Lilly discovers she likes being watched

Lilly and I met at college. She was the cute Chinese girl that spent all her time studying and I was the party animal that scraped by at the bottom of the class. We met thanks to a happy accident when I broke my ankle and Lilly found me on her way back to her dorm from the library. I asked her out the next day expecting her to say no, but I took my shot and I scored. Dating her made me want to be better and I went from bottom of my class to the top. From a party animal to a geek and I don’t regret a moment of it. She was shy at first but after our first night together I realized all the one night stands I’d had would never live up to her.
We graduated and went straight into good careers in New York, got engaged, got married and decided to move out the city to start raising a family.
Lilly and I moved to Ridgewood with the help of her parents. Think Crazy Rich Asians money. We were both twenty-five and were the youngest on the block. Our closest neighbors called Dan and Karen were in their mid-forties and had a son that was in college. They were well mannered, but Lilly didn’t think they liked her because she wasn’t white American and was Chinese American. I thought she was overreacting.
A year went by and still no baby. I went to get tested and was shooting good. Lilly went to get tested and was told it was unlikely she would ever conceive. Something about the shape of her uterus. We were devastated and I did all I could to make Lilly happy. She took time off work and started to put on a little weight. For an Asian this mean her ass got a little rounder, but she was still stick thin.
It was her birthday and I took her out for dinner to a sushi restaurant in Manhattan. There was a moment where she smiled. “Remember when you suggested adopting?”
I’d suggested it and Lilly had gotten angry then not spoken to me for a week. Expecting the worse I braced myself. “I know it’s not what you want.”
“It was just too soon after finding out. I’ve been looking into it while you’re at work and want to look into it.”
“That would be awesome.”
“There’s a company we can go speak to. If you want to make my birthday perfect, you’ll promise to take me tomorrow.”
And like that we were back on track.
If it wasn’t for Karen our life would have stayed on track. She was waiting on our doorstep when we got home. A tall blonde with a killer body. “I need a word with you.” She didn’t sound happy. “I need you to dress more modestly when sunbathing.”
I laughed but Lilly didn’t. Even though she was born in America she still sunbathed like an Asian that was scared of a tan. “What are you talking about?” I asked.
Karen held up a phone with a picture of Lilly dressed in a very modest shorts and t-shirt with a large hat and sunglasses. If I didn’t recognize the clothes I wouldn’t have known it was my wife. The dress she’d worn for dinner was more revealing. “I don’t know how you do things in China but here we don’t parade our ass for the world to see.”
“I told you she was a racist,” Lilly said in her thick San Francisco accent.
“What are you doing taking pictures of my wife?”
“I wouldn’t take pictures of her. It was my son being tempted by her.”
“Taking pictures of someone in their own yard is illegal,“ I said.
“I think we should call the police and ask why your son is spying on me,” Lilly said.
“It’s not illegal,” Karen said, “and you need to be decent if you want to live in this suburb.”
“Are you a lawyer?” Lilly said.
“No but.”
“We both are lawyers,” I said, “now please step aside before we call the police and report you for trespassing as well as your son for deviancy.”
Karen left with her tail between her legs and Lilly grabbed me when we were inside.
I pulled the straps of her thin black dress from her shoulders and it fell over her breasts revealing a lacy black bra. She wiggled and the dress fell past her hips and onto the floor.
She was so fucking sexy in her lacy black underwear and I was rock hard. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs to our bedroom. I threw her down and she let out a small sexy gasp. I started to underdress as she pushed her hand down her panties and played with her pussy.
I grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head, holding them down with one hand. With my other I reached behind and unclasped her bra. It hung loose from her small perfect tits and small dark nipples.
I let her go hands go to pull the bra off. I reached down and grabbed my belt to use it to bind her wrists. She knew what coming and held them out for me.
I grabbed the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs. The smell of her wet pussy was so fucking inviting I had to taste it. She let out a moan as my tongue stroked her clit.
“Are you ready to be fucked like a whore?”
She nodded her head.
We fucked like animals that night. Making up for lost time.
The next day we were woken up early by a knocking on the door. Lilly rolled over and pushed her ass against me. “You get it.”
I pulled on my clothes from the floor and went down to answer the door.
It was Dan from next door. He was little shorter than me and had lost his hair but otherwise didn’t look his age. “I’m sorry about my wife last night. Do you mind if I come in?”
“Now’s not a good time.”
“She was more upset with our son. He’d shared a picture of your wife on a group chat and had been saying some crude things. My wife is a little reserved and doesn’t know what boys get up to when no one is looking.”
“Is this meant to make things better?”
“I’m just trying to explain so that you don’t call the cops on Phil.”
“What exactly has your son been sharing?”
“Just a couple of pictures.”

“If we go to the cops then they will take his phone and no matter if he delete’s the messages they can recover them. Our on call private investigator can do the same. If you want to avoid that send over the messages then we’ll decide what to do.”
“Can’t we just handle this between us men.”
“I’m going to give you my number. You have until midday to send over all of the messages before we go straight to the police.”
I closed the door in his face and went back to Lilly.
We were having a large breakfast of pancakes when I was added to a group chat. The first thing I noticed was that all the recent messages were for numbers leaving the group chat leaving only one behind and now mine.
“Looks like Dan has sent over the messages,”
“Let’s see what the little pervert has been doing.”
Lilly moved her chair next to mine and we started to read the messages.
Phil: This is the sexy Asian next door \[picture that Karen has shown us was attached\].
Unknown1: Nice but not got anything better than that.
Phil: As soon as I do I’ll share it.
Unknown2: This is good enough to jerk off to tonight.
Unknown1: There’s better porn on the net.
Phil: But none of them you have a chance with.
Unknown1: Like you have a chance.
Unknown2: Wonder if her pussy’s different being Asian.
Phil: Asian are all whores. She’ll be begging for my white cock.
Phil: I’ve got one.
Another picture was attached. It was a picture of Lilly bending over naked in our bedroom. Her ass was on full display. The frame of our window was also in the picture.
“I’d just come out of the shower and dropped my towel, I forgot that the blind was open.”
Unknown1: That’s what I’m talking about.
Unknown2: I’m going on mute for the next hour.
Unknown1: more like the next 10 seconds.
Phil: There’s more.
There was a blurry picture of Lilly facing the window and her tits still out. There was a more clear one of her with the towel wrapped around her. There was one more of her at the window about to close the blind.
Phil: I need to fuck her.
“I think we need to go to the police,” I said.
Lilly grabbed my hand and said, “I need you to fuck me now.” She opened her red silk gown revealing her perfect tits. I didn’t need any more encouragement.
I pulled her up from her chair and bent her over the table. I slapped her round ass and felt her soaking wet pussy between her legs. I positioned my cock and leaned of her so that my lips were by her ear. “Do you like being talked about like a cheap whore?”
“I need your cock.”
“Tell me.”
“Yes, I like being talked about like a cheap whore.”
I slipped the tip of my cock in spreading her pussy lips apart. “What if I take a picture of you like this and send it to the group chat?”
She groaned and reached behind her to pull me deeper inside. “Please fuck me.”
I pushed my cock all the way in and gave her ass a hard slap leaving a red handprint behind. I started slow but sped up, pulling her hair and her head back. “You fucking whore.”
It didn’t take long before she started to shake as she came. I was not even close and didn’t give her time to enjoy it. I continued to fuck her like a cheap whore until I felt myself about to cum. There was something I’d wanted to do but she’d always said no. I saw my chance and I took it. I pulled her from the table and pushed her to her knees. I held my cock to her face and looked down at her. She nodded to say that she was ready. I released my cum all over her face until it was dripping down her chin.

Lilly went to clean herself up and I responded to the group chat.
Me: Is this Dan or Phil I am talking to?
Phil: It’s Dan on Phil’s phone.
Me: I’m keeping this chat as evidence. If any of these pictures end up anywhere online then the cops will get involved. But if you promise that Phil will stop spying on Lilly then we’ll take it no further for now.
Phil: I’ve talked to Phil and he’ll stop or he’ll be getting kicked out the house.
Me: and Karen needs to not act all high and mighty.
Phil: No one can control Karen but I think she’ll keep her mouth shut if it means protecting Phil.
Karen kept her mouth shut but would often scowl at Lilly when they passed in the street. There was nothing eventful for a while although me and Lilly had a new fantasy of being watched by our neighbor.
There were a couple of times we even fucked at night with the lights on low and the blinds open.
Dan started to become a little more friendly and I think he was counting down the days until Phil moved out permanently so that he could divorce Karen. When Lilly was out with friends and Karen was doing whatever, she did alone. Dan would ask me round and we’d sit out his back yard and have a beer. Karen caught us one time and clearly wasn’t happened, but she didn’t stop us and we continued. Typical dude talk about basketball and cars. If he had more than five beers then it would all come out about his frustrations with Karen and his disappointment in Phil. He went as far as to say he wasn’t sure Phil was even his.
A couple of months later things took another turn. Karen started to go full no sex. This pushed Dan to drink more beer and for her to start making spiteful little comments to Lilly. Each time this happened Lilly would want to be fucked with the blinds open. I don’t think Phil ever dared to spy on us through the window again.
That was until one night I was fucking Lilly from behind when I noticed a movement from the neighbor’s house. They wouldn’t be able to see much. Maybe just our shadows. “I think someone might be watching us.”
Lilly looked out the window as I continued to fuck her. “I think I can see someone moving.” She moved away from me and over to the window.
I came up behind her and pushed her forward so that she was leaning against the glass. If there was someone there then they would see us now. The light came on. It was low so we didn’t see much more than a shadow. There was someone across jerking himself off. I wrapped my hand around Lilly’s throat and used my other to play with her clit while I fucked her. “Do you think that’s Phil or Dan over there?”
“I must be Phil.”
“Then we’d better show him what a slutty Chinese woman can do.”
I pushed her down onto her knees. “Show him how you serve me.” I started to cum and Lilly opened her mouth to take it all. Once I finished cumming she poked her tongue out and licked what was left off the tip of my cock. “That’s a good girl.”
The next day someone started a chat with me. I didn’t recognize the number. I accepted and received a video. It was grainy and dark but we knew what it was of. It showed me fucking Lilly last night. I didn’t tell Lilly straight away. I waited until that night when we were fucking missionary. I pulled out my phone. “I received this from an anonymous number. Show’s you being a whore last night.” I pressed play and showed her the video clearly taken from our neighbor’s window.
It made Lilly move with more enthusiasm. “Maybe we should send one back.”
I positioned the mobile so that it would show her sweet pussy but not her face or anything identifiable. I recorded a short video of my cock l sliding in and out and then held it up for Lilly to see it was ready to send. She reached out and pressed send.
It didn’t take long for someone to message back.
Anon: I like her hairy pussy.
Me: It feels good wrapped around my cock.
Anon: Does she love that white cock?
I gave Lilly the phone to reply.
Lilly: This is Lilly and I love his white cock. It makes me moan like a whore.
Anon: I’d love to hear your moans.
Lilly pressed call and when someone answered she put it on speaker and started to moan as I fucked her.
“I am about to cum,” she said and let out a loud moan as she came. “I need your cum now.”
“Where do you want it?”
“Deep in my pussy.”
I grunted as I started to fill her up.
Lilly reached out for the phone. “I hope you enjoyed hearing me cum.” she ended the call.

“It’s dangerous,” I said.
“It was your idea.”
“Do you want to do it?”
“Yes. Do you want to do it?”
I didn’t say anything as first as I knew there was no going back but deep down I knew the answer was yes so I clicked the send button on the phone.
Me: We are going to be fucking all night tonight. We’ll leave the door unlocked from 11pm. If you want to come in to watch. You can’t say anything. You can’t record with your phone. You can’t touch Lilly. You can touch yourself but don’t make a mess. If you don’t follow any of these rules then we’ll call the cops and say you broke in. Do you agree?
There was no message back and we spent the whole day unable to focus.
11pm there was still no message.
“What should we do?” Lilly asked. We were sitting naked in bed.
I pulled her to me and we kissed. It was a more love making than fucking. We moved slowly exploring each other bodies with our hands and mouths. I slipped inside of her and move slowly at first. Taking our time and enjoying ourselves. We were both breathing heavily.
“Oh my god!” Lilly screamed.
I moved faster and harder.
“No,” she moaned, “behind you.”
I looked over my shoulder and there was Dan standing in the doorway with his cock in his hand watching us fuck.
“Take a seat,” I said. We’d put a chair in the corner of the room.
We continued to fuck with more passion than before. Both of us ready to explode.
“I’m going to cum,” she said.
“So am I.”
It’s rare that we both came at the same time. As I felt the cum flowing from my cock I could feel Lilly’s body shake in pleasure. We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes and when I rolled off her I saw that Dan had already left.
This started a new chapter in our sex life.
During the day I’d still go round and share a beer with him but nothing was ever said. Karen was still a bitch to Lilly and it was after a racist comment that’d we’d message Dan. We didn’t do it every month but sometimes we’d text the anonymous number and invite Dan round to watch. He would enter and exit silently. Sometimes we’d hear him cum but he never left a trace.
A couple of months went by. We heard a massive row coming from next door. This went on for an hour before Karen drove off leaving Dan standing in the doorway. I went round to check on him.
We grabbed a couple of beers and sat out back. I didn’t say anything and just let him speak. I think he had a lot to let out.
“I’m going to be fifty soon and I want to enjoy my life. Bedrooms been dead for over a year and I wanted to reignite it. We have some friends that are swingers and I suggested we give it a try. She said it was against her morals and I was a creep for suggesting it. I know you don’t want me talking about it. You and Lilly really opened my eyes as to what relationship should be. You’ve also helped me get through the last year.”
We drank a few more beers. He drank a few more than me and fell asleep in the chair. It was the summer and he wasn’t going to freeze to death so I left him and went back to my house.

I told Lilly about what we’d discussed then suggested that we do something to cheer him up. She agreed so I set it in motion.
Me: Lilly and me want to cheer you up. The door will be open tonight. You can even cum on Lilly’s face. All the other rules still stand.
My head was between Lilly’s legs when Dan entered the room. My tongue working circles around her clit getting her nice and wet. He didn’t take his usual seat. He stood by the bed with his cock in his hand. When I pushed my cock inside of her she moaned and I knew that we were both already close to the edge. Her legs wrapped around my back as I was fucking her. Dan’s cock was inches from her face. The precum dripping from the tip. Lilly bit her bottom lip and I said, “You can taste it if you want.”
“Just a little taste,” she said. Her tongue reached out towards the tip of his cock and licked the drop of precum of his circumcised cock. “He tastes so good.”
“Would you like a little more?”
She nodded her head and then licked along the meatus of his cock getting all his precum. “I think I’m about to cum.” She started to shake.
I placed my hand on her throat and held her down. “Open your mouth.” She opened her mouth. “Now let him put his cock in your mouth.” She turned her head to let Dan have access. He moved his cock forward until the head was in her mouth and she closed her lips around it. This was really happening. Lilly was giving another man a blowjob. She pushed her lips down his cock as I continued to fuck her. “Work your tongue up his shaft.” She licked from the base to the tip. “Suck his balls.” She wrapped her lips around on of his balls and sucked it into her mouth.
“I’m about to cum,“ Dan said.
“Where do you want him to cum?” I said.
“In my pussy.”
I pulled out and said to Dan, “you heard her.”
He was shaking as he positioned himself over her. He was still fully clothed with his trousers loose and his cock out. I moved round so that my cock was at her mouth and pushed it between her lips. It only took a few thrusts and Dan tensed up as he started to cum inside of Lilly. I started to cum as well. Pumping my cum into her mouth. It felt like I wouldn’t stop cumming and Lilly was struggling to swallow it all. My cum leaked from the edge of her mouth.
Dan stood up and put his cock away and just left.
“What the fuck did we just do?” Lilly said.
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
Lilly put her fingers inside of her pussy and pulled out some of Dan’s cum. She put her fingers to her mouth mixing my cum with his. “Would you think me a slut if yes.”
“Yes,” I said.
“It went just as planned.”

The next morning I received a message from Dan.
Dan: Last night was the fucking bomb. I don’t want to sound rude but please tell me Lilly’s on birth control.
Me: We’ve not used birth control in years,
Dan: Fuck
Lilly and I knew she couldn’t get pregnant but Dan had no idea and we wanted to mess with him a little more. It was his fiftieth birthday soon and we were planning something special.

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