M23. When I was invited to my friend’s Christmas dinner party, I would have never expected to have his mom sucking me off…

My best friend’s family is upper class, so they live in the nicest neighborhood around, have a huge house, yada yada. Every year they hold a “get together” one or two days before Christmas. I’ve been invited to these every year since we began college. Part of the reason I go, besides the free food and alcohol, is that he’s got crazy hot relatives. In particular his mom…

Now, his mom, June, is a total smokeshow. I’m talking blonde with an insanely curvy body, a true trophy wife in every sense of the word. I’ve ogled her since the first time I saw her, but never made any moves, of course.

The first half of the night wasn’t really eventful. I ran into her a few times before and during the dinner, but we just small talked about school or my job. After dinner, the party of around 30 people moved to the backyard kiosk for the next hour/ hour and a half.

I went back inside for a refill when I ran into her in the kitchen. Total coincidence. We chatted for a bit while she made me a drink, had a few laughs, everything was going great. Then June told me how much she missed me last year (I wasn’t able to attend) and that’s where it all started. I put on a brave face and threw flirty comments saying how sad I felt I didn’t see her and that I missed her outfit from last year. She asked, “How does this year’s look?” and I couldn’t help but answer “Hot as fuck” while she twirled around.

Maybe it was the alcohol already, but that just rolled off my tongue with no hesitation. Wasn’t really a lie though, she was wearing a short black skirt with knee high heeled boots and a tight long sleeve blouse that feel off her shoulder. The creamy skin of her legs kept drawing my gaze, and she seemed to notice it. Every step closer she took made my heartbeat rocket. She reached for my hand and guided it to the inside of her thigh and I prayed this could go where I wanted it to go. I started rubbing and squeezing and got a small moan out of her. Barely audible, but I heard it.

The heat of her thigh already had me hard, so you could imagine when she palmed my erection. Nobody was around and I was throbbing for more. We found the nearest bathroom and as soon as I locked the door, she placed a bath mat at my feet and pushed me against the door. My cock was ready to explode out of my pants and when she unbuttoned them it sprang out and lightly hit her cheek. She looked up at me with a smile and said “Just keep it down.” It was hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

June started by kissing the tip with her soft and plump lips. Her tongue traveled up every inch and even down to my balls. It’s no wonder they put a ring on her. I told her how good she was and she responded by taking me in her mouth while giving eye contact. The warmth of her mouth somehow got me even harder when she started bobbing her head up and down. I was in heaven with her working my dick nonstop.

She was a total pro, never ungluing her lips from my cock while she cupped my balls or jerked me off. The wet pops when she pulled out for air were music to my ears. My favorite part was when she would stick out that sexy tongue of hers and slap my cock on it. She enjoyed every slap and had a huge smile on her face every time it touched her face.

June was on her knees for a good 20 minutes, never easing up on pleasuring me. I let her know I was getting close. Her response? Deepthroating me. The MILF had no gag reflex and took the entire thing down her throat. After a couple seconds I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded inside her mouth. She swallowed my load and even kept sucking afterwards to “clean me up” (her words).

It was definitely the best blowjob of my life. A month later I still can’t get the image of her on her knees, sucking me off, out of my head. Hopefully, you can’t either after reading this😉

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