Leere – The Lust Demon – Ch2 The Demon Awakes by Lustdemon


Slowly, but surely, the spectral mist floating around Marie’s sleeping form coalesced and solidified. The body of the demon materialised beside her bed, seeming to take physical form. But there was nothing monstrous or grotesque about the demon’s body. If anything it was beautiful. The perfect image of an attractive naked young man in the prime of his life, fully of energy and virility.

The demon Leere looked down at his newly formed body. He admired and caressed the athletic form of his sculptured masculine figure, inspired from the statues of Greek Mythology from centuries before. His hand drifted down from his muscular chest to his well-formed abdomen, to gently cup his limp penis and testes. He sighed with satisfaction as he caressed the shaft of his penis, marvelling at it’s extraordinary beauty. A true work of art.

Leere sighed with exhaustion. His body may look virile and full of life, but he didn’t feel it. After so long in the depths of the void, he badly needed psychic energy…and soon.

He looked down at the attractive young woman sleeping peacefully on the bed. Fortunately, he had a source of energy right in front of him. His new follower would provide all that he needed to survive and thrive in this new world.

Leere looked around him at the room where he found himself. He frowned. Everything looked so different from the last time he had been on Earth. Everything seemed so clean, sophisticated and comfortable; so different from the time before his banishment to the void.

Leere turned his attention back to the young woman. Arousal stirred within his loins. He so wished to fuck her right there and now. But was not able to do that in his current form. He would have to wait.

Leere decided to get a better look at his new follower. Leere entered Marie’s mind telepathically, telling her through suggestion to get up and wash. He wanted to see her clean and fresh.

Soon after, Marie’s eyes blinked open and she stumbled out of bed. Marie looked in Leere’s direction, but did not see him. As a demon, he was invisible to the human eye. She did not know he was there.

Bleary eyed, she undressed and made her way to the bathroom. She entered the shower cubicle, turned on the water and started to wash herself.

Leere was amazed at the level of technology and hygiene in this new world. Things really had changed substantially since the last time he wandered the world. He wondered what year it was. But that was for another time.

He turned his attention to the young woman in the shower. She really was attractive with her dark hair and slightly tanned soft skin. He admired her small breasts, the soft curves of her petite body and her well shaped buttocks. Leere reflected how fortunate he was. He really had fallen on his feet here. Not only had he been miraculously summoned back into the world from the darkness of the void, but he had been given the tools to succeed. Things could not be better.

Of course, there were minor improvements he would like to make to his new follower. Her body could be a little more firm, supple and flexible in places. But with his powers, that would not take long to fix.

For now he needed to gather some psychic energy. And for that, he needed his new follower to have an orgasm. Fortunately, generating sexual arousal was the main ability of a lust demon.

In order to create sexual arousal, his new minion would need some sort of external simulation. Leere was yet not in a position to generate arousing images in her mind. He could not use his own magnificently sculptured body as Marie could not see it. So he used the only stimulus available: Marie’s own body. Leere’s physical form dissolved and his spectral mist entwined around the body of the young woman.

Marie covered herself in a lather of soap, as the Leere’s ghostly tendrils snaked around her in a firm lustful embrace. As the young woman began to wash herself down, her hands seemed to take a life of their own. The young woman sighed as her fingers danced over her body, caressing the soft skin of her abdomen and buttocks. She gasped as her hands cupped own her breast and fondled them roughly, causing her nipples to go hard under her palms. She groaned as she felt someone’s fingers slide into her vagina and caress her clit, only to realise they were her own.

The young woman looked down at herself, seemingly mesmerised by the beauty of her own body and increasingly aroused by the sex act she was performing on herself. She moaned and smiled with delight as she steadily fucked her vagina and caressed her clit with the fingers of both hands. With the insidious influence of the Leere within her, the young woman fingered herself steadily to the rhythm of the demon’s hypnotising tune, without pause or relent, driving her inexorably to that moment of hidden bliss.

And then, at last, she was there. Marie slammed one hand against the shower screen to steady herself as she cried out and her face distorted into a grimace of joy. Leere roared with ecstasy and relief as she climaxed, a wave of psychic energy entering and rushing through him in a whirlwind of delight.

Sighing and smiling with dozy satisfaction, Marie leaned herself against the plastic shower screen for a moment, letting the water continue to pour down on top of her. Then she washed herself down and stepped out of the cubicle.

Leere left her body and reformed into his physical shape in front of her, slightly more energised than before. Masturbation was a poor way to replenish his psychic energy, but it was the only thing available to him until other opportunities arose.

Leere looked upon his new unwitting follower as she dried herself off and put on some underwear. He really was lucky to have found this one. She was more attractive and sensual than she realised. And more exciting than the cultists who had declared their allegiance to him in the past. She would make him powerful again; and he would make her happy. He was sure of it.

Dressed in white panties and a bra, Marie returned to her bed and lay down on her back. It was a warm night and she did not need any covers. Exhausted by the night’s activities, she fell immediately into a deep peaceful sleep.

Leere moved beside her and let his hands drift over her, knowing she could not feel his touch. He caressed the material of her white cotton panties and bra, delighting in the sight and touch of the soft fabric against the contours of her body. This new world was full of surprises that we would be sure to revel in.

He let his mind join with hers for a moment and found that she was dreaming of man. They were kissing passionately, and it was clear that she was in love with him, or at least had been in the past. That was one thing that Leere would have to investigate and deal with, along with so many others in this new modern world. But for now, his new follower would need to rest. Tomorrow would be a busy day for her.

Leere let his form dissipate and went into temporary hibernation, awaiting for Marie to awake.

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