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Losing Virginity To My Mom

I am Ryan a 20 year old engineering student from Kerala. This is my first story so please forgive me for my grammatical Mistakes. Let me describe me first am 5’5 tall with athletic built body and my tool is 6 inch which I hope can satisfy any women. My family consists of my mom, me and my dad.

My mom is her early 40’s but maintains her body very well and give every man a boner. Her stats are 34-25-36. She always wears saree below navel and tucks it in her hip. This story happened when I am in 11th grade( Was 18 years old at the time ). My dad is in America so he comes only 3 to 4 times in a year. So me and my mom were always alone in the house and we were like good friends too still I never had any intention for my mom till a day I overheard my friends talking about my mom’s sexy body, that day I went to my home and started observing my mom for the first time, that day when I went to my mom she was in kitchen turned back to me doing her work I noticed sweat running through her back and hip and I was sexually aroused and had a huge boner so I ran to bathroom and masturbated about her for first time oh man that felt awesome so this became a regular thing for me but I didn’t have the courage to go further .

Days passed liked this but one day I had a huge fight with my friends that incident changed my life, after the fight I always remain at home playing fifa or working out(I have a Home Gym). My mom noticed this change in me and asked what happened and I told the issue with my friends and she consolidated me and urge me to go out but I rejected her option she said then I can help her to reduce her body fat and I said you are already fit but she insisted me to help her as she is feeling she getting chubby and workout will help her to maintain her body and I agreed. I told her she can’t do exercise in saree so she would have to wear other clothes I agreed and told her we can start from next day.

I came home from school and asked her to come for workout, she came in by wearing a black tee and small shorts and asked is the dress ok I was shellshocked by her appearance. We became friendlier and we started commenting about each other’s body .One day we went for shopping as it was rain we both became wet when we both came to the house, I told her the workout is paying very well as she looks so hot in her wet saree she blushed and came to me and kissed me on cheeks and smiled she then walked away and from that moment I decided I should Fuck her and I am damn tired of masturbating about her .After the dinner we always watch movies so I turned the TV on but she said she is bored of same routine and should do something different I suggested how about we play poker and she agreed and then I said we should have some fun playing poker so we should play for something few games passed with money and some prizes and after few games she got bored and said we should play something else and I suggested strip poker and she denied it but I compelled and she agreed .

We started playing I lost the first round and she asked me to remove my t shirt and I did it. She won the 2nd round to and I was left with my boxers alone. I won the third round and asked her to remove her saree she was hesitant at first then she removed her saree. She was in her blouse and petticoat seeing this gave me instant boner and she noticed it and smiled naughtily. I won again and asked her to remove her blouse and she exposed her boobs within her bra and for me it was difficult for me to control my boner and felt like I need to shag then and now. Mom said help yourself and came to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek this triggered my precum to ooze out and wet my shorts and mom started laughing and said lets continue she won the next round and she asked me remove my boxer.

I became naked and she won my dick was free and I said I need to go now She stopped me and kissed me again on my cheek and slowly held my dick and whispered to my ears that she knew I was waiting for a chance to fuck her and she just pretend not to know and held my dick and guide me to her room and pushed me to her bed and started blowing me I was in cloud nine and within few minutes I came in her mouth she drank it all and climbed on top of me and kissed me on my forehead and slowly we locked our lips, I slid my hands into her petticoat and started fondling her ass after some minutes she stood up and removed her petticoat ant and panty and came to top of me and started kissing again I slowly turned gained control and came top of her and slowly went down by kissing and went some more down and kissed her pussy. I started licking it and she started giving moans and pushed my head towards her pussy she came on my face I licked it all.

Due to the foreplay I was hard again and she placed my dick on her pussy lips and I started giving small strokes and my dick entered to her I slowly started fucking her and lied on top her body and started kissing her and slowly increased the pace after 15 min I was about to came and told her, she told that it is ok to cum inside her so I came inside her and we fell apart she came to my shoulder and lied on it and she told me she knew my intentions for a long time and she just acted to it as she was also interested and doesn’t want to look like a slut to me .We had one more session that night.

I still fuck her. She took way away my virginity, now I have a lot of sex and I have lots of sex experiences and will share with you if I get positive feedbacks. You can mail the feedbacks at [email protected]

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