Leaving him soon

The argument was over my bf mistakenly thinking I (19F) was cheating on him. It wasn’t our first argument over the subject, but I can one hundred per cent say, I wasn’t having sex with anyone else. He obviously didn’t believe me, saying I was going to the gym and swimming a lot to keep in shape for my so called lover. When in fact months previously, he’d mentioned I’d put on some weight. What he didn’t know, is I’d actually lost a few pounds. All the same, for him more than myself, I started going to the gym and if I’m being honest, I loved the transformation in not only my body (more toned) but also in my self confidence. The argument we had that evening was especially angry from his part, but knowing I’d done nothing wrong, it made me think to myself, I might as well cheat, given he’s forcibly accusing me of it.

Around a week later, still annoyed at my bf’s stubbornness, I got talking to an older man in a supermarket. He commented on my “Nice looking rear” as I was wearing tight fitting grey leggings having been to the gym. He’s a handsome man, in his mid forties and as I now know, looks after himself going to the same gym. In fact he’d been in the gym the same time I had, but I hadn’t noticed him. We talked about the gym, ourselves and then he asked me if I’d like to go for a drink. Telling him I was in a relationshp, his reply changed my thinking as he said “He’s a very lucky guy”. On the spur of the moment I let him know if he wanted to, I’d meet him the following day and we could go for a coffee.

We didn’t stay long in the cafe the next day. He lives only five minutes from the cafe and we ended up in his home, naked and having some of the best, if not the best sex I’ve ever experienced. Sam has got a huge penis, and he lasts forever when he’s inside of me. He also certainly knows how to pleasure me with his fingers, tongue and lips. Plus he does something my bf won’t. Sam utterly devours my asshole, something I absolutely adore. When he does eventually thrust inside of me, he likes to take me vaginally and anally, and having made me orgasm a few times already during oral sex, he’ll make me orgasm every time with his powerful strokes, before he cums deep inside of my pussy or ass. We’ve now been having sex for eight months and Sam has recently asked me if I’d ever leave my bf. My response was to suck his cock back to life and ride it as I told Sam I’d leave my bf tomorrow. At the end of this month I’ll be leaving my house keys on the table with a note. I’m leaving my bf so he can find a size zero woman. Maybe he’ll be happy then. I know I will be.

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