Losing my virginity to the hot girl in my class (18 M/F)

So there was a really pretty blonde girl in one of my classes and we were just friends but also had acknowledged that we found each other hot a couple times. When we’d hang out with our friends and drink we’d end up kissing sometimes but that was it. We were both virgins.

We were watching a movie with our friends one night on this huge couch with like 10 people on it. We sat next to each other with a blanket over us and we were kind of behind everyone so we started kissing a little. I could feel her hand start to slide down my body to my shorts and she started to rub her hand on my dick through my underwear. I got so turned on, we’d never done this before.

I started to touch her pussy through her shorts and she seemed to really like it. She started moaning in my ear really quietly and once it got to the point where we thought people might be able to hear she whispered in my ear “Wanna go to my room?”

I said yes and we got up and walked to her room in front of all of our friends. They knew exactly what was going on, which kind of made it hotter. I was so excited. When we got to her room she started kissing me aggressively and she dropped to her knees and took her shirt off. She grabbed my waistband and took my dick out and smiled. She started giving me a blowjob and her warm lips and wet mouth felt so good on it. She did such a good job for it being her first time.

After a couple minutes of the blowjob she stood up and we got on the bed and I reached into her shorts and fingered her. She was so wet. Then she whispered, “Do you want me to get a condom?”

I said “Yeah only if you want to.” She opened her drawer and grabbed the condom and slid it onto my dick. Then she got on her back and I pulled off her shorts and her white panties. I had never really seen a girl naked for and I couldn’t believe how hot she looked. I looked at her and said “Are you sure?” She said yes and I slowly slid my dick into her tight virgin pussy.

She felt so good. At first she looked like it hurt but it quickly turned into being turned on. It slipped out for a sec and she asked me to put it back in. I fucked her like that for a couple minutes until she asked “Can I try bending over?”

She got on all fours and stuck her cute ass up in the air. I couldn’t believe how good it looked. I put it in and fucked her like that while she had her face in the pillow and then I pumped my cum into the condom after like 2 minutes in that position. She said, “I can’t believe we just did that,” and then we went back upstairs and finished the movie with our friends.

If anyone wants to chat about it or her just comment or message me.

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