Jealous fuck

My bf (M 23) and I (F 22) were out at a pool bar last night with some friends. As my turns approached I would bend over the table to see which shots I wanted to attempt, leaving my ass and back on full display. I was the only girl out in a group full of men, so as the drinks kept flowing the boys got more obvious with their gawking of my body and flirty remarks. I began to notice my boyfriend’s jealousy build, so to build reassurance and tensions I began to flirtatiously tease my horny, jealous boyfriend by rubbing my ass against him during “innocent” pass bys.

(Fasting forward to home)

As soon as we got home my boyfriend wasted no time proving who I belonged to. We enter the door as he feverishly presses me up against a wall and attacks me with passionate kisses. His tongue navigates my mouth before tracing down my neck and chest leaving me a moaning mess. He leads me to the bedroom where he aggressively tells me to lose the clothes and get on the bed. I oblige in this whirlwind of horny thoughts. He breaks my thoughts by planting kisses down my body until he lands in between my legs. He swiftly parts them, gazes me deep in my eyes, and swipes his tongue over my sensitive area. He begins to really get into his movements swirling his tongue over my clit. He continues to please me with his tongue when he sneakily slips two fingers in and begins pumping. This is my weakness, my legs begin to squirm, and my hips begin to rotate against his face. I begin to to announce how close I am and how good this feels. As my legs begin to shake a slight jealous look returns and he mutters “only I can make you moan my name, only I can make you cum in my mouth, only I-“ I cut him off by pushing his head back where I need it most. He hungrily continues flicking his tongue around, I am so close. My eyes screw shut, my hips continue to roll against his tongue as his fingers curl inside me hitting all the best spots. I lose my mind in a whirlwind of heaving and moaning as I reach my orgasm, cumming all over his tongue. When I come back to reality he plants one kiss on my lips and with a devilish smirk comments “No one will ever know how to make you a squirming puddle of orgasm like I can.” I reply with an equally devilish response “if this is jealousy treatment I might have to try harder in the future”

(Background: my boyfriend and I have not been as sexually active as I would like so I am compiling all my horniest wishes here. This is my 4th one but first time writing about pussy licking pleasure)

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