Love Thy Neighbour – Part 1

Jealousy is the rosebud of chaos which would graze your world in unimaginable ways. With the onset of modernization, the upper middle class housewives were enjoying their bi-monthly kitty parties and have been hiring male escorts to indulge in unhinged debauchery. One lucky woman would get the chance of sucking one of the best cocks in business and with a bonus of getting fingered with the rest of the ladies cheering for the party spirit. Everything changed the day when a new neighbour joined the group. Reshmi, aged 42, draped with a bright red saree with a pallu sheer enough to show off her stacked bust. She proudly bore her stretch marks around the fleshy midriff and waist. She had no jewels on her except the imitation gold chain, and shakha-pola (a type of bangle worn by Bengali women). Sarla, who was the VP of the club, was against the decision of letting such a bomb steal her thunder. But the rest of the committee outvoted her.

Sarla felt inferior to the Bengali goddess. Most of the women felt likewise. And in that jealousy she plotted something malevolent. That night she paid the escort extra to go wild on her. Reshmi was the highest donor for the club and that gets her a direct entry to be the main attraction of the night. The escort didn’t waste any time and started swinging his erect tool to slap Reshmi’s round face. Reshmi played along by putting her tongue out and mouth wide open. Sensing the signal, the escort shoved his dick deep into her mouth hitting her uvula. Reshmi gagged a bit with her eyes rolling back and the escort forcibly held her neck to fuck her mouth wildly. Reshmi’s non transferable lipstick was getting faded in the streams of saliva escaping her lips. She was throwing her hands to struggle for air but none of the ladies saw past their excitement. When she was just about to pass out, the escort slowly took out his dick from her mouth. His tip was glistening with Reshmi’s saliva and throbbing for more action. When Reshmi came to senses, tears rolled from the corners of her eyes smudging the eye liner. Her eyes reddened due to lack of breath and hair completely open. She looked more like a goddess who has awakened a deep anger.

Sarla’s sinister smile faded away when Reshmi threw her pallu down and started deepthroating the escort’s throbbing cock. She went on a sloppy rampage with her tongue and lips wrapped tightly around the veiny shaft. For the first time ever, the escort felt both pleasure and fear because the eyes looked up to him were full of blood vessels and revenge. Within 6 minutes of the counter attack, the escort was about to release his hot load. But Reshmi was well aware of the muscle movements and turned him towards Sarla at the precipice of climax. Her most precious saree and face were drenched with the hot cum. This was a declaration of a long war.

Reshmi composed herself back and walked towards Sarla. “I saw you were enjoying my ordeal. I commend your resistance to finger yourself when I put on a good show. Don’t worry I will give you many more moments like this.” She walked away with her swinging bubble butt and curvy jiggling breasts. Sarla clenched to her mobile swore that she would destroy her ego.

“That must be 36DD. Well, Sarla! You aren’t the wildcat in this neighborhood anymore. I must make her kneel before me.” Mr. Singh took a vow to ravage Reshmi.

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