Madison’s Classroom Use and Exposure (Part 4) [F18+MDom39][non-consent+NC][reluc][humiliation][public]

[Part 3](

[*It seems that Madison was unable to pass her oral exam… but what punishment has she earned for failure?*]

“*Are we done?*” Madison asks.

“*Far from it.*” He responds, making Madison’s heart sink. “*One final step of your punishment today, and I don’t want you to enjoy what follows.*” Mr. Mentello moves out of sight behind her as he continues. “*If you had wanted to be ‘done’, then maybe you should have tried harder when I gave you an opportunity only moments ago, or have you forgotten how badly you failed already?*”

“*Hypoxia is dangerous, its effects stemming from a loss of brain cells. Madison will eventually recover from her drunken state… mostly, but she hardly had brain cells to spare if we’re being honest.*” Mr. Mentello pushes her from behind unexpectedly, causing her to attempt to catch herself with her hands. Madison’s palms slide in the pool of wet mucus on the floor as Mr. Mentello grabs her by the hips and pulls her to all fours. Fight! Flee! Stop this! Her brain screams desperately as she realizes what he intends to do next – it’s made immediately obvious as she feels the warmth of his throbbing erection press between her cheeks and put pressure against her small asshole.

“*Nooooooooooo….*” Madison cries out as the head of his cock pushes against her tight hole. Clenching down as hard as possible in an attempt to keep him out, Mr. Mentello just bears down with greater force. “*Uggghhhhhhhh…*” She emits a guttural groan as her sphincter stretches around his enormous girth. Sharp pain coupled with a dull ache becoming an all-encompassing sensation as he forces inch after inch inside of her virgin asshole. Madison’s face slams into the puddle of spit with a wet smack as her hands slip out from underneath her from her frantic struggles, spawning yet more sadistic giggles from the class at her situation.

The change of position yields only a short reprieve before Mr. Mentello wraps both of Madison’s wrists behind her back with one of his meaty hands. The pain in her shoulders as her arms are used as leverage just adding to the overwhelming pain in her asshole as he thrusts himself yet deeper. No longer covered with lubricating spit and squeezing herself closed as tightly as possible, his dick is splitting her open with sheer force, her petite frame offering no real resistance to his hard body. Madison’s cries and pleading falls on deaf ears, neither her fellow classmates nor her teacher seem willing to stop the depraved punishment.

With a last push, his massive cock finally buries itself to the base inside her. Every fiber of Madison’s being struggling to escape and to prevent the feeling of nausea overwhelming her. It feels like she never had an opportunity to stop him or prevent him from easily taking what he wanted. “*Take notes class.*” Mr. Mentello speaks up before pulling his cock back and ramming it again to the hilt. “*This stupid slut earned this punishment today. And I won’t distract you further from enjoying being able to watch her asshole getting destroyed for her actions. If you did want to use your phones to record her, this will be the rare exception that I’ll allow you to use them in my class.*”

His hand wraps itself in Madison’s hair and cranks her head upward uncomfortably, forcing her to face the ocean of her fellow students as he sinks himself inside her again and again. Tears of humiliation and shame swim in her eyes and mingle with the spit and ruined mascara on her face as she’s unable to turn away from the watching class. Every one of them staring. Not a single one of them lifting a finger to help, and plenty of them leering at her with desire, laughing at her plight, or eagerly taking the teacher’s suggestion to film. She might even have worried about the repercussions of that on her future if the feeling of his cock slamming roughly into her poor asshole wasn’t all-consuming.

Each of his thrusts harder than the last, Madison’s body slams repeatedly into the ground as he picks up his pace. His hands wrap around her throat before using her neck as a handle to pull her body back into him as he squeezes and her cries are turned into muffled gurgles. The now familiar light-headedness as she struggles to breathe almost a welcome relief from the pain of his unyielding cock ruining her asshole. Squeezing harder than ever, she hears him grunt and groan as his cock swells impossibly larger and twitches. She can feel herself swell with his hot seed as his cock pulses and pushes rope after rope deep inside her.

It seems to go on for minutes, until finally done, he releases his grip and Madison falls to the floor. She feels a river of hot cum flow out of her as she collapses and whimpers, her body used beyond belief and her gaping hole unable to hold the flood inside her even if she’d wanted to. With impeccable timing, the classroom bell rings, signifying the end of this period.

“*Skip to chapter 12 and read the section on smooth muscle tissue before tomorrow.*” Mr. Mentello calls to the class as they get to their feet and shuffle past Madison’s exposed and used body. “*Madison and Kyle, please stay behind.*”

Madison hugs her legs to comfort herself and cover her body as the last of her classmates shuffle out, the removal of their eyes on her a small comfort as Kyle approaches the front of the room with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“*Thanks for coming to me as soon as Madison solicited you to cheat for her yesterday.*” Mr. Mentello says as he zips up his pants. “*Did you record her on your phone like I told you to? Please send me the video after class.*” They turn and walk toward the door, barely even glancing in Madison’s direction as they leave. “*…and go tell the janitors that I’ll need them to clean the floor in my room again.*” She hears their voices fade into the noises of the crowded hallway, the door still open behind them.

Madison’s mind races, not even knowing where to start. Her clothes are in tatters, covered in spit and cum. Should she close the door? Flee? Go the police or the principal? Is he expecting her to show up to class again like nothing happened? Could she? Could she even face her peers again after they watched what just happened and saved videos of her degradation? Should she call her parents? Where’s her cell phone, did Mr. Mentello keep it?

Madison’s still mentally fumbling with what to do when a mop bucket is pushed into the room. A janitor in a grungy coveralls stops when he sees her, blocking the doorway with his hulking frame. An evil grin flashes across his face as his eyes trace the exposed curves of her body. She looks for an escape as she desperately attempts to pull the shreds of her disheveled clothes back over her body, unsure of what he might do. Stepping forward, he chuckles as he kicks the door closed behind him, the clothing at his crotch already tightening over a swelling erection.

[*Madison’s story has reached an end… for now.*]

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