kate becoming a bitch part 3 by kp19621966

The next few weeks were fun every Friday we had gone to the pub as normal. I would always make kate wear something short and sexy always with stocking even were them myself on a Friday now. Always put her on a lead just after we left the pub and strip her when we just out of sight from every one she really loved walking home naked.

One week i made her put in a butt plug before we left for the pub made her keep it in all night. Which she loved. Sometime on the way home Tyson would want to fuck her so after checking no one was about i would let him take her.

One weekend kate had arranged to stay until the Sunday night so we had extra time to play.

We had gone to the pub as normal walked home the same way Tyson had taken her in the field and i licked the cum of her when we got back then we all went to bed.

On staurday morning I didnt put her coller on so we sat had coffee and chatted Dave said he needed to pop out for abit so of he went. Dave come home about lunch time with more wine Kate and I we layed out in the garden naked topping up our tans all afternoon. We had dinner early that evening then kate and I went upstairs to dress up. As we were staying in we thought we would dress very slutty our skirts got shorter very short mine didnt even cover my ass nor did kates i opted for a black skirt with black stocking kate wore a red skirt with red stockings neither of us wore knickers tops were seethrough with no bras. Dave face was a picture when we come down stairs he got an instant hard on.

After about half hour I got out Kate coller and put it on her your mine now I said . To get her warmed up I got her to sit in the chair with a leg over each arm while I rammed my face in her pussy while Dave filmed us god she tasted good. Dave then set the camea on the table and moved behind me playing with my ass and pussy I was getting very wet and horny. As I licked Kate pussy I was sitting on the floor sort of to the side which was making it hard for Dave to work his fingers in me so I shifted position. I didnt relise what postion I was in as it turned out I was on all fours. I was concentrating on getting my tongue deep into Kate pussy didnt feel Dave patting my ass then it hit me a long tongue licking my pussy and asshole. This made me push my face deeper in to Kate pussy. Tyson tongue felt so good the hard he licked me the hard I licked Kate.

In the split second I relised I was on all fours with Tyson behind me licking my ass was the moment Tyson landed on my back with his cock at the entrance of pussy with one quick shove he rammed it home stretching my pussy wide oh god it went deep.

He had me tight around the waist fucking me hard and fast. I looked round and Dave had the camera in his hand getting a good close up of me and Tyson. Tyson had me cumming with in minutes and pumping his load deep in my pussy once he got off i looked at Kate who was smiling down at me and said “clean me every last drop”

Kate got up moved behind me and started licking me clean.

Once kate had cleaned me we sat for abit had a rest and a drink. Dave got up went in to kitchen couple of minutes later he come back moved behind the sofa were I was sitting. The next thing I know he had put a coller round my neck and was doing it up and said your Tyson bitch as well now. He had gone out in the morning and bought me a coller but mine had SLUT writen across the front in big letters and a large ring on the front.

Once my coller was done up Dave moved over to Kate and removed hers then said to her “she yours now do what ever you want with her”.

I was a little shocked but very happy to go along with it.

Kate got up from her seat and went to get the lead once she returned she clipped the lead to the big ring at the front and said “ right time for walkies” and gave it a tug and with that she walked me around the garden a few times. Bearing in mind how little we had on she headed for the gate which lead to the fields it was only about 7pmish so still light out. Just as she closed the gate she turn to Dave and said “did you get the other thing i asked for” Dave saw the stocked look on my face they had planned this i thought and said oh yes hold on and darted back in the house. A couple of minutes later he returned with a metal butt plug but it had a big fluffy long tail on it. He handed it to kate, Kate started sucking on it making it wet she told me to bend over which i did. she then got down behind me pulled my cheeks apart and spat on my arse which felt kind good. Making my arsehole wet then i felt her push the plug all the way in, giving the tail a little tug to make sure it was in she stood me up and come on walkies and we set off down the side of fields it felt funny at first this tail which reached the backs of my knees swinging from side to side.

Dave was filming me from behind watching the tail swing (I have seen the video it looks hot and sexy).

In the distance I could see 2 figure walk down the bottom end of the field. I remember thinking they would turn off towards the village but they didnt. They turnned onto the same path as us walking straight towards us. Kate looked at Dave and said should we change route thinking he would say yes he just said “no lets keep going see what happens”

kate said “what do you want to do if they walk straight pass us”

what ever you want he said with that we kept walking.

A couple of minutes later they walked straight at us on a narrow part of the lane so kate moved over to one side to let them pass. As they got level with us what a sight they got 2 women wear next to nothing and one holding the lead.

To my horror Kate spoke to them they were a middle aged couple looked like nice people

“how are you are you enjoying your walk and the view” she laughed

They looked at each other with a big smile then the woman spoke

“we are fine thank you and yes we are enjoying the walk the weather is beautiful and the view is lovely to.

We had got about half a mile from our house by this point Kate looked at Dave and said “should me make our way back now Dave said why not so we all turned and walked back up the path. Kate was making small talk with the women while I was just behind kate still on the lead the man was walking behind us admiring the view of my naked arse with my tail swinging I guess. The woman kept looking back at me smiling I felt weird but all so very sexy. I heard Kate say to the woman would you like to walk her and put her hand out offering her the lead. She looked back at her husband and gingerly took the lead from Kate hand. Kate moved slightly over next to Dave holding his hand which i didnt mind.

I was now being walked by a strange woman and it felt good i could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

A little while later we reached my house kate said this is us and the woman handed the lead back. Thanks for letting me walk her thats ok Kate said anytime. As the man walked pass me he patted my bum which made me wetter.

As they walk off kate shouted same time next week the woman turn smiled and said “ That would be nice”.

Then we headed in we all sat in the garden had a drink and Kate removed my coller.

Hows was it bening on the other end of the lead Kate asked.

“I’m so fucking horny right now ” i said with a giggle . It felt weird at first when you handed my lead over i just remember thinking what if she wants to touch me or do something to me what would you have done I asked Kate.

“let her” Kate said with a smile.

After a few hours the 3 of us when to bed Kate licked my pussy until I was screaming while Dave fucked her from behind.

Next weekend should be fun.

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