Just two guys sharing a bed. What’s the worst that could happen?

My friends and I had always wanted to take a trip together and last year we all finally managed to successfully plan one. At the time I was a little short on cash so I ended up sharing a room in our airbnb with Jean, who I’ve known since high school. We only had one queen-sized bed but my mind was too busy thinking about vacation to worry.

It wasn’t until that first night sleeping together that I started getting nervous. Jean slept shirtless, which he had warned me about beforehand, and being so close to him with his broad, sculpted chest was much more distracting than I thought.

Jean usually fell asleep first, and I stayed up later than I should have just admiring his masculine body. During the day, I didn’t have a lot of energy so it was hard to keep up with everyone. “What’s wrong? Jean doesn’t let you get any rest?” They joked around, not knowing how close they were from the truth.

Then one night Jean woke up and caught me staring. “Still awake?” He stretched his strong arms and smiled. “You know, the guys are just going to keep making jokes if you don’t rest.”

“Yeah, I know, I’m just… I got distracted, I guess.” I felt my face get hot, and suddenly I couldn’t look at him directly. Feeling like I could cry from embarrassment, I turned my back to him.

Trying to comfort me, I suppose, Jean got closer and ran his fingers through my hair. His bulge was pushing against the back of my thighs and he said, “I could help you if you want. You know, you’re pretty cute.”

Jean kissed my neck, and then it was all over for me. The feeling of his lips on my skin made my heart race and my temperature rise. He put his hands on me and pulled me closer to him. His massive body made me feel conscious of how small and petite I am. Closing my eyes, I let his fingers go were they wished. One moment I would feel them softly caressing my inner thighs or massaging my flat chest, the other they were around my neck or shoved inside my mouth.

Whatever his mood was I gave him total control, but he avoided touching my dick or my ass. “Say you want it,” he whispered in my ear. “Say you want this dick.”

It felt so big and hard now, and I was already grinding my ass against it to show interest. But until I explicitly asked for it, Jean wasn’t going to fuck me. Getting the words out was incredibly difficult, but between my moaning I somehow I managed to get out a “please… give me… dick…”

After getting some lube, he made me apply it on his erect cock, then ordered me to lay face down on the bed. I was already screaming when he stuck his thick head inside, and by the time it was all inside I was begging him for more like a cheap slut.

I came after a couple of minutes of deep, slow thusting, leaving a big stain on our bed, and then I let Jean use my ass until it was full and leaking his cum. Not gonna lie, he took so long that it got me horny again for a second round but it was already pretty late and I didn’t want to seem desperate.

Using his chest as a pillow, he wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer, which made me feel protected, and his masculine smell helped me sleep like a baby. Needless to say, I was full of energy the next day and the other guys ironically stopped making jokes about us fucking all night.

The rest of the trip was an absolute blast. We explored a lot, I ate until I was full, took pictures… and that’s on top of all the other fun things we did **outside** of our cheap airbnb room. Our other friends never found out (that I know of), and Jean and I haven’t spoken about those nights of sweaty, mindless sex since. I can’t lie, though, sometimes whenever I’m alone in my bed and feeling restless, I jerk off remembering all the things Jean made me feel during our vacation, and usually that helps.

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