Living with a hot roommate

Me and my now roommate are exs we haven’t been together in years. She has always been very open she has a nice body so showing it off she is not shy of. When I’d come over in the past she had her dildos and toys out that I got her when we were together. She will comment what one she likes and how often she used them. Now we decided to roommate to expand our financial life’s. She has been walking around naked. It progressed gradually I think she likes me checking her out. She went from a bra and panties to now full nudity. She is so damn pretty and I have not thought about having sex with her in years but now seeing her naked has been getting me super horney. She has moved into now asking me to help her get clothes off. Somedays we are friends she does not seem interested then other days it’s like she makes passes at me. What is breaking the back is now she is showing her pussy more and it’s reminding me how tight she was to fuck her clit was by far my favorite I have ever had in a woman it’s perfect size kinda fat for how small she is and fun to suck on. She loves foreplay nipple rubs pinching of her nipples getting her pussy played with and sucked on. She started by coming out of the bathroom and bending over in front of me fully naked to now laying on the couch with maybe a robe on and her legs open so I just see this beautiful pussy. I don’t want to cross boundaries and allowe her to be comfortable in front of me but I want to taste her pussy so bad. I’m stuck possibly asking or making a move or just not and enjoying seeing this beautiful women naked in the house.

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