M44 cheated on my 1st wife

Back in 2002 maybe 2003 I was married to my 1st wife. We had a decent marriage iage at 1st but I just think we were both too young to be married. I know this sounds cheesy but this is really how it happened. She didn’t like to give head. So that really sucked.

So one day I am at work, and there was a few girls there who I was friends with. We were just friends. One day I was talking to one of them on lunch and I said “damn I have a killer headache” as we were going back to our desks. Our jobs had these little IM things.

All of a sudden she sends me a message that says “I have something for your headache”

I said “what?” I swear I was just dumb, i really thought she was talking Tylenol.

She wrote back “a nice long wet bj, I want to taste you”

Needless to say she knew I was married and for the next 6 months she was blowing me about 3-4 times a week.

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