Las Vegas Business Trip

I travel a lot for business reasons and attend a variety of conferences in major cities across the US. Years ago I attended a conference in Las Vegas and stayed 3 nights at a well known casino.

When I walked into my room I noticed that the maids had left some cleaning supplies in the bathroom. So I called the front desk to inform them. I was told someone would be up shortly to grab them. I proceeded to freshen up then I went out to dinner with a few colleagues. Upon returning from dinner I noticed that the cleaning supplies were still there. I thought nothing of it and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning around 7am to take a shower and prepare for the first day of the conference. I was sending out a couple of last minute emails before leaving the hotel and I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door only to see a sexy little brunette girl probably around the age of 25 or so. Very petite and in shape. We made eye contact and we both smiled at each other with a slight pause. I asked her if she was here to get the cleaning supplies and in a very innocently cute voice, she responded with, “Yes Sir”.

I laughed and told her she did not need to call me Sir but that I was flattered by the kind gesture. She then chuckled. I asked her to come in so I could grab her supplies and she followed suit. I quickly began to strike up small talk in an effort to flirt a little and hopefully ask her to grab a drink later that night if the conversation gravitated that way. We ended up chatting for 10 minutes or so and I then asked her if she would like to continue our conversation over a few drinks later that Night.

She said her boyfriend wouldn’t approve of that since she gets off at 4pm and he gets nosey on her whereabouts. She said he was very controlling. Before I could say anything else, she said but he doesn’t know what I do at work. I paused for a second and asked her if she would like to chat longer in my room. She immediately sat down on the couch and said she would enjoy that.

She proceeded to talk about her relationship and tell me how bad the situation was. I leaned over and wrapped my arm around her shoulder to let her know that she could find someone better. She began crying a little so I put my other arm around her basically hugging her at this point. Before I knew it, we were making out on the couch and I could tell she was not going to stop there.

I slowly started working my hands over to her tits and ass. Massaging them little by little to see how she reacted. She started taking her shirt off immediately so I then picked her up and layed her down on the bed. She was about to get her little pussy punished and she knew it. I whipped my cock out and shoved her head down on my cock causing her to gag. I wanted her to know what she was getting into.

I told her to call me Sir just as she did earlier and she gladly obliged. We fucked like animals until we were both completely worn out. The next 2 days she came back to my room and we did the same thing each day. I stretched her out so good in those 3 days. Needless to say, it was 3 days I will never forget.

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