Let a guy walk into my house and use me

I matched with a guy on tinder and we went on a couple of dates. He was a nice guy and seemed pretty normal. We got to discussing our kinks and he told me he had a free use fantasy of going to a girls house while the door was unlocked and fucking her.
I’d never heard of this before but it sounded pretty hot. I’m submissive and like the idea of a guy using me. So, i decided i’d tell him where to go, and leave the door unlocked, and be waiting there naked at my place. I told him i’d be there naked on the bed with my pussy and ass ready to be eaten and fucked. When i heard his car pull up, my body tensed and i was nervous. He walked through the door, came in and immediately started eating my ass.
After eating my ass and pussy, he put his cock in me. It was hot having this guy just turn up and start using me. My face turned red and he fucked me good, cumming inside me. After he came, I put a dress on and we went out to dinner. His cum was dripping out of me the whole time.

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