Lonely Michelle’s fantasy PT 1

Michelle was home and bored on a Friday night. Her husband Doug was sitting on the couch with his headphones on working on his laptop, paying her no mind as usual.

She was feeling especially neglected and horny this evening. It had been weeks since Doug had paid her any attention sexually, and last time he did, he was obviously focused on getting himself off first. Michelle in her horny mind decided to silently go upstairs alone and see if Doug would follow. Once upstairs, she laid on the bed with the door cracked and began undressing. Waiting for Doug, Michelle began gently touching herself. She ran her hands over her breasts and down between her legs, slowly teasing herself.

Doug knocked on the bedroom door hard, making Michelle jump up and look at him curiously. “What are you doing?” he asked her, slightly annoyed and avoiding eye contact.

“Nothing,” she replied coyly, biting her lip hoping for him to ravage her. Doug looked at her with a slight sense of disgust and without a word closed the door and went back downstairs to his laptop.

For some reason this made Michelle more aroused in addition to being extremely angry. As she continued playing with herself, she thought about what it would be like if she had a more attentive husband. One like her sister Grace brags about. Grace always boasts about her husband, Miles, and how he is always pampering her, buying her gifts and fucking her brains out on the regular. Michelle yearned for attention like that. Her mind wandered as her fingers delved deep into her throbbing pussy.

As her fingers moved faster in and out of her dripping wet cunt, Michelle fantasized about what it would be like to be fucked by her own brother in law. She felt pleasure she hadn’t felt since before she was married. She tasted her fingers and felt a rush, then she opened her nightstand and reached deep into the bottom drawer to pull out her old dildo. She forgot how big it was, it had been months since she had even seen it. She unrolled it from the cloth bag and touched it lightly to her lips, then pressed it inside her dripping hole. She moaned softly as it filled her up, sliding in deeper than any cock could ever reach. She pushed it in as far as she could and rocked her hips slowly as she watched it slide all the way in to the base. She gasped and grabbed her breasts trying to not make too much noise. As she slowly bounced and grinded on the large rubber shaft she again fantasized about her brother in law Miles.

Michelle knew from her sister Graces stories that Miles was an ass man. He loved licking ass and fucking it too. With this information in mind, Michelle decided to try to take her toy into her virgin ass. She pushed as far as she could, then started pulling it out only to push it back in just a little bit further. She moaned loudly as she finally took all 10 inches inside her tight ass. Her body trembled with each thrust. Just then the phone rang, breaking the trance Michelle had fallen into. “Hello?” she said as she slowly slid the toy out of her ass with a pop. Her eyes rolled back as she tried to focus on who was talking on the other end of the phone. It was her sister Grace, she was asking what she and Doug were up to. Michelle vaguely shared her frustrations with Doug and how he was rude to her earlier to which Grace said she should hang with her and Miles at their place tonight without Doug to get her mind off things. Michelle’s mind instantly snapped back to her very recent fantasy and she blurted out that she’d love to hang out with her and Miles and that she’d just need some time to get ready before heading over

To be continued…

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