King-Doms a tale of confinment – 01 by Fuckallmothers

Disclaimer: This story contains exceptionally graphic gore content and cannibalism as well as misogyny and violence against women. If you’re not into that, don’t read or rate.

It’s been four months now since the Coronavirus lockdown came into effect and I have to say. I am so FUCKING SICK… of my family.

We’re quite well off, so in the beginning, we were just all laughing it off and eating regular meals. But then the food outlets began closing down, and my family was restricted to canned goods. After a week of that, I was begging for a steak.

We lived in a gated community, in the upper east hills of the city with a small population of about fifty people. No one within the community had contracted the Virus as of yet, but everyone was still under permanent house arrest for the time being. It wasn’t that hard considering the size of the houses in the community. Everyone had there own little kingdoms to control.

My family consisted of my father Peter; he was one of those guys that did a little bit of everything. My mother Joslyn, who was blonde, fit and the definition of MILF! Me Thomas, I was in my fourth year of college. My two sisters, Bree the older, who was a bitch and I fucking hated, and Cindy the younger, who was gorgeous and I absolutely adored. My cousin Lorane, who was in my class, she was almost like a brother to me. My Aunt Rebecca or ‘Bec’, who was basically a red-head slightly younger version of my mom. And finally, Grandma Barbara, Grandpa had died the previous year. Full house, right? Even though we were confined to the mansion, I barely saw any of them during the day. Mostly, I only saw them at the nightly family dinner, which was currently, things like baked beans, sardines and canned tuna, Woohoo! Yay! Shoot me in the head!

Dad had converted the basement into a workshop/man-cave. He’d been working on a project in there, for the entire lockdown, but wouldn’t tell anyone about it, saying it was a surprise.

I just hoped it would relieve my stress, living in a house full of women was terrible, even though I rarely saw them. I’d been observing those same five women daily and no one else at all. The worst thing was, I was starting to see them in creepy, sexual ways.

I guess that’s what isolation can do to you.

Heh! Heh!

Mom and Aunt Bec had always been competitive, so when the lockdown went into effect, they had become real Home-Gym junkies. Exercising in the Den for hours on end until one of them broke, leaving the other victorious. Soon enough, my sisters and cousin started training with them, and they all began trimming the fat and tightening the muscle.

As I said, it was getting hard not to look at them.

“Dad!” I yelled, pounding on the basement door. I could hear the sounds of an angle grinder shutting off, from inside. “Yeah?” enquired Dad, swinging the door open, he was wearing a welding mask and apron, which threw me off for a second. “Uh, yeah, um… Please let me inside. The women have taken over the Gym, and the rest of the house is a ghost town. I’m sooooooo bored.”

The truth was, I probably would have been in the Gym, training my ass off with nothing else to do. But I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the ***********ion of tight, fit, yoga pants-clad bodies around me. So I just had to get out of there.

Dad flicked up his mask, studied my face for a few seconds and said, “okay, you can come in, but you can’t tell anyone else about my little project, It may scare some of the women.” He stood back and held the door open for me, allowing me safe passage into the basement.

A month later, the shit hit the fan, and everybody in the community contracted the Virus. Grandma was the first of us to go. We buried her in the back garden, next to Grandpa. The rest of my family only caught a mild case of the Virus, and we all sat in bed watching Netflix until our Quarantine periods finished. I was the first one well enough to walk around and then dad got better.

He, of course, immediately got back to preparing the finishing touches on his surprise for the family, leaving me with the home-Gym to myself.


I trained in there day and night until I was fit and healthy again. Of course, that’s when my little sister Cindy recovered from the Virus.

Even after being sick like that, Cindy was beautiful in my eyes. Before the Virus, She had made extra cash by doing those ‘Bikini Try On’ videos. With her crystal blue eyes, long blond hair and gorgeous smile, she’d built up quite a large number of followers on YouTube. Not to mention her wide fertile hips, bodacious booty and fit, toned legs, as well as all-natural C-cup titties.

I invited her to train with me in the Home-Gym when she was up to it, as it would help combat the Virus if we were fit as possible. Which she gratefully accepted.

Two days later, I was running on the treadmill, getting my warmup out of the way when Cindy walked in wearing a skintight black one-piece swimsuit and began jogging on the treadmill next to mine.

I almost jumped on her right there. God! she was Gorgeous!

“Hey bro, I’m finally ready to exercise again,” she said, giving me a big full-faced smile. “Yeah, I can see that,” I said, trying not to Observe her thin crotchline and highcut thighs. “hey, I’ll tell you what. Seeing as how it’s just the two of us at the moment. we can help each other out.” “How?” Cindy Asked. “Simple,” I said, “I’ll train you, and you train me. You interested?”

“Hell yeah, we’ll beat that Virus, You watch,” she said, balling a fist.

“All right, then you just run. And I’ll handle the controls for your warmup” I said starting Cindy at a fast powerwalk. Soon though, I upped her pace, and she was jogging along, titties bouncing and gasping for breath. then I upped the incline, so she was jogging uphill for a bit before bringing it back down to flat for a short sprint. “Stop… stop, stop, stop, that’s all I can take for today,” She begged while puffing her guts out. So I slowed her to a trot for the cool down.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “My first day after recovery was like that as well. You’ll do better tomorrow.”

And so for the next two weeks, I trained my sister back into full, healthy fitness. Carefully sneaking peeks at her lustful figure the entire time.

I wanted so bad to take her where she stood and pound her Cunt until there was nothing left, but bruised flesh. Unfortunately, she was my little sister, and that would be incest and rape, which was wrong.

I loved Cindy so much, more than my older sister, Bree and more than my mother, Joslyn. I loved her so much that I wanted to make love to her. But I couldn’t, and she just continued to prance around in front of me, teasing my Cock and setting the adrenaline pumping through my system.

Then one evening, my father came up a little early from the basement and explained that he’d finished the preparations for the surprise. I looked at my little sister reading a book on the couch across the loungeroom and licked my lips.

“Hey, Cindy,” I called. “Yeah,” She said, looking up at dad and me standing there and smiled. “You know I love you, right?” I asked. “of course you do, I love you too and you daddy, I love you so much, Daddy.” She replied “Well… Do you want a sneak peek at the surprise Dad’s been working on in the basement?” I asked salivating. “Hell yeah I do,” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet, “that’s been bugging me for months.” “Okay, Honey,” Dad said, “But I’m gonna have to blindfold you. there still has to be a small amount of surprise.”

We blindfolded her and then Dad ran downstairs ahead of me to lead the way.

Dad and I stopped just inside the basement door and turned to Cindy. Then Dad stepped forward and hugged her tightly, burying his face in her hair and inhaling her scent deep into his lungs. “Cindy your my youngest and most beautiful daughter, don’t tell Bree I said that. And I love you so very much. But that’s the thing about love. You can love someone so much, even if they’re just out of reach, that eventually, that love turn’s to hate. Hate is an equally strong emotion because they’re only two sides to the same coin. Anyway, just remember that we give this gift out of love.” Then dad locked the basement door behind me and asked, in a vicious voice, “Is the cunt ready?” on hearing this, I quickly turned to Cindy and karate chopped the nape of her neck, knocking her instantly unconscious

“Come here and help me, Tom,” said dad, struggling to drag Cindy across the room. “the little cunt doesn’t seem to get it yet.” it was true, Cindy was quickly regaining consciousness. So I grabbed both of her ankles before she could start kicking them too wildly and tucked one under each arm, leaving her without a leg to stand on, Literally.

“Why are you doing this to me? I don’t get it. I don’t deserve this. What good does this do?” Cindy began crying and babbling as she realised what was going on around her.

“Shut up you little cunt, You’re a piece of shit, you’re worthless,” said dad. “Yeah shut your mouth-cunt you filthy Meat-hole! Your only job in life is to serve the Cock!

Cindy stopped struggling and looked up at us, “Are you really going to take my virginity?” she asked quietly. “Of course,” I said, “that’s what cunts are for. You were all designed to serve the Cock!”

She started crying again as Dad said, “here, Tom, help me remove the meat-holes clothes, and I’ll bind its hands.” I continued to salivate as I retrieved a pair of scissors from the workbench and started cutting away at Cindy’s evening clothes. Dad, meanwhile, was duct-taping her wrists and forearms together behind her back. Then as I started cutting into Cindy’s underwear, he attached some manacles to her wrists and hung them from a hook attached to the roof by a chain.

After that, we flipped a coin to see who would get first pleasure, and I came up heads.

I turned and looked at Cindy, my beautiful little sister and smiled Gleefully. “I’ve loved you so much for so long, Cindy,” I said, “a little too much actually. You’re so fucking hot that it’s become a, uh… challenging living with you in this lockdown. The short shorts and increasingly smaller clothing you wore around the house made it almost unbearable. I just wanted to fuck you more and more every day and now I finally can.”

I pulled on the chain at my end, which made Cindy’s manacled wrists raise behind her, lifting her backwards and upwards. It was evidently painful, as she was screaming and standing on her tippy toes.

“This is what it feels like, Cocksleeve! To know, that you’re entirely at someone else’s mercy!” I said, and then I put my full weight on the chain at my end, dislocating both of Cindy’s shoulders before fastening it to the wall hook. Then I took a riding crop off the wall and went back to Cindy to punish the Whore!.

“STOP! SCREAMING! CUNT!” I roared in her face as I began to whip her thighs front and back until she quietened down into sobs. “Good, good…” I commented, “your beginning to understand that you no longer have a choice.”

“Please! Let me go” Cindy begged through gritted teeth, “I promise I will never tell the rest of the family how I dislocated both my shoulders falling down the stairs.” “Hah… Ah hah hah ha haaah… I’m gonna fuck your Cunt! Right now, and your gonna feel it! Deep down inside your Slutty Hole!” as I said this, I slapped her as hard as I possibly could and connected with her left ear. No doubt and sending her deaf in that ear as she screamed, “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

I picked up my little sister’s legs in wheel-barrow position and thrust my rock-hard Cock Violently into her virgin Cunt. Cindy gasped, all sound leaving her lungs as I began to pound relentlessly at her wrecked pussy! Her perky C-cup breasts swaying rhythmically beneath her as squeaks and squeals of pain started and became more numerous the longer I fucked her.

“Just remember,” I shouted viciously, leaning into her right ear, “all this pain, shame and humiliation has a purpose.”

“Oh, what? What possible reason could you have for doing this to me?” Cindy cried continuously. “Simple!” said Dad, picking up a metal baseball bat from the corner, “the blushing makes the meat taste better!”

Then, as his first swing connected with her face, I felt a quivering, deep inside me as I went into overdrive. I pounded her Cunt eight more times in the two-second gap before the bat hit again from the other side, then six times more again before he hit her a third time. I thrust and held my Cock inside her, Cumming harder than I ever have in my life as Dad continued to smash her head in.

Finally, he stopped, leaving nothing but a decimated skull, dripping with blood and grey matter. I looked up at him, “Hey, that’s not fair dad. I won the coin toss, and she was my kill!”

“You do realise that you have your dick inside a corpse?” he said, arching an eyebrow at me. I jumped backwards and out of Cindy’s body’s Cunt, dropping her legs and further dislocating both her shoulders in the process. “I just wanted to destroy something beautiful,” he said solemnly, “and this was my chance. Don’t worry; you can still Butcher her and have the next two kills, no matter who.”

Well, I guess that Was a pretty good consolation prize if you thought about it. There was still my older sister, my mother, my Aunt and my cousin, to go yet.

I pulled a Butchers knife off the wall and cut Cindy’s body down at the Elbows, before lifting it onto the cutting bench and beginning to butcher it. My mouth salivated as I cut into the rump, knowing That Cindy Steaks would be gracing our table tonight and for the foreseeable future.

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