let me choke him, tie him down, torture him. Hell, he accidently slid into my ass while we fucked in doggy and I found out how much I loved anal despite how much stretched me out.

One day my husband went into the office for work while Jake stayed into the weekend… He fucked me a dozen times in 8 hours. As soon as my husband pulled out of the garage, Jake was naked in the bed I fell asleep next to my husband in. He woke me up grinding against me, knowing I was still naked from how he left me the night before after my husband went to bed.

Jake would fuck me so intensely for 15-20 minutes – usually ending with him finishing in a condom in me as I cum with him. We’d collapse from exhaustion and fall asleep. Rinse and repeat 7 more times, with a few loads all over me and drying in between. I had to wash the sheets we were so messy. We showered after and he fucked me again in there…

But this is where it all the questioning started.

Up till this point we had only fucked with condoms. We made a strict rule that if there’s any possibility, it’s wrapped. My husband and I do this, as do Jake and I. My chronic illnesses make BC impossible to take without making my depressed, so it’s either condoms or a vasectomy.

Then came the shower.

He had just fucked me silly for an entire work day. Every time I’d fall sleep thinking about what we just did, it’d plague my dreams too… Till Jake woke me up hard as a rock or I woke up wet and desperate. It was single handedly the best sexual experience of my life.

So naturally I didn’t wanna stop. Jake offered to wash my hair and took his time doing so. I made sure to return the favor by grinding against him as he did it.

My brain thought ‘we’re in the shower, there’s borderline no risk’…

And that’s the last thought of risk assessment I made for the next 10 minutes.

Jake got huge. The water acted like a natural lubricant as he teased my labia between my legs with his cock. Soon my hands were on the glass and spreading myself wide open. He pushed it in deeper into the labia and kinda slapped it a few times – that made me melt. I was so unbelievably desperate to fuck him in that moment. I guide him towards my vagina and feel his bare throbbing cock tease my hole just barely.

And that’s when I reached back and pulled him completely into me bare back. My dopamine is soaring as I finally felt him skin to skin inside me for the first time. I could feel his veins more distinctly than before as he pulled out and slowly slid back in again, even larger after every thrust. I could feel the tension in every throb. He grabbed my body and pushed it against the glass more as I watch him do it in the mirror. We were so fucking hot.

All this made me even wetter, throbbing as he stretched me out for the 9th time that day. It wasn’t until I came did I realize how wrong this seemed… But how good it felt. I was too busy orgasming again to pay much thought to the first part. I begged him to keep going and I could hear his groans get louder. He was ready to cum and wanted permission, like always.

Out of pure instinct from fucking with a condom, I screamed ‘Fill me Jake.’ and seconds later I feel the tension release from him. Suddenly I felt an intense warmth on my cervix. Then another burst, and another.

He came in me. And that made me cum too. My legs quivered as he grabbed my ass more and kept fucking me. All the intensity made me impulsively say ‘I love you’. And those 3 words sent 5 more ropes of cum in me.

I not only took on a pregnancy risk, I also said I love you. My husband never said we were exclusively sexually open, but he never said what that relational boundary is.

Jake kept fucking me till the 5:15pm alarm went off – my husband is home in 15 minutes. 2 more loads without pause went deep into me from behind.

We scurried to get ready and I’m literally dripping in cum. I dripped it all over my panties pulling them up in adrenaline. Jake saw and pushed me against the door and left his 13th load in my cum soaked panties, covering my mons too. I had to sit next to my husband the rest of the night full of his cum as it dried all over me unbeknownst to my husband. Eventually my husband went to bed and Jake and I made love again, riding him till 2 more loads filled me up. Jake said he loved me after the first, earning him his second. After he came, I kept him in me and slowly rocked on his cock for 30 minutes as he stayed hard in me. We kissed so much I felt 16 again… But with 7 inches of cock inside of me.

As we were cleaning up I saw a text from my husband. He found the condoms in the bathroom trashcan – apparently I didn’t bury them. 😶 But apparently the thought of me being a whore turned him on and he wanted to fuck me.

I got to bed and I’m still dripping in Jake’s cum… But my husband thinks I’m just wet for him. We wrap him up in a condom and he fucks me. It’s hot and all, but feeling him fuck Jake’s cum into me is that actually made me orgasm twice.

And yes, I know 15 orgasms in a day seems absurd, but a little hit of weed is like 2 servings of Viagra for Jake… And we were baked all day. 😶

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