Love/life sex story of me pt. 2: A time of love and plague! by Lonethernet

The love/sex life story of me 2

Hello, my name’s Heather and this will be a part 2 update of my love and sex life over the last few years. I’m no writer so if I hint at a story and go off on a tangent about a different story, it’s because this is stream-of-thought brain-to-mouth unfiltered stuff. This will not be as turbulent as part 1, which was only a period of 5 years or so and involved alot more group activities! I’m now a divorced party girl enjoying very early retirement in my own home. I have a few friends and regular romantic interests in my life but I still feel isolated all the time. Someone will have to explain it to me. I get along with guys better than girls but guys don’t want girls in their club all the time, it’s hard to be in their orbit platonically. Or maybe my promiscuous behavior deters long-term relationships.

When Mark and I separated it was amicable, he even gave me $5M kind of as a “settlement” even though I didn’t ask or push for anything, it was just to take care of myself in the future. We just weren’t together often enough and he felt obligated to come home across the whole PLANET more often than he needed just to see me, and it was making work difficult. It’s not because I was overly needy lol

I’ve been living in my wholly owned home a couple years, it’s 2 stories with a basement, an inset pool, jacuzzi and a wooden stilted back patio balcony… I have not taken care of the property like I should be lol but pushing a mower through 4 foot weeds on a 40 degree slope isn’t my idea of fun for example, and I’m cheap so I’m not going to hire regular staff. Besides I want to live simply and those other things mean employment, management and tax stuff apparently. Regular pool maintenance isn’t something I’ve ever thought about either, so awhile after I moved in it was all leafy with a bunch of dirt at the bottom. This summer I’ve been putting ads online for people to come do some yard work with the promise of “not necessarily monetary” reward. They kept getting taken down! But eventually through random meetings and conversation I did get a couple guys to come do yard work, pulling weeds, wacking, ect and they’re even willing to do it butt naked (not the weedwacking part) when I ask nicely. So as to not get their clothes dirty of course! And who wants to put on clean clothes while they’re dirty, so they’re naturally welcome to the shower if I get to watch… I have not done anything sexual with either of them because they’re married and not willing to go further. It would sound creepy to people if I were a guy but they’re not reluctant, they do it eagerly and love coming by. That’s just as far as they’re willing to go. I probably seem like the batshit crazy rich lady to them.

Now I have a pool boy to fulfill the cliche. He’s a “sleek” ladykilling athletic highschooler with curly hair hanging just past his ears. Very heart-throb. He does other peoples’ pools in the area and knows his stuff so he made a list of stuff I needed, the bottom cleaning robots, pH stuff, chlorine and distributers ect, and gave me an estimate so I pay him in cash and let him revamp my pool. It’s nice and clean NOW that it’s too rainy and cold to swim, but it’s covered for the time being and has the little robots on the bottom toiling unseen and unappreciated in darkness. I’ll test it out on the first day it’s warm enough. After hanging out and talking, and a little flirting, he kept coming around on the days he worked other houses even though he wasn’t needed here 🙂 and one time while we were in my hot tub he was telling me about school, his girlfriend, somehow slipping into how she won’t try anal, and him making extra $ doing pool work. Another time while having dirty thoughts on my mind after our talks, I asked him to bleach clean my bathrooms and then I took a shower and let him watch. He had his dick out playing with it and was clearly not thinking of his gf then. I told him to strip and come help wash my back, which he happily did and he soon moved on to my my ass and between my legs all on his own. I crouched and washed his teen cock thoroughly giving it little kisses and looking up at him wet and then told him I’d give him what his girlfriend wouldn’t. There’s no better place for anal than the shower, even though I always clean up before a man comes around just in case. Not that he’s quite a man yet… I baby-oiled his dick and he did the same to my asshole before he buttfucked me there kneeling on the steps. I kept looking back at him, he was gorgeous with water streaming down his naked body and hair laying it down over his face, thrusting into my ass like that. He came inside me after just a few minutes, but since then we’ve been practiced a few times, especially in public places and different positions to improve his sustainability. There’s a real possibility of being caught some of the places where we do it which would get me in some serious trouble…

I dated a BBC Army officer for a few months. He was boring! He did not appreciate my history or skills at all, wanted me to be monogamous and settle down again too fast. By skills I mean he was never interested in anything that was too much fun. Just ride/suck. Never any variation or anything even approaching taboo. I never knew understood why girls didn’t like “controlling” guys because I thought I’d always liked that, but I realize how much freedom I’ve actually had and what they must have given up to be with me over the years. I’ve always liked dominant guys who make decisions about what we’re going to do this day or that; how I have to try this (food) because he knows I’ll like it, “no I already had plans today and they’re a surprise you’ll love them”, aggressively claiming me with PDA in public when others would look at me. I’ve been into Dom bedroom stuff forever obviously, but when I wanted to prowl around they would always allow it even if they didn’t like it. I guess I always surrendered control rather than them taking it. But Army Major (AM) didn’t let me do or get away with ANYTHING. R used to tell me about her husband embarrassing her in public by grabbing her arm and not letting her go, screaming at her and everything turning into a fight like if she wanted to have friends over, ect. Total control. He was kind of like that, telling me I couldn’t hang out with people he didn’t approve of and guilted me with “it wouldn’t be respectful if I did ___ to you, would it…” ect. He wasn’t afraid to chastise me in public either and not in a fun playful way. Like an adult screaming at a child who wasn’t getting what they wanted. We would just be having a conversation about what to get for dinner as an example, and he would blow up in the middle of the grocery store because it was mentioned offhand a week ago about something we made plans to have this or that for dinner early this week. Then he would embarrass me like “Did we or did we not have this conversation? Ooohhhh. Yes we did.” and in a condescending way. I was clear about who I am at the start but wouldn’t have cheated if he wasn’t ok with me seeing other people. To sum him up he was a no-fun, stick in the mud, missionary and marriage, God and country type. Marines are alot trashier and more fun. Sorry if you’re a marine :p

I am now seeing a couple fwbs, one cutie who speaks only in sarcasm and smartassery I really “like” who I met through friends and I’m opening up to freaky shit like trans threesomes, pegging, BDSM, public dogging ect, and he’s opening me up to guns… Lots of guns. And maybe some dynamite… And the other FWB is a cop! I just added this at the tail end of this paragraph because of the next story.

It’s 11/17/19 and I have to get last night (Saturday) down before I forget details. I had been out clubbing and drinking with my regular fwb (gunguy). When I was ready to go he wouldn’t let me take my car because I’d had a fair amount to drink. Eventually I convinced him with the help of some of his friends that I’d be fine… “I didn’t drink much/it’s been plenty of time/I’ve been chugging water/I know how to manage my drinking” ect. and wore him down into allowing me to leave. Well just 10 minutes from home and right as I was about to get off freeway I got pulled over for SPEEDING. Not swerving or anything related to drinking, just being stupid. I was freaking out because I thought I might blow a sobriety test. It was almost midnight and I’m on the side of the offramp when Officer N walks up. He’s pretty hot, probably 30ish around my age, probably military at some point cause he’s ripped and has that head stubble, all smiles and “yes ma’am, no ma’am.” I’m wearing a blue cocktail dress made to party, when he saw me he was all chatty and nervous which calmed me down and of course I was being a smart-ass. “Guess how fast you were going? Not fast enough clearly! Have you had anything to drink tonight? I’m down if you are!” we carried on for a little bit and I got my papers out for him, he went back to his truck and I saw he has another guy in there with him. When he came back he wanted me to do a field sobriety test and pass a breathalyzer, so I had to get out of the car and do the head pat belly rub stuff, admit I never learned my abc’s backwards, ask him if HE could stand on 1 foot in heels, the whole time were both laughing and messing around. When it came time to do the breathalyzer I flirtingly ignored it, put one hand on his chest and got right in his face, breathing hard and staring at his lips, rubbing against him, and asked him how he liked my breath. It sounds like an asshole thing to do but it was super hot and I clearly wasn’t the only one who thought so, I could feel his hard on against my hips. We’re there face to face both breathing hard, our lips brushing against each other with my hand on his chest and me pinned between him and my car. Sooo being kinda buzzed and confident I suggested he search me while he had a chance, remember while wearing a hide-nothing tiny dress so obviously I have bad intentions. It’s like 45 degrees out and I didn’t notice cause I was so hot and wet, also with some degree of blood in my alcohol… But at the suggestion, N said that’s the kind of thing he’d get in trouble for. So I asked him if his partner Officer P (whom I’d originally labeled P for partner because I forgot his name, but his name happens to start with P) would ruin it. He walked back to his window to talk to P in which he said I was “code something I didn’t remember at the time.” (I later learned it was code 8-18 blue, which is a locker room thing that every dept supposedly has and it’s different for all of them. It sounds officious and isn’t as blatant as “code 69” or something. 8 is for “section 8” or “crazy chick,” 18 means legal, and “blue” for blue balls which is the officer asking if he can levee sexual favors from a willing detainee or bragging about it discreetly in front of people depending on the situation.) Anyway the partner said to go for it and he came back to get me and put me in the back of their SUV… Where he fucked me senseless for like 45 minutes while his partner watched. No handcuffs were involved or anything and the car got pretty hot and uncomfortable with the heat on but it was awesome, especially with his pretty blonde partner there. I never even took off my dress, just lifted the hem above my hips to ride comfortably, pulled my panties to the side and dropped the straps off my shoulders to show off my tits to the other guy. If there weren’t a cage P probably would have been playing with them while I was riding his partner. After that familiar stiffening and slowing he was done and they said I STILL had to have someone pick me up, refusing to listen when I said I was only 10 minutes away and fine to drive. Since I was so close though N resigned to drive my car and they’d take me home. I had to ride in the SUV but they said I could sit up front at least. Before we even got back on the road P and I were talking about how I put on a good show and how he felt left out. I sat sideways in the seat looking at him, dramatically held my hands out in front of me and closed one eye like I was judging the distance between his belly and the steering wheel… Cuz that’s what I was doing and letting him know that. Before we made the first turn off that road his pants were clean off and on the floorboard. I teased and edged him for a little bit and stepped up my game making him cum in my mouth when he said we were turning onto my street, swallowing so there was no mess or explanations, and the whole time he had one hand squeezing, smacking and kneading my ass. I don’t think he wanted to finger me after watching me get fucked by his partner so he stayed away from my pussy and just played with my butt all the way home, but it was still nice… When we got there they hung out and talked to me for like half an hour before I had to go in because it was freezing, but I got N’s number. It turns out P is happily married :O At the end of the night I had gone drinking and dancing with friends, had an adventure getting pulled over, was involved in different sexual interactions with 2 strange men in a position of authority over me, and made a new fwb who I can’t wait to see again soon. My Saturday was fucking awesome

A couple weeks later I went out with gunguy, a single friend of his and another couple. We went bar hopping, then to a nice hotel buffet and at the end of the night I thought I was just going home with my date. Well he actually ended up leaving me with these strangers, the couple whom I didn’t like because they didn’t think much of me and they made it clear they weren’t interested in seeing me hang out with their group. The feeling was mutual. Ew. They also volunteered that they don’t want to have sex with me out of nowhere, unprompted and I had been behaving myself since I met them. So either they sniffed me out or heard some things. Gunguy’s friend thought that was hilarious and rude that they just said that out of nowhere. He was OK, and after we left there we met with a buddy of his and went and played bar games, pool, arcades ect. We had lots of fun and garlic fries for the next few hours. Then the boys took me home. Not MY home, the friend’s house, where we all took turns making out before they DP’d me. I haven’t seen men kissing before irl but that was interesting too. It was kind of a ratty apt with the matress on the floor, total bachelor pad. Coolfriend took me into his bedroom that I assumed he shared with his buddy, but I learned later they didn’t. I was making out with him while Buddy took my dress off, and I thanked him by getting his dick to full attention with my lips. Once he was good and sloppy and begging me to stop before he came early, he pulled away to set up his phone on the desk while coolguy who was sitting on the bed pulled me back into his lap. I gave him kind if a lap wiggle letting his wet head lube wherever it touched before he fucked me, he was super interested in rubbing it against my asshole. They had never shared a girl before or tried much at all, so they didn’t have much variety. Even the making out with each other was spontaneous! Neither were virgins though. It was a night of firsts so while the buddy let me finish what I started with my mouth Coolguy took me in the ass. It was kind of a chore, and the guy who was supposed to be enjoying a blowjob kept stepping away to his phone on the table, or he’d just had it out the whole time. He couldn’t let it do its thing, he had to keep fussing with it. After a half hour it was over and while it was fun, I didn’t get to orgasm myself. When I asked what the night’s plan was, Buddy said he had to get home so I asked for a ride. He said no because I was on the other side of town and his wife was expecting him home a couple hours ago… Whups! And Notsocoolguy said I couldn’t stay either because he has a roommate and he’s not supposed to have people over, and was also unwilling to give me a ride. I didn’t see another bedroom, so I wonder if he is actually married or has a girlfriend or something too. Even though at the beginning of the night he and Gunguy both at some point mentioned him being single. So I was given the boot and kept trying to call for a ride at 2:30am and nobody was answering. I had to shame walk home in 39 degree weather wearing a minidress, stockings and heels, with a very good possibility of being picked up for prostitution. Or something worse happening, like someone offering me a ride and nobody hears from me again. I got through to officer N who wasn’t available because he was out of town, but he called his partner on patrol who came to pick me up. The also-married guy I had given road head the last time I got in trouble. Once I was in the car we were talking about the situation. He mentioned how this didn’t look good for me and it made me seem hookery, I told him my story about how I used to be one, but this time I was just getting tossed out after partying and debauchery. He was on the overnight shift called dogwatch where he randomly patrols the best places he thinks he can catch drunk drivers, saying the only people out that late are cops and drunks so it’s a quota filler with some free time. Once he got me home I offered him the chance to come in, but he said he gets sleep-checked every 30 minutes by radio. I managed to convince him that his patrol was random anyway and his radio could stay in easy reach, on a pile of clothes on the floor, which he though that was sound logic. So we made love on my couch. By that I mean it was SUUUPER nice and sweet. We didn’t end up even taking our clothes off, I had hiked up my skirt and he pulled his dick from the front of his pants and I rode him face to face. He gripped handfuls of my ass, throwing me down on his dick just past gently. I was whimpering with his tongue in my mouth, holding his face in my hands, his hands on my back holding me against him, when we came together HARD. I originally judged him as the creepy, kinky half between him and his partner but I haven’t been with such a gentleman in awhile, he saved my whole night. At some point I had fallen asleep straddling him like that, with my face buried in and my arms around his neck. He woke me up with neck kisses and carried me to bed where he undressed me and tucked me in, then gave me another long tongue kiss before leaving. He hit me in the feels and I’ll have to hit him up again if he’s interested. It didn’t seem like just taking advantage of the situation, bending me over and just having his way with me like alot of guys would.

So I noticed that my creativity and sociability seems to be linked to my sexual activity. Normally I’m kind of a lonely hermit who’s days consist of staying at home playing games, reading, sunning, ect. I screen my friends messages and calls kind of wanting to avoid people until I work up some sexual frustration masturbating for days or months before seeking human contact again. There are times I don’t leave the house for like a month even to do errands. Then after a few days of strange porn binges I call friends to hang out, go places, get laid, write some of this stuff and chat with people online. All to excess. I seem to vacation from my sense of normalcy by going out and doing things others consider normal. I’m sure I’m a bad friend only making myself available after a long period of hibernation.

I have been out with P a few times now, risky since he’s married and we’re kind of dating in public. He’s super sweet and non-judgemental. Obviously, he’d have to be picking me up from a DP, taking me home and being brave enough to kiss me. Gunguy- whom I was kind of dating before until he left me at a restaurant with his intolerable friends- was kind of upset that I’m seeing other people, but I let him know who I was before we ever started fooling around and it hasn’t stopped him coming around… Also P’s partner N pretty much the same story, we went out a couple times then I started hooking up with his friend, but one was there for me and the other was unavailable, and while he complains about the split attention he still sniffs around for attention. Anyway P likes hearing all my stories and telling me dirty cop ones. I’m not the first girl to whore her way out of trouble, especially with him. He and his wife aren’t terribly happy because she’s kind of a prude and he wants my help to liven things up with her. He originally suggested I kind of stalk and seduce her without his involvement to open her up to couple activities, but that seems weird. So we’re not sure how to go about it yet. She looks sexy as fuck- green-eyed, bubble butt athletic, voluminous jet-black hair, pouty thick lips, but apparently she’s not very adventurous and the most taboo thing he’s ever gotten out of her is a drunken slip about being attracted to girls. My suggestion was like his but softer. Befriend and loosen up, so I’m going to start by hanging out somewhere she is or something and being like “oh hey” when we keep seeing each other. Whenever he texts me and tells me she’s going to be at ___ at ___o’clock I’ll find an excuse to be there. Let her know about this festival or that farmers market ect and make a new friend. Then when we’re more comfortable pry a little bit, tease and make some suggestions. The plan is to eventually introduce me to her husband, after which I’ll talk him up and try to get her to try new things, preferably involving me. She just has to be buttered right. I’m excited because she’s probably the hottest girl I’ve had a chance with! And now that I reread this it sounds just like his plan, just with nicer wording. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh how good I am at prying out others’ secrets… Or something about me just makes people offer them out of nowhere! So P’s wife whom I’ll call J from now on, told me on only our second run-in about how she’s cheating on him. During the “oh hey I saw you at…” part at Michael’s, she volunteered with no prodding from me that she was getting stuff to make something for her man. I was thinking “oh maybe they’re closer than I-” but no before I could finish the thought she said “my side guy”, which I doubted was a joke. She confirmed it when she said “well one of them anyway!” I gave her a high five for keeping more than 1 pet before saying bye. I’m not sure if I’ll tell P yet I don’t know how he’ll react or feel. I think it’s only fair because he’s doing the same thing. If they were honest with each other they could be having some real fun right now. So the next time I happen to “run into her” I’ll ask how it went and jokingly suggest she share, maybe ask how she met them because being curious about someone life is how you make friends.

Gunguy apologized to me finally after leaving me with his friends, and he knows about what I got up to with Notsocoolguy and Buddy after he left. Apparently one of his exes was threatening suicide unless he came to talk her down, I’ll never understand people like that. To make it up to me I told him he could come over and beg me to forgive him. So he came, and he tried so hard but it’s easy to confuse what he’s saying with my toes in his mouth and a belt around his neck. I’m don’t normally top but he was so grovelly on the phone I thought I’d have a little fun. Well, not so little… After I spanked his ass nice and red I loosened it up with a fat black rumpy strapon, the kind with the big round fist-sized knot near the bottom. I don’t even use that one on myself! I put a little glass flower plug in my butt and when I was ready to cum myself I took the rumpy stud off, leaving it inside him while I rode his dick. We both had pretty strong orgasms with our asses full of toys, I know he loved it because we ended up a slippery mess. All’s forgiven for now…

It turns out J is kind of a whore, which I don’t disapprove of. IF she’s to be believed she does the full “masked housewife interracial gangbang” cliche amateur pornstars do. Usually the husband is in on that kind of thing though, but when subtly probed about it P doesn’t seem to know. I now have his wife’s number and we’ve traded naughty stories at a couple chance meetings and met up intentionally at Subway. She’s a storyteller, and from the way she complains it makes it sound like her husband doesn’t appreciate, isn’t attracted to and is no longer interested in her. It’s kind of sad that they can’t be themselves around each other because they want the same thing and are each afraid to tell the other one. During her many tales she mentioned to me flirtingly that she’s never had an experience with a girl and it’s on her bucket list, she’s doing my job for me. It kicked off when I commented on her nail color, which was a not-so-special nude gloss and I used the moment to continue holding her fingers in the palm of my hand for awhile… She saw right through me but it also shook her confidence, the rest of the time being quiet with terrified looks on her gorgeous face. But she never pulled away and even made a hook with her fingers, we stayed holding hands that way for awhile and I let her catch me staring thirstily, smiling at her when she looked. When we left I suggested we hang out again soon and she nervously agreed. Repeatedly and enthusiastically without actually saying “hell yes!” She seems like a crushing teenager for someone who had such dirty stories earlier

I was laying on my recliner under my rain window naked, sunning indoors while it’s freezing cold outside as I often do, when poolboy heartthrob came by to check on stuff. I didn’t let him in or know he was coming by, I just looked out and saw him in back with a friend. He knows he can just drop by and maintain, and where everything’s at. When he saw me I waved, he pointed for his friend and we all waved at each other. The friend waving dramatically like he was shocked but it was smartass sitcom behavior so I knew he knew what to expect and Poolboy had probably told stories his friend hadn’t believed until he’d seen me naked. They left after a few uneventful minutes, if I ever see the friend and the stories come up I’ll back up Poolboy and maybe make a new young friend myself…

This affair with P&J is going well. Kinda. I really like him and want him for myself openly but don’t want to hurt his wife who I’m also becoming friends with. I told him about Subway while making love, which is exactly what it was by the way. Palms together, fingers intertwined overhead, slow missionary, legs wrapped around his waist and making out, which I cum harder than I do even when it’s a whole-team effort… Anyway I’m not sure if I’m trying to hook us all up or save his marriage at this point. If she found out about her husband and I, how I kept running into her because it was organized, his cheating even though she claims to be doing the same, she’d be devastated and now I like her I really don’t want that to happen. I go back and forth about whether or not I should just carry on with them both independently while keeping him in the know like we’ve been doing, or go through with the plan and bring us all together. Oh so I was telling him about Subway while he was inside me, and the image of his wife and I holding hands and flirting did wonders for us both. It turned me on obviously but he started breathing harder in my neck and loaded me up with cum a minute after I told him. Laying there afterward I was fantasizing a scenario where he hides a camera in his house because he suspects his wife of cheating, sees us lezzing out, confronts her about it pretending not to know, and tells her it’s ok and basically completes the original mission. I don’t want to risk it going badly for them so I didn’t mention it. I guess that means I’m dedicated to making sure they stay together. The conflict comes in because injecting gf myself into that relationship is what I want, but I’m scared to risk putting us all together and having it go all wrong if she finds out all about what’s going on, or they don’t really want to be together. They both blame the other and claim they still want it to work out. But P knows about everything his wife and I talk about, including how she feels because she tells me and I tell him. So he could probably fix the whole thing with an act of contrition and just making the move himself based on what he knows, but he’s scared too. Part of me hopes he doesn’t want to do that because he wants me more, which makes me feel terrible about J cuz I like her. Love sucks, sluttiness is easier.

I did something ethically icky. I’ll say it at the end, it’s a rebranding of a couple previous bad ideas, my fantasy and a joking suggestion… J called and asked me if I wanted to hang out, which was weird because we had so far communicated by casual text. She sounded nervous so I suspected what was up, she asked me if I’d like to come over for coffee… You know! On the way I got a different text from P about how his wife was SUPPOSED to be shopping at the outlets for a few hours and I should stage a run-in. Suspicious, stories not matching up! So I thought maybe she wanted to have coffee before shopping but I kinda suspected not. I told him that she invited me over, never having been to their house before. He said if we hooked up to get pics! I knew he was joking but wouldn’t object. Anyway I gauged her intention right, I got there and we had coffee but she wanted to reenact the hand-holding moment. I kept reassuring her not to be scared and I wasn’t trying to push her into anything because she looked terrified. She told me that her hookups with groups of men were her fantasies and she hadn’t been with anyone else, which I suspected because she was pretty nervous to be getting attention just from me. I had usually listened when she was telling me these stories and just kind of smiled and nodded, alluding that I had “tried some stuff” responding to her relevant stories. I took then to tell her diplomatically what kind of person I was, saying basically “I’m experienced in the things you fantasize about” which SHE kind of suspected. She was still kind of teary and emotional, so we hugged and were laughing about it, she felt embarrassed about playing herself up. The hug was held awhile, with me rubbing her lower back and holding my hands on her hips, her arms around my neck with her face on my shoulder. When we pulled back I rested my forehead on hers, hands still on her hips, hers on the back of my neck and I gave her a little kiss. Just a peck to see how she’d react, I asked her if that was ok and she chuckled and nodded. I kept making sure she was ok every step of the way, including mentioning her husband to make sure she didn’t have doubts, to which she made a joke about how if he knew he’d want pics… They’re perfect for each other and it’s simultaneously cute and infuriating, I’m not sure which one I’m jealous of. I took the reins for this first-timer and went a little further, giving a full kiss with little licks of her lips until we were wrapped around each other making out in the kitchen. After a few minutes of that she let me pull her with me by her belt loop to her living room, where I gradually sat her on the couch between breaths. I went back in the kitchen for a drink… When I got back I leaned over her kissing her, then kneeled in front of her kissing her, then pushed her backward kissing her all the way down her fucking sexy athletic belly… She was loving it and hyperventilating. When I pulled away for a second to tie my hair back she hiked her hips up and practically ripped her pants off underwear and all. We were laughing and I helped her untangle them from her feet because she still had boots on, I never took them off the whole time which was kind of hot… Then I traced my fingernails up her thighs and started kissing my way up her smooth soccer-player legs up to her hairless pubis, never breaking eye-contact and listening to her practically dying. I could see how aroused and wet her pussy was before I ever got to it, she was engorged, light red and glistening, and I licked that clit clean until she was screaming and crying again. Apparently she’d never been eaten out before. That’s not true but at the moment it seemed like it to me! After she’d cum and I made sure she wasn’t going to leave a trail in her panties when she put them back on, I pulled her up and had her show me her bedroom cuz it was my turn. We were making out again, then she helped me out of my leggings and pushed me onto her bed. It turns out she has a suitcase under her bed full of toys! Don’t we all? She hauled it out and asked me which one I liked. There was one she hasn’t tried because she wasn’t brave enough so I decided to show off and picked up that one. I tilted my head back and repeatedly lubricated the entire length of it at, looking at her out of the corner of my eye. She was clearly enjoying the sight and helped me too, sliding her thumb between my slick pussy lips as she pulled her slobbery 10-inch green rubber cock out of my throat and put it where it belongs. She didn’t let me touch it the whole time until she’d made me cum. At one point she held the base of it against her hip and simulated fucking me with it, which was fun. I mentioned to her that I have actual strapons and we should try them next time. She enthusiastically agreed, the operative wording being “next time” meaning there will be one. So about that drink of water earlier–nervous drymouth is a thing, and you don’t want to be dry while you’re eating pussy. Not that I’d be nervous, it’s not my first or 10th time. I took the opportunity to take somebody’s advice and prop my phone up against the microwave pointing at the couch. Unfortunately it got about 30 minutes of only empty living room and some muffled moaning and screaming at the end, but I’m sure P will enjoy watching me make his wife cum…

…which he did. I told him about what happened when I left wondering if there would be any consequences or he would freak out because reality is more tangible than fantasizing. It may have sounded good in theory to him until it actually happened, I didn’t know. But no, he was excited and I told him I got a little video for him. It was a couple days before I could see him again, now I had both he and his wife blowing up my phone, competing for whos face I should sit on. He came over as soon as he could, and I was sitting in his lap on my couch showing him the video on my phone. It’s weird seeing yourself on video because on one hand you remember something from one perspective while seeing it from a different one. Anyway I was getting wet watching it, I had to put a pillow under me so I didn’t get a spot on his uniform pants, which was cool cause he was rock hard and jabbing me with his dick anyway. I noticed some things watching I didn’t see before either, like J pulling her own hair while I was kissing her clit. She would lay her head back, run her fingers through her hair and make a fist before bucking her hips and whimpering… It was beautiful and she was making her husband and I very horny watching. I suggested helping ease our respective conditions but he wanted to keep watching which made me strangely jealous, because I was IN the video. So then I suggested casting it to the TV so we could do both. He didn’t want to get undressed or messy and I was wet enough to beg, so I did just that and he compromised by letting me give him head while he fingered me. It wasn’t very romantic, but it was alot like that first night in his cruiser. I was on hands and knees naked on my couch while he was fully clothed, just his dick sticking out of his pants. He came in my mouth listening to his wife laughing. In the video, we were in her bedroom at that point. I finished a minute later and he put out his wet finger in my mouth for me to lick off. He probably thought it was hot or thought that I would, but it was too clinical and basically just felt like it was to clean his finger before he immediately left. I got a text a couple hours later from J telling me about how her husband came home and out of nowhere just fucked her up against the water heater door! I was pretty upset and confused because I can see he’s attracted to his wife above anyone else and loves her to the detriment of everything else, which should be a good thing, but he left me hanging and lost interest when he saw her. I should have realized it a couple days before when we were together, and my Subway story was getting him off. I just thought it was a teasing story but he was thinking about her which is actually what got him going… Its hard for me because I want both, and the one I thought I had in the bag is slipping away and I’m helping it along.

Somehow Notsocoolguy got my number and has been blowing up my phone. I answered the first time not knowing who it was. He’s persistent, calling from other numbers or blocked ones groveling to get together. I told him the first time that when he booted me out I had to walk home in that weather and got blisters because of my heels. Lies but he doesn’t need to know that, he has no chance.

J and I have been hanging out alot, like a few days a week. Any chance her husband isn’t home we hang out there to Netflix & chill. We don’t even have sex all the time but we are intimate- kissing when we meet, holding hands, cuddling on their couch, ect. It’s just nice. P is cooling down, when I tell him how we’re hanging out to just watch a movie and we cuddled he’d just say “aww! Ok have fun.” He’s accepting that I’m wanting to hang out with her for it’s own sake and not for him, I don’t know at this point if she can ever find out about the plan. It would be so much of a betrayal, I let him know that and he agrees if we ever all hang out, he and I should start fresh like we’re just meeting.

Someone else called me recently, the friend who pool boy heartthrob brought by. His name starts with B and he had an interesting story. Naturally Poolboy isn’t going to give his friend the number of the woman he gets to fuck, also naturally he’s going to brag about it, so B knows plenty about me by now. Taking that into consideration, B got into his phone when he had a minute alone with it and stole my number. He was pretty contrite and asked me not to tell his friend, also saying he knew it was a risk to call and I could be pissed and report him, ect but he had to take a chance and made his case. He was trying to be confident and cool but kept repeating himself and laughing too much, obviously super nervous. He finally got around to asking me out and I told him it wouldn’t be appropriate to be seen dating, but we could hang out. I told him I’d get a pizza if he came over and we could Netflix and chill, which he gladly jumped on. When he got there I was waiting in my comfy outfit, the one I usually wear at home; nada. He knocked, I said come in and he was treated to a view of me sitting on my couch, legs crossed, hands in my lap, hair around my shoulders and wearing just a smile. Yes I kind of planned it. I asked him to come make himself comfortable, and he sat with me talking and stroking my leg. We talked about his friends and his thievery, I told him about me while we were waiting on pizza. I let his hands wander where they wanted and could tell he was testing to see how far he could get away with, by the time the pizza guy got there he had one arm around me and was squeezing my tits with the other. The pizza guy was appreciative of my attire when I answered the door too. We joked about how he couldn’t “return the tip” and I shoo’d him away because I had company to entertain. Since the food was there it was eating time, I had to slap hands away a couple times to get him to focus and eat while we put on Witcher since we were both watching it. We took our time and finished a couple episodes since we had no places to be and he had never been with a girl. I’d dealt with that before so I managed his expectations and kept him calm, telling him that he was probably already super wet or already came in his pants, which was normal and guaranteed he still had more in him. By the time the 3rd episode was on in the background I was straddling and grinding on him while we were making out and he was squeezing my boobs. I scooted down to the floor and pulled his pants off, confirming that he was a mess. I promised to wash them before he left and threw them on the floor, then got to work cleaning up his cock and warming up the cold mess with my warm mouth. When he was fairly clean I crawled back into onto his lap and guided his dick inside me. He brought condoms but I told him not to worry and he left it at that, I didn’t even have to give a reason. After about 10 minutes he blew his load in my pussy and I made a show of it for him, biting my lip, not breaking eye contact and giggling/whimpering while he finished. It wasn’t the greatest with him being inexperienced but it was nice seeing him like putty beneath me, I’m confident he’ll get better with practice… Also we had hours of foreplay so it was good regardless. I took that boy’s virginity and after throwing his clothes in the washer we cuddled on the couch naked for a few more hours, it was a good day. His dick never dropped after he came, it just rested hard against my butt until he left. Now he’s got my number I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other, but poolboy can’t know so now I have to keep secrets from another guy which I don’t like.

J was texting me being dramatic about something bad she did, which turned out to be telling her husband about us. She said he was jokey and flirty about it l which made her happy, she was terrified of a bad reaction. He of course texted me and told me the same thing. We already agreed to not tell her about how we knew each other. So she asked me to have dinner with them both to introduce us, which means she’s obviously planning a 3some. I say that because she told her husband about her gf and then invited her over to meet him. Also he texted me and said she’s been talking about 3somes, so yeah. 🙂 I’ll add this part to this same story, yeah 3some! A few days later they had a day off together and J invited me to hang out and have dinner. When I got there they P was home too, I got in the door and she greeted me with a gf’s kiss. Not a peck like a friend, with her arms around the back of my neck and head tilted with a bit of tongue… While P stood behind her waving and rubbing his crotch making dirty faces. I laughed and told J her husband was being a perv, and she joked about him ruining the “surprise” because that was the point of the night. There was no dinner or food to be had. The only eating that happened while I was there was of the pussy. We were making out by the front door and P jumped in, prioritizing his wife of course. He should too I admit otherwise he might get in trouble for showing too much interest in the “new girl” and ruin this 3 way relationship. We all worked our way slowly to their room undressing a little bit as we went, all shirts off. When we got there she pushed me onto their bed and pulled my pants off, so I’m in front of the both of them naked. P undressed J from behind while kissing her neck, then pushed her down onto me so we were making out again. It was obvious when he penetrated her because she made cute happy face and started rocking on top of me, so I put my hand between her legs and held her lips apart while her husband fucked Her. It was more of a struggle than it should have been, her being so wet but I made it work and it was still awesome. I soon flipped around and 69’ed her from beneath while she was doggy fucked, I could barely reach her clit with my tongue or risk keep getting hit in the face by his thrusts. At times he slowed down to keep from cumming, that’s when she’d regain her concentration and remember she was supposed to be pleasing me, and I took the chance to slip his dick out of her and throat it for fluff, but I had to be careful. I was kind of the 3rd wheel of the afternoon and he never ended up penetrating me. I focused on her, and to be fair she did seem more interested in me, which wouldn’t be an issue. I’m not sure if it’s P’s debotion or he’s being smart and not showing too much interest in me to turn her off to “us.” To finish, we agreed I should get some male cum attention but that it belonged to J. In a reverse of how we started, she was lying on her back while he fucked her, I was straddling her face getting my clit kissed and he pulled out of her to cum on her tight belly and pubis. I deepthroated P a couple times to clean his dick before licking up the mess on her and turning around to share. He layed on his side next to us, watching while I layed on top of his wife, kissing her with a full load in my mouth while we tickled each others’ pussy. She was making alot of noise and shaking, practically crying when she tightened her legs around me and came, and I relaxed on top of her with my face in her neck and almost fell asleep. P went to take a shower while we just layed like that for awhile, fingertips touching each other all over and gently kissing, talking about the experience.

I was curious to see where I lied in the relationship triangle. I’ve been texting P to see if he can come spend some time alone with me like we were doing. He comes up with reasons that would be a bad idea, or “excuses” as I call them. No matter the promise of depravity or suggestive pic, he says he’d like to but he can’t get away with it at the moment l. I even suggested asking his wife since we’re tight now and he says he’s worried about the response if he asks for time alone with me, which does make sense… But I’m almost sure he’s just not interested anymore now that J’s putting out for him. I wouldn’t want to bother with me either if I had her, she’s ridiculous out-of-our-league hot. Also super sweet and attentive. She calls me just to talk, wants to hang out platonically alot, and the last couple times we hooked up it was still all sensitive and slow. We spend more time cuddling nose to nose talking about how they met, my history, stuff we’d like to do, ect than we do bumping uglies lol! Not that I would ever call her smooth pink mound ugly. She also wants me to meet her friends and parents, go out and basically date. It’s nice being wanted, I was doing that with P though I’m surprised we stopped. Aside from the sex things aren’t any different for them from what she tells me. They don’t do stuff together otherwise, and he did seem to want to go out with me. Oh well it seems like I’m kind if getting a girlfriend. I hope she won’t mind my side activities, knowing more about me now and considering she was doing the same. Maybe I’ll introduce her to other things that don’t involve her husband either.

Gunguy and Officer N are blowing up my phone. I’m kind of “eh” on Gunguy which I feel bad for cuz I kind of left him hanging, but he did do the same to me which sucked. Even though he made up for it and I do like eating out and blowing shit up with him. And the occasional pegging femboy stuff. But mostly it was all burgers and FPSRussia type stuff when we were hanging out so I’ll try to get back into it with him cuz I know it’ll be fun once I just do it. Maybe I’ll introduce him to J for some experimentation. N on the other hand is getting annoying. We had such chemistry but he doesn’t like to share and he’s getting mean. I was clear about myself when we started hooking up. He doesn’t even know about The Triangle yet because he and his partner don’t talk about private stuff really. I figured they were closer like friends but I guess not.

The day before yesterday was scary and I’m still shaken up about it. After reading this there might be judgment of me but I want how I feel to be understood, in my opinion this was a scary fight and nothing “more”. Officer N showed up at my house unexpectedly for a booty call. I wasn’t doing anything and the arrival of a hot man in uniform at my door does things to me. So we were talking flirty and being handsy but things took a bad turn. Somehow we ended up fighting about my hookups and how I don’t have a bf, I’m being a slut, ect. I tried to make my case about how I’m not against bfs or anything, I’m just young and desirable and don’t want to limit myself to one person if something else I want comes along. He started getting really nasty throwing around stuff about “lying with niggers and spics, fagboys” things like that and I was screaming that he could get the fuck out if I’m no good, which he didn’t take well. He slapped me, I tried to hit him back with the balls of my hands but he grabbed me by the wrists and pushed me down to the floor, landing on me. He was screaming all kinds of racist shit in my face and had crazy wide eyes like actually pissed so I just kind of laid there in a kind of “hands up” pose with them on the side of my head. He took his pants off and rough missionary fucked me on the floor, and it wasn’t fun. I’ve always liked rough sex; facefucking, being spit on, degraded, choked, spanked, slapped, ect but it was always pornstar-like decadence which was just for fun. Like being really handcuffed, but with someone you trust isn’t going to skin you. But this was like that tense feeling when you’re confronted before you get in a fistfight you don’t want to be in and know you’re going to lose. I couldn’t see a way out. It felt like I was about to get my ass kicked. The whole time he was calling me nigger-loving whore and trash, things like that, and he’d switch off between one fist in my hair, with one on my throat and the other pinning my arms over my head, covering my mouth, and even grabbed me by the hair and smacked my head on the floor a few times. This is an angry COP. Again the whole time when I could I just kept my hands by my head and took it, I’d been through worse punishment just for fun, but not today. After 20 minutes he was done and relaxed on top of me, kissing me and saying how much he needed that. We’ve talked before about how I liked rough stuff so I figure he genuinally started off pissed with the slap and grabbing but thought I was playing dirty once we were on the floor, which wasn’t the case at all. After he left I really wanted to talk to J but I stopped myself because I couldn’t explain how I knew N! So I texted her husband instead and told him to call me asap. To his credit he didn’t assume it was about his side piece wanting to hook up and called me back pretty quick asking if I was ok. I knew he was a sweetie. I felt completely fine and just really pissed by the time he called me, but getting a ways into the story I was wailing so bad he couldn’t understand me alot of the time. After talking awhile and calming me down he said he’d handle it and be by later. I called my friend Holly, one of Dillan’s exes and she came over to hang out and I told her the whole story. About midnight that night the boys showed up to talk to me and N was super apologetic while P was super pissed and acted like a moderator. I got to scream and cry at N and when he started repeating himself or tried explaining something and it sounded like too much of an excuse, P would be my tag-team hype-man and tell him to shut the fuck up because I could decide how things would go for him next if he wasn’t careful… N said the slap was real and he regretted it instantly but overcorrected and tried to play it off as rough sex stuff. Unprompted, that sounded like what I thought at the time. He said he WAS pissed at me for being “so open” with others and was jealous because the thought we might become a thing and lost it for a second while we were fighting. After that it was him “giving me what I like” and trying to conflate the slap as the following rough sex, but he did start off being legit mad. So basically he was jealous, pissed, really slapped me, went “oh shit I fucked up”, then tried to make it seem like the start of rough makeup sex to cover up the slap. I thought it sounded like bullshit but he was almost crying by the end, always saying”baby” and answering me with “ma’am” me the whole time, and he confirmed does not have a history of violence becuaue he and P have been friends for years. He said he was sorry he scared me and understands if I don’t want to see him again but hopes I just need time because he wants to be with me and make it up to me, and the things he was SAYING during the fight were just the worst things he could think to say because he was mad. I don’t know if I’ll see him again but I was polite just to get them out and told him I definitely need “time off” for now!

My NEW GF J asked me about my neck and wrist bruises. I told her a rando hookup got rough, and they were good marks and she should try it. A little lie because how I got them I don’t want to happen to her but if she gets them the right way, like with me, that would be different… 😀

Today was scary for a different and cool reason. I was laying under my sun window in my reclining chair, naked as always watching the rain above me. Then I heard a distant rumble. Soon it was pouring so hard I would have had to yell to be heard over it if anyone were here. Then came the flashes, soon after the visual lightning, and I could see the water jump off the window when it shook from how loud it was. The lightning looked weird though, not being a crooked streak like you’d expect. It was like Z and G shapes. It occurred to me from the angle I was laying looking up that those must have been right above me. I tried called B and texted him to ask if he wanted to come lay under me and be ridden in a thunderstorm, he texted back saying he’d love to but he was in class and couldn’t answer the phone, which I always forget about. He could see and hear it from there though. We traded naughty talk and I sent him a pic, and I told him about how I was masturbating right under the lightning, curious about if someone in the next room would even be able to hear us if he were here. He told me he was hard & messy right there among his classmates. It was a really hot and fun day despite the cold rainy weather

Mark called me this week to ask if he could use my house to host an event for his business partners. As I didn’t have any plans I said yeah and he had to send some kind of Rep over to ready it for guests. She was a nice older lady who brought a team over Friday to move stuff around, make changes and bring in rented furniture, ect. It was like getting the house ready for a wedding. My yard got groomed, the pool and hot tub checked and she was impressed those were in appealing condition. I didn’t have to be there but there was a dress code if I was, so I had to wear my fancy black dress. Saturday morning caterers, serving staff and security all showed up and finished prep, I had to go through a briefing if I was going to attend, stick by the side of “Mrs. A” if I didn’t bring a classy date, and basically don’t cause any kind of debacle. I considered not going but didn’t trust 100 strangers in my house having a fancy party without me. Also I was eager to mingle, eat and drink nice food without footing the bill for the event. I had hoped I’d see my ex there but he wasn’t even in the country which is why Mrs. A was hosting. She works for him. I did regognize a few of the guests from my wedding, not immediately because I’d only met them once a few years ago. And they were wearing clothes tonight. I opted to wave as opposed to saying hi to them because I don’t speak German and they don’t speak English well from what I remember. Just after dark one of the German Gents I recognized came and put his hand on the small of my back and gestured to the other room. When we got there he gestured to my front door. I thought he wanted to take me outside for who knows what, but I hoped not because it was freezing and windy. But before we got there he guided me to the stairs. The party was not upstairs at all, just 2 bedrooms and a bathroom… So I was right on the what but not the where. I thought I knew what to expect but I guess not. As we neared the bathroom there was a big guy outside guarding it, my gent leaned past him and opened the door… And there was a couple guests fucking inside. A middle-aged blonde lady was on her knees on my toilet lid, leaning over the tank with her dress hiked up taking it in the ass. I assume anyway, because Germans… I thought we were bound for this party but no. Gent said something to him I didn’t understand and waved, then took me to a bedroom. When I opened the door there were 7 people on my bed, 2 middle-aged but not unattractive women and 5 older guys having an orgy. Gent pushed by me, taking my hand and leading me to a chair where he pulled me into his lap. He stroked his fingers along my thighs and soon found his way up my dress to the wet spot in my panties. We watched the guys group-fuck these women while he stroked me through my panties until I came in them. He just liked to watch because when I tried playing with his dick over his pants he’d kiss my hand and put it back on his shoulder. The room cleared out eventually, everybody thanking and touching me on the way out, and Gent kissed my hand and rejoined the party. It was like I was a celebrity and the show was for me. After that I wandered to the back where there was a spread of awesome food on a clothed table by some cool verticle fire lamps. Everyone was suited and it was too cold for the pool so it was neglected. I relaxed on a patio chair, had grilled duck on some lime rice SERVED to me and watched some very young bikini-clad Latin ladies enjoying my hot tub. They liked my attention and were making out and groping each other while they kept looking over and talking about me. They were clearly the youngest people at the party followed by myself, everyone else between 40-70. Nothing happened after the show, their dates came and collected them and brought them inside. When I asked Mrs A if they were wives/gf’s she said they were short-notice dates retained for a couple guests. Barely-legal (questionable) escorts, I approved. I felt kind of lonely for a long period, just floating around drinking lightly and sampling food and wishing I’d invited a certain PO to be my date. The now-clothed girls then tracked me down sitting on a windowseat. They thought I was working like them and just wanted to chill with someone closer to their own age because their dates were occupied. I told them this was my house and my ex’s business party. They had no idea the things that had happened in the bathroom and bedroom earlier and thought it was scandalous, and were surprised that they weren’t asked to be in on it. They told me they had never been to such a nice event, liked my house and hot tub, the food, and told me they were getting $4,500 each to be dates for the night. They’re professionals working for one of those Grey-area agencies and are paid for their time and attendance, not sex. But if course that’s “how it works” and they can choose to have consensual sex with dates off the clock, but they still get harassed by PO often. They weren’t called on the rest of the night, and we hung out drinking and laughing until everyone else had left. Mrs A took care of their ride home and said the event staff would clean up the next day. Since the food was technically mine I got to keep the leftovers and let the hoes leave with plates of steak and shrimp, they made my night and deserved it. I’ll never see them again probably. It turned out to be a nice day! The nexd day mark called to ask how it’s going, I told him about events during the party and he was surprised it was so light. I reminded him it was light involving ME and that his guests got up to alot. But it was nice to talk to him for the first time in awhile and he said we could hook up when he was able to come stateside again, current events prohibiting travel of course. The guests were already here and not going home anytime soon I guess.

I’m loving having J as a friend, she’s surprisingly innocent. That 3some was her first and she’d never really been promiscuous. When we’re talking about it even alone she gets hushed and looks around before using naughty language, like she’s afraid of being caught by her parents or something. We haven’t had sex since that night at her house with P and we’re hanging out less, she’s kind of into “social distancing” right now but wishes we could hang out butt naked. I told her about the party at my house and how not-distant the guests were getting and she was shocked. I don’t know why, I’ve told her about the debauchery I get up to but I’m glad she accepts me. It’s not usually women who do.

Come to think of it nobody’s really coming around. Not even my school/pool boys. I know school’s out but they said they can’t go out and do stuff right now when I hit them up. P&J are staying in as much as possible, except he does have to work, and gunguy also took time off and is having a staycation. So lonely house for me for the immediate future. Going to be online more maybe.

So I haven’t seen anybody in awhile. I talk to J on the phone almost every night, sometimes for over an hour. We were talking about the event at my house and about how Mrs. A ran things, and I’m kind of swaying into the territory of hiring like a butler. I don’t know if anyone would meet my ridiculous criteria of being somewhat good-looking, former military, restaurant-quality cook who likes to clean and put up with advances and eccentricities. But after this “social vacation” is over I’m going to at least look and maybe interview. Oh it would be nice to have a driver and errand boy too, so just someone to handle all my shit. I’m going to need a nicer car to be driven around in though… But yeah we talk about how cool it would be to have a good looking bruiser in a suit opening doors for me and just being imposing to strangers, getting the car door for me and the like. It goes into fantasy territory when we’re giggling about it at 2 am on the phone but…

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