Letting stranger fuck me(22F) over a lunch

Repayed stranger for lunch with sex

Hey, I’m European but I live in Columbia for working reasons. A couple days ago my mom told me that my grandma’s health has been a bit off and she wants to see me. So I booked a flight and was waiting at the airport . I always reach airport a few hours earlier(just to be safe). As I was scrolling on my phone, a tall, handsome man reached me out. He was muscular and had a thick beard. He introduced himself and I was really interested in talking to him. After a bit of talking we decided to hangout a bit.

He took me to the VIP lounge and it was my first time in a VIP lounge. We sat down and ordered some food. We talked as we ate and this guy was really fucking rich. He was a day trader, showed me a few charts but I didn’t understand anything cause I’m dumb.

After the food I thanked him and asked how can I repay him and he gave me a hint with his eyes, almost as if he was waiting for me to ask that lol.

We rushed to the bathroom and started kissing passionately. He grabbed my ass tight while kissing me. I got on my knees and he dropped his pants. It was pretty big and shaved(I only give bj to shaved dicks). I started sucking him and he was constantly pushing my head to take more dick(sorry if this sentence doesn’t make sense but idk how to phrase it). After some sucking, he bent me over. I was wearing a culotte, removed it. He spitted on my pussy and gave me a pussy spank. He shoved his entire dick inside me and closed my mouth with his hands. He fucked me RAW for the next 15 minutes and came inside me.
Fun fact: We had the lunch for around 15 mins too

As I was cleaning up he left and I didn’t see him again.

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