[M] Second time with a guy

A couple days after my first time with a guy swapping oral, I was still reeling from the experience. I went home and got a BJ from my wife, and all I could think about was how great his was verses hers. I messaged him to see if he would be available for the next morning and he was. I cleared some time from work, and set a time.

I was excited but still a little nervous arriving to his house. He again met me outside with a smile on his face, and I’m pretty sure I had one also. When I went inside, he grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze. I felt my cock jump. He again led me too the bedroom and immediately had his hands all over my body. He was wearing a tank top, and short thin shorts leaving an outline of his growing cock visible. He took off my shirt and began kissing my chest and nipples, I reached down rubbing his cock through his shorts as it became rock hard. He lowered himself to his knees, pulled down my pants and boxers to expose my rapidly hardening cock. He grabbed both of my butt cheeks, and hurried his face onto my cock and balls. Licking and sucking my balls, and slowly throating my cock.

I laid back on the bed while he focused on my balls, I could feel him spreading my ass cheeks, I was concerned he would trying and finger my asshole or worse, line his cock up with my hole. But he licked below my balls, running his tongue across my asshole. He ate my asshole for several minutes, and god did it feel great. I soon realized I like my asshole played with and eaten.

I decided to return the enjoyment and got him on the bed and sucked on his cock for a few minutes. I ran my finger around his asshole while doing so, and was making him whimper and thrust into my face. He pulled me up and we made out while jumping each other and feeling his cock against my cock and body. He asked me in the most submissive way, “please put your cock in me” I told him I would try and see how it goes.

He reaches in the drawer for a condom and a small bottle of lube. He places the condom on me, places the lube on my cock and his hole, and lays back with his legs up and guides me too the opening. I slowly push in, and I can see his face grimace as it make it through the opening. The tightest and warmth feel great. I start moving in and out at short paces until we can get the right alignment and rhythm. He is panting, whimpering, tilting his head back, so I know I’m doing what he wants. I playing with his nipples with one hand, while grasping his hard cock and stroking it while I’m trusting in and out of his asshole.

I find my self enjoying this, to the point where my rhythm and stroke are making him shake and moan in pleasure. Soon, he is saying he is gonna cum and shoots his load onto his stomach. That sets me off, and I have to withdraw to control my urge to orgasm. He whipped his cum off his stomach, then got on all fours and I got behind him. I enter him and, this time there is no
Rhythm to keep with, I start pounding him from behind. After 2 minutes or so I feel my orgasm building up. I tell him I’m close, and he spins around, rips off the condom, and takes me all the way in his mouth. Using his tongue and his throat, he milks my cock dry. Different than the day prior and so much better. We collapse on the bed rubbing each others deflating cocks.

After 10 mins or so he takes me in his mouth to rejuvenate my tired soldier to attention. I place a condom back on and fuck him again. This time I fuck him for 15 minutes until I explode onto his cock and use it as lube to stroke him too orgasm. This turned into a once a week visit. We would continue this for 6 months. He finally had to stop due to his wife being home more.

Next story will be my second guy I’ve been with.

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