M18 f30 gym owner thst fucks bunch of women at the gym. There bodies are amazing. Love showing them off

Owning a gym is amazing because of all the access to beautiful fit women. I’m a quite handsome man and very fit and the ladies are always flirting with me. I have sexual relationships with a bunch of the girls and it’s great. The young ones call me there daddy and the older ones call me daddy or papi. Last night one of the ladies was working out and it was late night I Just went from behind and told her you look lovely and kissed her and fucked her right against the mirror and dumped my cum inside her.
Then this morning I was training one of my younger babes and after we went in my office and I ate her ass and fucked her asshole. They become free use to me and they love my cock. My buddies love jerking off to them

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