Knotted Again part 1 by Cloud2299

Three days later, I was still walking a little funny. I could almost feel Thor’s knot in my ass when I would clench my muscles. My balls ached and were many different shades of black, blue, purple, and green. I even had to call out of work for a couple of nights. Between the dog’s abusing my asshole and John abusing my balls, I was in bad shape.

My asshole had gaped open all of the day after having such massive intruders inside of me. My cock refused to get hard. My knees were wobbly when I would stand. And I had deep scratches across the right side of my face from being dragged across the porch by Thor. All in all, I felt more like I had been in a terrible car accident than just getting fucked really good.

But, I was on the mend. I returned to work with some bullshit story about falling down to explain the visible scratches and noticeable limp. Life was returning tp normal.

Until… Friday night.

I got home around the usual time. I had just sat down on the porch and cracked a cold beer open, when I got a text.

It was from John. “Hey bitch. You better get ready. I’ll be oved in five… And I’m bringing a friend.”

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! I had almost forgotten the pics and videos John had taken of my predicament. And bringing a friend? How could he tell anybody about what had happened? Fuck! I did not want to do this. My body did not want to do this.

I thought about jumping in my truck and just leaving, but I took too long thinking about it.

John was already walking across my yard. Leading the biggest damn dog I think I’ve ever seen! WTF?

“Hey bitch. Told you I was bringing a friend. This is King. He belonged to my buddy but they had to get rid of him. He kept trying to mount their teenage daughter every time she walked in the room. I told him I would take him. I kmew somebody that loves dogs. So here we are. Now, why are you not ready?”

I just sat there, staring at him and the dog dumbly. I didn’t know what to do or say.

“By get ready, I meant naked and on all fours. Do it bitch! Now! Strip! And remember, no talking! Bitches don’t talk”.

I groaned as I realised that as long as John had those pics, this was going to be my life. Reluctantly, I eased out of my chair, onto the floor, and began stripping my clothes off.

When I was completely naked, John walked closer, “That”s better bitch. This was your one freebie. From now on, when I say get ready, you better goddamn be ready when I get here. Else I’ll have to work on those balls with my boots again. Now be a good bitch and present your ass”.

I lowered my head and stuck my ass higher in the air as John walked around me, leading King and letting him sniff me all over. As they passed by my head, I looked up on time to see King’s furry sheath and massive balls dangling between his legs. His sheath looked much bigger than Zeus’ or Thor’s did. Oh my! This was going to hurt. I could alao see the red tip of his doggy cock starting to peak out as well. Seems like somebody was getting excited!

John completed his walk around me. “I was just checking the damage from the orher night. Should’ve seen your bitch hole after I finished with it. Damn thing wouldn’t even close! Now you just stay right there and be a good little bitch. Let’s see if King is picky about the bitches he mounts.”

I sat there trembling, partly nervous and partly excited, as King walked up and stuck his snout right in my crack. My cock sprang to life for the first time in three days! I was instantly rock hard.

As King continued to snuffle my crack, John noticed my raging hardon. “Well, well, well. Looks like somebody has been looking forward to this. You’re just a horny little bitch, ain’t ya? Don’t worry, I think you’re about to get exactly what you want”.

King started licking my ass the. His tongue was so big that he was getting most of my cock, my balls, and my asshole with every lick. Oh God! It felt good! I moaned and rocked my hips back to meet his tongue. My cock was already starting to ache. Throbbing constantly underneath me and starting to leak precum onto the porch below.

King stopped licking and pulled his head back. I made a sound that was almost a whine as he did. His tongue was immediately replaced by fur scraping along my back. He was so tall that he didn’t even have to jump up on me, just walk over me! As his cock got closer to me, I could already feel his hips bucking and squirts of precum shooting out of his cock. This dog was horny and ready to fuck!

King didn’t miss a beat. He walked up my back and shoved his already growing cock up my asshole in one smooth motion. I felt his furry sheath at the base of his cock bump my asshole, and his huge balls slapped against mine.

I let out another moan. I didn’t even care that John was standing there watching. This felt amazing. King was definitely hung better than either of the pits. And I would soon find out how much better. But first, as soon as his cock bottomed out in my ass, King started jackhammering my bitch hole like nothing I had ever felt before. He would pull out all the way to the tip, and then shove his meaty cock as hard as he could bavk into my waiting hole. This dog kmew what he was doing, for sure. I guessed I wasn’t his first human bitch.

After about five minutes of King pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow, his cock was getting too big to slide in and out of my hole. That’s when I felt his knot begin to swell too. He pounded his knot right past my sphincter and into my ass before it got too big. Now fully engulfed up my asshole, King let out a low growl and stopped moving. His knot was rapidly expanding inside of me. It had ling since passed softball size, and was still growing. I could feel his cock getting bigger too. It felt like he was all the way up in my bowels. Looking back between my legs, I could see bis cock bulging out of stomach. It was fucking huge!

I was already past this being uncomfortable. It was starting to hurt as his expanding cock and knot tried to rip me in half. And that’s when my first prostate orgasm hit. I never touched my cock, but cum just started shooting out onto the porch. My asshole was contracting, trying to expel this monstrous intruder, but I knew we were fully tied until his knot deflated, a lot. I wasn’t going anywhere. My balls contracted as they pushed out copious amounts of cum through my cock. My prostate throbbed and spasmed from the intense pressure of King’s massive knot. My vision blurred and I whimpered like a bitch in heat. And then King began to shoot hot jets of doggy cum deep into my bowels. I could feel every spurt burning through my guts like hot water. He gave another low growl as his seed began filling me up. I was his bitch now.

As my orgasm subsided, King turned around on me till we were butt to butt, and started a not so gentle tugging on my asshole. He was almost dragging me across the porch with his huge cock and knot. But John had a firm hold on his leash, keeping him in place. “Damn! You took that monster cock like a pro, bitch. But I’m not gonna let you have all the fun”. With that, he pulled his sizeable engorged cock out of his pants and shoved it in my face. “Suck it bitch. No teeth either. I feel a scrape, you’ll pay for it”.

I’ve never sucked a cock before. I didn’t even really know where to start, and its really hard to think straight when it feels like a watermelon is shoved up your ass. But, its not like I was in any position to argue or run away. So, I tentatively stuck my tongue oit and touched the tip of John’s throbbing cock. It didn’t taste too bad I guess. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth wide and slowly began to take his cock into my mouth. He wasn’t having it slow, though. Grabbing the back of head, he buried his cock to the hilt in my throat. I was choking and gagging, but he didn’t let up. He held me on his cock until I thought I was going to pass out. My vision was getting dim from the lack of air to my lungs when he finally pulled out. I almost emptied my stomach right then, but John had other plans. He immediately shoved his cock all the way back in my mouth again, and then started skull fucking me like a madman. Cock all the way in my throat, cock all the way out, and back again. I began to time small gasps of air as he would pull out, and concentrated very hard on keeping my teeth covered when he would shove back in.

“That’s right bitch. You love dog cock up your ass, so I’m gonna use your mouth. You like it too. I can tell. That’s right. Now suck it bitch!” John was being very vocal as he foce fed me his cock. And this whole time, King was still buried up my ass, constantly shooting hot doggy cum into me, filling up my stomach from the rear end.

That’s when King decided that he was ready for a walk. He started trying to drag me with his huge knot stuck in my ass. John was having none of it though. He tightened his grip on my head and started fucking my face even harder. His pubes were crushing my nose and his low-hanging balls were slapping my chin on ecery thrust. King continued to pull on my assholen putting even more pressure on my prostate with his humongous knot. I felt another proatate orgasm starting to build. I also felt John starring to stiffen up in his thrusts, becoming more jerky. His balls tightened up.

“This is it”, I thought. “He’s about to blow his load right down my thoat”.

But I was wrong. At the last second, John pulled his coxk out of my mouth and sprayed cum all over my face screaming” Eat it! Eat my cum bitch!”

So, I kept my mouth open and tried to catch as much as possible. King, sensing his opportunity, practically leapt off of the porch before John could grab his leash, dragging a very startled me with him! I let out a startled cry as I was yanked backwards. Losing my balance, I hit my head on the steps, making my ears ring. His knot twisted and pulled in my asshole. His giant cock was probing around in my guts. And my prostate orgasm hit, all at the same time. So I’m being dragged by my asshole by King, while cum is spurting out of my cock, my body is convulsing and shuddering like I’m having a seizure, and I have John’s cum all over my face mixing with the blood starting to flow from where I hit my head. I dug into the ground enough to slow King down while John caught up and grabbed his leash. Apparently he had dropped it while fucking my face.

With King stopped, John turns him around and has him drag me back onto the porch, where the rest of John’s cum landed when I was yanked off of his cock. My eyes are rolled back in my head and my toes have curled up from the intense orgasm I just had. The second one of the night. I finally calmed myself to regain some kind of sense and get my knees and hands back under myself. I could barely hold my own weight, I was so wobbly.

I looked down between my legs and saw that cock had softened and started to shrivel, as were my balls. They were trying to draw back up inside me. And I had my cum splattered from my knees to my chest.

Back on the porch, Jhon stopped King so that I was face level with the spilled cum.

“I said eat it bitch. You missed some. Now lick it up, or else!”

So, I dutifully began to lap his salty cum up off of the porch, almost gagging the whole time.

Now, I’ve been knotted with King for at least 45 minutes by this time. My asshole hurt, my guts hurt. My stomach hurt. Now my head hurt. And his cock hadn’t softened any, as far as I could tell. At least he had stopped cumming. I still felt like he was about to split me wide open, though.

“Well, looks like King still isn’t done with you, bitch. I think I’ll sit down and watch the video I just took of you sucking my cock”. So, he sits down and starts watching the video he had just taken of me. Meanwhile, I’m still dangling by my azs from King’s enormous chunk of dog cock. The pressure is intense! Every time his heart beats, I can feel his cock throb against my prostate, slowly building up another orgasm. This will be my third orgasm tonight, and I have yet to even touch my own the orgasm builds, my soft cock slowly rises back to attention. My balls are aching something fierce from all of the abuse just three days ago and from cumming twice already tonight. But, they start rolling around in my sack, getting ready to expel more cum, if there’s any left.

Right as the wave of orgasm is washing over me, I also feel King’s knot slip a bit. My body starts shaking violently and thrashing around on the end of his cock like some sort of sock puppet. My abs are sore and aching from all of the spasms. My arms and legs completely give out and I collapse once again, suspended by my convulsing asshole wrapped around King’s massive knot. My balls draw up and push three little spurts of cum out of my straining cock. But the orgasm isn’t over yet. My body is still twitching and my eyes are rolled back in my head. I am moaning and whimpering like a true bitch in heat.

That’s when King’s cock siftened a bit more and slipped again. He was still too huge to come out of my abused asshole, but he was trying. And my sphincter muscles were trying to expel him, as well.

My orgasm finally subsided and I began taking ling, deep breaths. Trying to get my body back under control.

I finally stopped shaking and weakly pushed myself back up on all fours…

This concludes part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 cumming soon. As stated in my last story, this is completely true. Only names have been changed to protect privacy.

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