Madison’s Classroom Use and Exposure (Part 1) [F18+MDom39][non-consent+NC][reluc][humiliation][public]

“*Did you bring it?*” Madison whispers, sliding into a desk next to a thin and nerdy looking unpopular student named Kyle that she normally wouldn’t be caught dead talking to.

The biology teacher Mr. Mentello had started the class already and the rest of the students had quieted down due due to the teacher’s well earned reputation as a strict disciplinarian. Getting on his bad side is often grounds for failing his class or getting detention. As a senior that needs the credits to graduate, Madison couldn’t afford to end up in his cross-hairs.

Pulling some papers out of his backpack and placing them on the desk, Kyle slides them toward her, but leaves his hand on them. “*Only if you keep your part of the bargain…*” he tails off nervously. Madison knew there was no way she was going to be able to get a good grade on the homework about cellular transport mechanisms, and had come to an arrangement with one of the nerdiest kids in the class. He’d do her homework if she’d send him some naked pictures of herself.

Sighing, she unlocks her phone, navigates to the photos app, and pulls up some photos of her in various states of undress before pointing the screen in his direction and swiping through them quickly. “*Good enough?*” She asks. “*They’re all yours if I get an ‘A’ on the assignment.*”

“**MADISON!** *Do you have something you’d like to share with the class?*” Mr. Mentello roars from the front of the room. “*You know the policies of this classroom. No phones. No talking while I’m speaking. And if it’s worth violating those rules, then it better be something that can be shared with the rest of the class to further their education as well.*” The eyes of her fellow students dart back and forth between her and him, all attention on the drama unfolding in front of them. He strides toward her down the aisle of desks and she panics. There’s no way she can let him see the photos of her in such compromising positions, no way she could risk letting the entire class see them.

Desperate to save herself, she frantically swipes at the screen to remove the photos and clear the folder of deleted items. The phone emits a small “swoosh” sound as the last remnants are deleted only moments before it’s swiped from her grasp. Mr. Mentello looks at the screen and pokes around at it before returning his glare to her. The evidence now gone, Madison attempts to fill the void of silence. “*It was just… just a picture of my cat…*” She explains. But even hearing her own voice in her ears, it doesn’t sound convincing.

The force of his scowl bears down on her for what feels like an eternity before relenting as he turns to Kyle. “*Is this true Kyle? Was she just showing you pictures of her cat that she felt she needed to delete before I could see them?*” His gaze falls to the papers still resting on Kyle’s desk before he picks them up. “*Kyle, I’d hate for a promising student like you to fail my class or get expelled for cheating – I’ll forgive this evidence of plagiarism if you tell me what Madison here was sharing with you.*”

Kyle’s eyes flicker between Mr. Mentello and Madison before he folds like a spineless worm. “*It was some pictures of Madison… naked.*” He confesses. She’d been hoping that his desire for her might be stronger than his cowardice, but it sure didn’t take much for him to end up throwing her under the bus.

“*Poor miss Madison…*” says Mr. Mentello as he drags Madison to her feet and marches her toward the front of the class. “*Madison here though she could cheat her way through my class. Thought she could use her body to buy herself a good grade.*” Now at the front of the class, he doesn’t stop pushing until she bumps into his desk. “*She thought she could use her phone and talk during class, then avoid getting in trouble or having embarrassing photos of her shared publicly if she were to delete them and disrespect us all by lying about it.*”

“*But she might be able to make amends…*” He says as the pressure of his hand between Madison’s shoulder blades continues to push her forward. With nowhere left to go, she finds herself being bent over at the waist and forced downwards toward the desk.

“*Stop!*” Madison cries out. She squirms and flails, trying to resist, but she’s no match for his strength or iron grip pushing her down. It seems effortless for him to control her and it takes only moments before she’s unable to move and pinned to the desk face-down.

“*The princess here thinks she doesn’t have to follow the rules.*” He says, flipping up Madison’s short pleated skirt and exposing her ass and panties to the class. “*I won’t tolerate misbehavior of this magnitude, but her punishment today doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a biology lesson. I expect you all to take notes.*”

His announcement is punctuated by the feeling of a finger hooking Madison’s panties and tugging them downward in one smooth motion. She kicks and flails her legs in protest, only causing her panties to fall lower. “*You can’t do thiiiiiisssssssss…*” She tries to protest, only to have him press her down into the desk hard enough to forcibly drive the air from her lungs. Her arms fruitlessly try to reach behind her to cover herself or remove his weight on her as she struggles to free herself or draw breath.

“*Firstly, human males are 15-20% larger on average than females.*” Mr. Mentello tells the class, his voice not even straining with effort as he speaks. “*And males tend to have around 40% more upper body skeletal muscular mass as well. You can see that Madison here is trying her hardest, but her best efforts are pitiful in comparison to mine. Even with her body exposed, she can’t escape such a vulnerable position.*”

His body forces itself against Madison’s legs, his weight spreading them open and pinning them against the desk. Her face burns with the knowledge of what the scene must look like from her classmate’s viewpoint. “*As you can see, Madison here happens to have labia majora that are larger than her labia minora, almost hiding them from view. There’s a wide range of variation between human females that have reached sexual maturity.*”

It’s embarrassing to be so exposed to her classmates, but Madison can’t manage to get free with his weight bearing down on her so heavily. Even breathing is a struggle and the sense of helplessness and humiliation is overwhelming. How can he think he can get away with this? Why is nobody stopping him? A small whimper the only sound she manages to make in protest. She wants to fight, but she feels like crying – she might even… if she thought it would help.

[To be continued…]

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