kate becoming a bitch part 4 by kp19621966

The following week end kate again had arranged to stay till Sunday

Friday night was pub night we got dressed I was wearing a knee length summer dress was allmost see through with heels and nothing underneath Kate had on a shortish brown skirt stockings heel and a white boob tube no bra.

On the way to the pub I stopped Kate and put her coller on once were in the pub we ordered drink and went to sit in the corner away from the main bar from there we couldnt really be seen unless people went to the toilet they had to walk straight passed us the pub was quiet as normal only about 10 people tonight.

Dave was drinking beer and Kate and I had a bottle of wine to share. After about an hour Dave went to the bar to get more drinks. Kate was sitting opposite me. I look around couldn’t see anyone so feeling a little naughty I handed Kate the empty wine bottle and said “ play with this “ she took the bottle from me lowered it under the table I felt her move her legs and she moved forward alittle I guess to get more access to her pussy. I told her I would let her know if someone come.

A couple of minute later Dave returned with drinks and sat down. I gave Dave a nudge and told him to look under the table which he did from under the table all I heard from Dave was “wow” then he sat up with a big smile on his face. So how far is it in I ask Dave most of the neck he said we both looked at Kate she had a grin on her face while we chatted she continued to play with the bottle. Few mintues later I saw someone coming round so told Kate to put bottle back on the table which she did. The landlady come round collecting empties she picked up Dave’s old glass and grabbed the bottle by the neck as she walked way noticed her swop the bottle to her other hand and dry her hand off on her skirt if only she knew why the bottle was wet i thought.

The walk home was normal stripped her and put her lead on. We got home all when to bed Kate sleeps with us now when ever she stays which Dave loves.

On Saturday we laid out in the garden naked neither of us wearing our collers Tyson had licked us both to a screaming orgasm during the afternoon Kate said to me it was my turn to wear the coller tonight i didnt argue. Dave had taken tyson for a run in the fields when he returned he was hold a piece of paper whats that I asked, a note it was stuck to the gate he read the note out

“7.30 same place really love walking her would love to walk her again”

Signed Jill and Ken.

As it was about 6 now Kate said right time to get ready grabbed my hand and we run up stairs Dave sat in the garden with a beer. Once we had gone to get ready Kate shaved my pussy and had rubbed moisturiser all over my body make it feel soft and silky. She dressed me im black seemed stocking with suspender belt framing my soft silky pussy placed my tail in arse a very short black leather skirt which had a zip up at back from top to bottom and a black boob tube with heels.

Once i was dressed she put on stocking short tarten skirt and a halter neck top which only just covered her boobs and heels. She placed my slut collar around my neck and done it up.

Hour later we returned to the garden Dave took one look at me and said “oh fuck yes you look great” Kate clipped on my lead and off we walked out of the gate and down the path Dave said we better leave Tyson home this time.

About half 7 we had got to the same narrow bit of path and waited about 5minutes later 2 figure appeared at the other end of the field and walking our way so we waited.

As they got close to us they made there introduction with big smiles on there faces Jill said she wasnt sure if we would get her note which she left Friday night. With out saying a word kate handed my lead over to Jill and we started to walk slowly back up the path. Ken was walking behind me again and I could hear click click he was taking pictures of me from behind which was making me horny. Dave turned to ken and just smiled moving slightly over as not to get in the picture. He must have got some great pictures of his wife walking me on a lead dressed like a slut. After a couple of minutes I heard Kate say to Jill I normally walk her nearly naked I saw Jill smile and say so why isnt she today with that kate stopped me looked straight into my eyes with a smile on her face as she slipped my top down over my hips move behind me unzipped my skirt and slid them both down my legs and told me to step out of them which i did. Now only in suspender belt stocking and heels we started walking slowly again. I was getting very horny now. Jill said to kate with a little hesirtancy in her voice “can I pet her” kate looked back at me and said “yes you can “ kate odered me to get down on all fours which i did. Jill come over and started stroking me gently from my head to the middle of my back they way you would stroke a real dog. The clicking had started again Ken getting more shots of me on all fours with his wife petting me.

Kate said she like her belly rubbed Jill looked at Kate and slowly moved her hand under me sroking my belly as Jill got braver her hand was nudging my tits making them swing alittle and with each stroke her hand was getting closer and closer to my pussy until she was stroking from tits to my clit. I looked at Dave and Kate, Kate was standing just infront of Dave and from were i was i could seer Daves Hand up the back of Kates skirt she was standing with her legs slightly apart he must playing with her ass i thought.

Jill continued to stroke my belly at one point her finger found my clit and she started to rub it slowly she looked at kate and ask her what my name kate said we just call her “slut” Jill looked at me and said “good girl slut good girl” Jill stopped rubbing my pussy and stood up “come on slut walk” I got up and we started walking again. As we got to our gate Jill Handed the my lead over to Kate and asked if she could give me a kiss goodbye Kate said go for it Jill move close and placed her lips on mine and started kissing me I responed by kissing her back her tongue probing my mouth and mine hers . The only girl I had every kissed that was was kate.

Her hand moved to my boobs and gave them a little squeeze and before her mouth broke away from mine her other hand was slidding under my pussy and dipped a finger into by now my very very wet pussy. She finished kissing me and moved away removing her finger from my pussy they said that the were going away for about a month but would love to do it again Dave suggested they leave another note on the gate when they get back and maybe arrange something with that they left to walk up the path. As we entered the gate Tyson was there sniffing my pussy “let him have you right now” kate said with that i dropped to my knees and Tyson took me right my the gate. Jill and Ken must have only be about 20 yards away as Tyson fucked me. Could help but moan loudly not sure if the heard me but I didnt care by this point i just needed to be fuck hard and fast.

Leave a message if you want more as I said I loads written down all ready from the last 6 months.

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