James Descent into Cuckoldry 2 by UndeniableUrges

James Descent into Cuckoldry 2

(MF, Anal, Cuckold, Cum Eating, Forced Feminization)

Summary – Karen teaches Jamie how to dress and act like a slut!

Previous Story Summary – James’ dominating wife decides to turn him into a submissive, sissy cuckold.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be of legal age to read this adult story. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

“James?” Karen said over dinner the next night. “I loved fucking you last night. You were right, I did feel powerful! Thank you for being my nasty, little slut.” She batted her eyes at him and smiled. “Can we do it again tonight?”

James thought about it. He did like getting his ass fucked and loved it when she jacked off his ‘clit’. “Well, I don’t know honey. I’d like to, but my ass is a little sore today.”

“Aw, poor baby. I’ll take care of your little pussy for you! I have some special lotion that should make you ‘all better.’ I got it from my doctor, so it should be pretty strong stuff. We can fuck again tomorrow night and give your boi-cunt a little rest. Heck, tomorrow’s Saturday so we can fuck all day long if we want to!”

That night, Karen had James lie on his stomach. She took the lotion and began rubbing it into his tender ass-hole. “There, there, baby, does mommy’s fingers feel good in your tight little pussy?” She asked, and began gently pushing two fingers gently in and out of his bung.

“Yes, mommy. It does feel good.” James squirmed, wiggling his ass around her fingers, stretching his hole. He loved the feeling even though his ass was still tender. All the nerves in his tight, little sphincter were tingling! Whatever was in the lotion, it felt great on his tender, ravaged hole.

“Hey! I have an idea; get up on your knees,” she ordered. James immediately stuck his ass in the air. Karen slid her fingers in and out of his hole, and gripped his slimy cock. “Oh, your clitty is hard already, but, I think we need to save you until tomorrow so you are nice and horny for me! We can rub some lotion on your cock and balls too.” She giggled and said, “Maybe it will make them grow!”

Karen reached into the drawer and grabbed the butt-plug. “Here, this is just what we need! It will keep you nice and loose so it won’t hurt as much tomorrow. Aren’t I good to you, Fag?” she asked, using her favorite pet name for her weak-willed husband, James Fagioli.

“Yes, mother,” James replied, using his favorite pet name, “But…,” James started to object, but had to stop and catch his breath as the point of the plug entered his greasy hole!

“Aaahh, oooh, aaaaahhhh!” he moaned as the thickest part of the butt-plug stretched him out. It quickly slid into place, locked in tight by his clenching muscles. It was still nice and thick at the base, and the little arms on the base of the plug kept it from falling all the way in. He liked the feeling of it resting against his ass crack.

“There!” Karen said. “We will keep that in place all night, to loosen you up!” She slapped his ass hard! “You nasty little whore!”

James sat up on the bed, inadvertently pushing the plug deeper into his ass. He wiggled back and forth, trying to get used to the feeling. “But, won’t it fall out honey? My boxers are too loose to hold it in all night.”

“Hmm, let me think…” Karen looked as if she was in deep thought. “I know!” she snapped her fingers and went to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of hot, pink panties! “I bought a few pair last week, but they are too small for me. Here, put it on!” Karen smiled happily.

James looked at her, aghast. ‘She wanted him to wear panties?’

“Go ahead, put them on!” she encouraged, shaking the panties at him. She looked as if she was puzzled by his disobedience. “There is no one here but us, for goodness sake!”

James stood up clenching his ass cheeks to keep the plug in place. He bent over and slid the panties up and over his softening cock. Karen was right, they were nice and tight and felt great against his cock! He pushed against the plug, trying to push it out and felt it caught by the tight material. It sucked right back in to his tight little ass!

“Yes, I think it will work,” he said, again wondering why he kept doubting her. She always knew the right thing to do.

“Turn around, let me see!” Karen said, trying to keep from giggling. “Oh, they look GREAT on you! I think pink is your color, Jamie!” James didn’t even flinch at being called ‘Jamie’, being so used to it growing up. “What do you think, sweetheart?” she asked.

“I like them.” He stated. “I feel kind of sexy in them!” He felt his ‘clitty’ stiffen. He felt so sexy and naughty wearing panties with a butt-plug up his ass!

“Good! You are turning me on so much, Jamie, my little slut! “Come here and show me how much better you can deep-throat that cock. I know! We can have three-way sex! Us two girls and this big-dicked stud!”

Jamie, wearing his hot, pink panties showed his wife how much further he could take the rubber cock down his throat. He had learned to breathe thru his nose as the cock slid deeply into his mouth-hole.

“Oh, yeah, slut, that’s my nasty little faggot!” she praised. Karen and ‘Jamie’ took turns licking and sucking the fat, rubber phallus. “Suck his balls while I suck his big, fat cock, Jamie!” Karen said, training him little by little, as she watched her sissy husband close his eyes and make love to the rubber cock, licking and sucking the balls tenderly. She smiled.

“Suck him again, Jamie, show him how deeply you can suck his hard cock!” Jamie bobbed his head on the shaft repeatedly, until the balls rested on his chin.

“Don’t make him shoot already, you greedy, cum-guzzling slut!” Karen said, pulling the cock away from her sissy, cock-sucking husband. For a moment, James curiously wondered what that would feel like – having another man’s hard cock shooting hot, thick cum into his sucking mouth.

“Now, that we’ve gotten that stud’s cock nice and hard, help him shove it into my cunt! You can eat me while we fuck!” Karen said, scooting onto the bed and spreading her legs wide, knowing this hot, sex scene would someday happen in real life. The slutty way her husband was acting, she knew it wouldn’t be long!

James placed the wet, rubber cock against her soaking wet hole. “Hurry, put his cock in me, Jamie! Help him fuck me, slut!” James pushed the fat cock into her hairy pussy once again and began to lick her cunt. He watched the fat shaft fucking her and then bent down to lick her cunt once more, feeling the rubber cock slide against his tongue. “Don’t forget to lick his shaft too, Jamie!” she encouraged, “And his balls!” Karen squeezed her fat breasts as her husband fucked her with the make-believe cock, licking and lapping at it like it was real.

Jamie slurped his tongue up and down the shaft, imagining that it was a real cock fucking his wife, giving her the pleasure of having a totally filled cunt, knowing it was something he never could give to her. He leaned forward and licked her clit, making himself feel useful and needed. He felt his own small clit hardening again in this satin panties.

“Oh yeah, stud, fuck me! Tickle his big balls, Jamie!” James began to get into it, cupping the rubber balls, licking them, sucking the shaft, and sucking, licking and slurping his wife’s sopping pussy. “Oh, Jamie, you divine little cock-sucker! You are going to make us cum! Fuck me stud, fuck me! Lick me Jamie, lick me!” James renewed his attack on her cunt. “I’m cumming!” Karen cried, “I’m cumming on his big, fat cock! Cum with me stud!” she screamed. “Jamie, make him cum too!”

James sucked the imaginary man’s balls, and stroked and licked his thick shaft, making the man shoot imaginary sperm into his wife’s hot cunt. “We’re cumming, Jamie! I can feel him shooting his sperm into me!” she cried.

Wave after wave washed over Karen as she pushed her cunt against James’ face. She felt the cock go deep into her, as her husband obediently fucked her. “Aahhhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming! Oh, oh, oh! Yes!” Karen had a massive orgasm while James watched her writhing on the fat cock. He gently sucked up her juices as her orgasm finished, almost wishing there was a slight ‘cum’ flavor to it.

“Oh, thank you baby, that was great! But we better get some rest,” she said, rolling over and dismissing him. “Now remember, no cummies tonight! We have to save you until tomorrow! “Goodnight, Jamie…” Karen soon fell asleep, knowing that if she kept her sissy-husband horny enough, he would do anything for her.

Jamie lay in bed, his ‘clit’ straining against the panties and the hard plug deep in his ass. He finally drifted off to sleep. In his dreams, the images of his wife getting fucked by the giant dildo changed to images of real cocks fucking his eager wife while he helped. His subconscious mind felt the anal invader while he slept, and he dreamed of getting fucked in the ass by Karen wearing the strap-on dildo, but, he noticed Karen was in front of him, help him suck someone else’s cock. In his dream, he turned around and saw at a nameless man fucking him. The dream was so real; he woke up in the middle of the night, nearly orgasming in his sleep. Becoming aware of his stretched ass-hole, he blamed the butt-plug for his dirty dreams. He clenched his ass a couple times, rolled over, adjusted his hard ‘clitty’ in his pink panties, and made himself comfortable. He fell back asleep.

The next morning, James woke to his wife rubbing his cock thru the panties and the sun streaming in thru the window. They had slept late! “Did you sleep well, slut?” she asked. “I see you didn’t cum in your panties! Now, go make us breakfast while I shower.” She added sweetly, “and Jamie? Keep the butt-plug in your ass until I leave. I have some shopping to do this morning!”

They had breakfast in silence, with James wiggling his ass uncomfortably on the chair. In the light of day, he felt a little embarrassed for acting like a female slut the last couple of nights. Now he was wearing panties! Karen would want to fuck him again tonight, he knew. The new play-acting was exciting to him, but it affected his non-existent masculinity. He liked acting like a girl, and he knew his wife loved him for taking to it so enthusiastically, but couldn’t help but think he should try to be more ‘manly’ for Karen.

“James,” Karen said, noticing that he was uncomfortable and ashamed. “Thank you so much for making all of my fantasies come true! You have been a great little trooper!” She looked him in the eyes, “I love you!”

“I love you too, dear,” he said. He did love her. He loved to make her happy.

“I love what we have been doing, honey,” she said, “I like that we are trying new things and not being scared to try them. I know you have enjoyed things too, right? Or is that lump in your panties only my imagination?” She grinned at him. He grinned back.

“Yeah,” he admitted, “it is pretty hot. It’s kind of fun to play act.” She got up and kissed him.

“OK, lover! Clean up the kitchen and then vacuum and dust the house while I’m gone. You can shower, but use that special lotion on your ass-hole again. You probably should wear the butt-plug while you clean. Oh! And the nipple clamps!” Karen opened the drawer and pulled out the nipple clamps. She gently placed them on Jamie’s nipples, admiring her handy work. The clamps were connected with a chain, and a heavy metal ball hung between them. She gave the ball a flick with her finger.

“Ouch!” Jamie cried.

“Don’t be a sissy, Jamie. They will keep you horny while you clean. Oh, there are more panties in my top drawer for after your bath – the blue ones I think. And honey?” she added, almost singing, “I’ll be buying you presents…”

James was still wondering what she was going to buy him when she opened the door to leave. “Oh, and don’t forget to wash all the toys and the bed sheets before I get back, they are all getting a little funky, you nasty slut!”

They both chuckled.

James cleaned up the kitchen and dusted and vacuumed the house. He felt the fat butt-plug in his ass every time he bent over. He wiggled his ass repeatedly; liking the feeling. The nipple clamps finally stopped hurting, and he liked the way the heavy ball made the clamps pull on his nipples. Finally, he finished cleaning and took a hot shower. It felt good to pull the plug out of his ass and the clamps off of his tits, though he kind of missed them. He washed, and while cleaning his ass crack, felt how easily his fingers slipped into his hole. He plunged them in and out a few time – to get it really clean – he told himself. His cock, or rather, his ‘little clitty’ was hard again. He was so horny! He so wanted to soap up his dick and jack a load, but his wife wouldn’t like it. He reluctantly rinsed and turned the shower off.

After drying, he walked naked in to the bedroom, took all the toys out of the drawer and gave them a good cleaning. He practiced his deep throat skills on both dildos, wanting to surprise his wife with his cock-sucking skills, and then put them back in the drawer. He spotted the lotion and remembered how good it made him feel. Must be good stuff, he thought. He squeezed out a dollop and worked it deep into his ass-ole and rubbed some onto his tiny cock and balls too. His nipples were feeling a bit sore, so he rubbed some on his breasts too.

“Aaahh, yeah,” he moaned. He felt the same tingle as before. He took the butt-plug and slowly pushed it back in. “Aaahh, fuck it feels good!” He wiggled it in place and found the blue panties in the drawer and put them on. Looking at himself in the mirror, he thought he could almost pass as a girl, if it wasn’t for his little hard dick. He turned around, and bent over, admiring his panty covered ass! “Looking good, Jamie!” he said aloud, as he replaced the nipple clamps.

He decided that he had better get the sheets washed before his wife came home; he didn’t want her to get angry with him. As he stripped the bed, he could feel the butt-plug filling his ass as he stretched and pulled off the sheets. He put them in the washing machine, squatting low to wiggle around and adjust the butt-plug. He shook his invisible tits to make the ball swing and his nipples tingle. He double checked to make sure everything was clean, prancing around the house dressed only his blue panties, hard clitty and clamps, feeling the plug stretch his ‘boi-pussy’ as Karen called it. He felt so dirty! He even put on some soft music and danced around for a while, doing a sexy, girly, dance in the living room!

“Honey, I’m home!” Karen yelled, walking the door. “The house looks great, and so do you Jamie!” she said. “I almost like the blue panties better than the pink ones!” She gave his nipple clamp a gentle tug.

James smiled demurely. Karen set down her bags, walked over to him, and gave him a hot, wet kiss. She hugged him lightly, running her hands down his panty covered ass, and felt his crack. Finding the butt-plug in place, she humped her palm against it, making him moan.

“Come to the bedroom, and see what I bought you! I’m so proud of myself; you are going to love it!”

They went to the bedroom and Karen began taking her purchases out the large bag and lying them on the bed. Out came a pair of pink crotch-less panties and a matching bra. Followed by another one in black. A pair of fishnet stockings, with garters, some make-up, and finally, a blond wig!

“Where is my stuff?” Jamie asked, seeing the empty bag and nothing but sexy underwear on the bed.

“This is your stuff, silly, aren’t they great? I knew you would love them! We are going to have fun tonight, my little slut!” She held up a pair of the panties. “Look, crotch-less, so your dick can be free! It’s open in the back, too, so you don’t have to take them off when I fuck you! Don’t you just LOVE THEM?”

“Uh, yeah, they are great!” He tried to act excited for her, and, they were very sexy, after all. She looked at him, frowning. He added “I do love them,” with feigned enthusiasm, not wanting to disappoint her. “Wow, thanks! I can’t wait to try them on!” trying to act excited for her. He pointed at the wig and make-up. “Those are for me too?”

“Yes, Jamie, your hair is too short right now, so I got you this!” She pulled it over his head. “Wow, you look hot!” The long blond hair reached past his shoulders. “It really looks good on you, especially with your panties! I got you your own makeup too!”

“You want me to get made-up like a girl?” he brushed the hair out of his eyes, feeling embarassed.

“Of course, Jamie! I’ve been looking forward to fucking you again for two days now! Remember, your ass was too sore last night! I hope you remembered to use the special lotion, if not, too bad for you, I’m not waiting another day!” she told him sternly.

“Yes, I used it, it makes my hole tingle. I used it on my nipples too because the clamps hurt them a little bit.”

“It is supposed to. Now, I want you to be my perfect slutty girl tonight, OK? For me, Jamie?”

“Ok, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll be a slutty little bitch for you.” He suddenly began to look forward to the night.

“Thank you Fag!” she said. Now, I want you to look like a proper whore, so I can fuck you like a proper big-dicked stud! Come with me!” She led him into the bathroom and turned on the water. “First, you need a nice hot bath to get you ready for your ‘date’. Get naked, clean your butt-plug, and climb in. Make sure the water is nice and hot, and use a lot of bubble bath. Relax and think about the good fucking you are going to get! I’ll be back later,” she added.

James pulled out his plug and gave it a good washing. He climbed into the tub, feeling the hot water sooth his tender ass-hole. He leaned back, and relaxed. ‘Mmmm, this is pretty nice!’ he thought. ‘Women have it made!’ He gave himself a good soak and washing, paying special attention to his ass. He pushed in a finger, thinking about the fantastic fucking it would get tonight!

Karen came in after awhile with another bag. She pulled out a razor and soap. “I bought you more presents! Now, stand up, and let’s get you shaved!”

“Shaved too? Are you sure, Karen?” he said, “I’m not…”

“Stand up, I said!” Karen wasn’t taking any guff from him. “Don’t mess this up for me, Jamie! I want you to look like a proper woman. You can’t be a woman and have all that hair, can you?”

“No, I guess not,” he agreed, standing up with his head hanging down.

“It will grow back, silly. Besides, you don’t have much anyway. No one will notice! Now, I want your legs cleaned first and then your nasty arm pits.” She took the soap, applied it to his legs, and watched while he clumsily shaved. “Don’t nick yourself! Make it nice and smooth for your stud! Here, do your pits now.” He applied the soap to his arm pits and slowly shaved them clean.

“Now, let me look! Hand me the razor. He handed her the razor and turned slowly around. “Put your leg up here again, you missed a spot.” Jamie put his smooth leg up on the tub and Karen soon made sure he was smooth everywhere. “It is a good thing you don’t have any chest hair or back hair isn’t it!”

“Yes, it is,” he said meekly, feeling very feminine already.

“I think your arms are ok as they are, since you have less hair than I do! Now, time for your pussy! Bring your little clit over here!” He moved to the edge of the tub. “I’ll do it this time!” she said. Karen applied some soap to his crotch and began shaving off his pubes. James knew better than to argue, especially since she held his tiny dick in one hand and a razor in the other! Karen picked up his hardening clit and moved it left and right as she shaved him clean. Then, she removed the thin, remaining hair on his small ball sack. “OK, now bend over and let’s check your ass for any wild hairs!” He bent over; spreading his ass-cheeks wide. His loosened ass-hole winked at her. “Nope, all clean! You have less hair on your ass than I do! Now rinse off! And, Jamie, one more thing…” She pulled out an enema bag.

“Now, I need you to get your ass cleaned out! I don’t want any shit on my cock, understand!” She filled up the bag with hot water, hung it on the shower curtain and gave him a direct order. “Shove this end in your ass, open the catch, and get yourself clean for me. Use two bags if you need to! I want you clean, got it?”

“Yes dear,” he said. It made sense. If he was going to get fucked, he needed his asshole cleaned up. He ended up using the second bag. His cock was hard the entire time.

When he finished, he dried off and walked naked into her sitting room. She had his clothes laid out for him, and his new makeup and wig by the chair, in front of the mirror.

“First, some body lotion, so you feel soft and sexy!” he applied the lotion to his legs, chest, crotch and ass, as she instructed.

“Now, sit down and watch me put on your make up. And, pay attention, you need to learn to do this by yourself!” That meant he would be dressing like a girl again, he knew. Karen applied foundation, shading and eye makeup, lengthening his lashes and adding some color to his eyelids, then put some blush on his cheeks. He was amazed as he watch the transformation! He was hot!

“Now, what color lipstick? Slutty-Red or Tramp-Pink?” She held the two lipsticks up for his consideration.

“I like the slutty-red,” he said, his voice unintentionally a little softer and higher than before.

“OK, Jamie, ‘slutty-red’, for my ‘slutty-little-fag’! Pucker up for me, bitch!”

Jamie puckered his lips and she applied the bright red-lipstick. Wow, he really did look like a slut, a hot, sexy, good looking slut!

“Now the wig!” Karen turned him around and put on the wig, tucking his hair up under it, and then brushing it out. “Don’t look yet, now the clothes! Put these on!” She handed him the fishnet stocking and garter, helping him get them in place. “Now the panties and bra!” She gave him the black, crotch-less panties. He pulled them up and she helped him pull his hard, tiny cock thru the hole. He could feel the breeze on his ass, because of the wide opening in back.”Let me help you with the bra!” Karen put the bra on him, tightening the straps. “I bought more presents…” She sang. She pulled out a large set of ‘falsies’ and tucked them into his bra, giving him instant cleavage. He reached up and gave them a squeeze. “They feel like the real thing!” he exclaimed.

“They will do, for now…” she said. ‘For now?’ He thought that was a strange thing to say, but he didn’t get to dwell on it for long.

“Step into these!” Karen was holding pair of black heels. “Aren’t they to die for!” she squealed. Jamie stepped into the shoes and his transformation was complete. “Take a look at yourself, Jamie!” Karen said, looking at him and silently admiring her handiwork. ‘I knew it!’ she thought ‘I knew he could look like a hot sissy-chick!’

Jamie walked unsteadily to the full length mirror, not recognizing the hot young woman before him. “Oh!” was all he said. Before him was a gorgeous gal, with beautiful hair and makeup. Long legs incased in fishnet stocking with garters holding them in place just below his crotch. Her breasts were large and full and he couldn’t stop touching them! The only thing that gave it away was his stiff little clit, poking out of his crotch-less panties. He turned around and admired himself. The high heels made his ass look amazing!

“Oh, Karen, what have you done to me?” he said, breathlessly.

Karen watched her husband. He admired himself in the mirror, smiling broadly. “I fucking love it!” he squealed. He had never looked so sexy before! Even if he was dressed like a woman, he felt pretty, attractive and sensual!

“OK, slut, quit staring at your ass and go get ready for me. I’ll be in the bedroom in just a bit.”

Jamie rushed to the bedroom, his high heels clicking on the hardwood floor, his ass wiggling. He lay down on the bed and posed provocatively, waiting for his lover to arrive.

After a few minutes, Karen opened the door; she was dressed in slacks and shirt, her hair brushed back like a man’s and a thin, fake mustache on her upper lip. She strutted to the bed pushing her crotch towards Jamie.

“Hi, I’m Ken,” she said. Karen sounded and looked like a man. Jamie was strangely excited; his ‘clitty’ began to throb. “You look hot tonight, Jamie. Are you ready for some fun?”

“Yes…Ken,” he said haltingly. “I’m ready for whatever you want.” And, he was.

“Pull it out bitch. Pull out my hard cock and see what you’ve done to me, you pretty, little, slut!” ‘Ken’ ordered.

Jamie lowered his glance to her crotch. He saw the outline of a cock. He reached over and fumbled with the zipper and clasp. He felt so sexy, so feminine. He reached in and grabbed the rubber cock, pulling it out, as it bounced before him.

“Suck it bitch, suck my fat cock!” Karen told him. “But don’t mess up your lipstick!” She reached down and squeezed his fake tits. “Ah, nice fucking tits, slut!”

Jamie began working on the cock, licking and sucking it. He began to deep throat it, showing ‘Ken’ what a good cocksucker he was!

“Ah, you have been practicing, bitch!” Karen watched him take the long rubber cock all the way into his throat. “Good girl!”

Jamie was so pleased. He had practiced for nearly an hour until he learned to take it all without gagging. He was very proud of himself!

Karen began fucking his face, sawing the rubber cock back and forth. “Take it bitch! Take all of my cock!” She watched her cute sissy husband being face-fucked. She wished it was a real cock, but, that will come later.

“Enough, slut! Get my cock lubed up, I’m going to fuck you now.”

Jamie greased up the strapon, and spread the rest in and around his asshole. “I’m ready Ken. I’m ready for you to fuck me with your fat cock!” Jamie couldn’t wait to again feel the cock filling up his hole again.

“Get on your back, whore; I want to see your face while I fuck you.” Karen removed her clothes. She then grabbed his pillow and placed it under his ass. She looked down at the little faggot slut she had created. Hair, makeup, bra, stocking, panties, and, he was smiling, loving it! She had known he would. She was in total control and her weak, submissive, husband’s transformation was nearly complete!

Karen pressed the cock against his boi-pussy and pushed it slowly, all the way in, until the rubber balls rested against his ass. “Aaaahh, aaahhh, oooh!” Jamie moaned, feeling his hole suddenly stretch to his limit. The big cock filled him. Thank goodness the butt-plug had kept him loosened up, he thought. He would have to wear it more often, he decided.

‘Ken’ pulled his long, fat cock out of his slut’s cunt and pushed it back in, then again and again. Jamie felt the cock sliding in and out of his ass, loving it! “Oh, yeah, Ken, fuck me, fuck my pussy with your big, hard, fucking dick!”

“Do you like my cock in your hole, sissy?” she asked. “Tell me how much you like it, slut! Are you my cock-sucking, nasty little faggot bitch?”

“Ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes!” he moaned as the cock continued to assault him. “I like your cock in my sissy-hole! I’m your nasty, faggot, bitch, Ken!” James cried. “Oh, yes, I’m your dirty faggot cock-sucker, lover!” James remembered all the times he was called a faggot-cock-sucker in school, and now wondered why he ever denied it.

“Here, faggot, suck on this while I fuck you!” Karen handed him the large, ten inch dildo. “Let’s see you deep throat this one!”

Jamie went to work sucking the big dildo, opening his mouth wide to engulf the wide, fat head! “Mmmmphh,” he moaned, as he shoved the cock down his sissy mouth-hole as deeply as he could! While one hard cock fucked his ass, he fucked his mouth with the other one.

“I think I’ll fuck you with the big one next time,” she said. Jamie couldn’t imagine that monster fitting in his ass-hole. “Play with your clitty, slut. Make yourself cum while I fuck you, slut!” Karen wanted James to get used to cumming with his ass filled with hard cock.

Jamie reached down and felt his throbbing little clitty. A pool of pre-cum lay below the head. He rubbed the slime it all over his dicklet; jacking off as he was getting fucked while sucking on the huge rubber cock.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he groaned as Karen began fucking him harder. Jamie worked his clit and shoved the fat dildo down his throat, almost to the base! Spurt, spurt, spurt! His clitty spasmed and his orgasm rolled over him. He felt so feminine, coming all over a hard cock in his boi-pussy! “Ah, ah, fuck me! Fuck me!” Karen slammed his ass hard, as the last wave washed over him. She looked down at the little sissy slut she had made.

“Hand me the cock, Jamie…” Jamie pulled the dick from his mouth and gave it to her. Karen took the fat head and rubbed it in his cum. She then put it to his mouth. “Eat my cum, faggot.” Immediately, Jamie slurped it up. She gathered more and watched Jamie suck it clean. She did it again and again until his belly was glistening.

She unceremoniously pulled the cock from his ass pushed it into his face. “Clean me off, bitch!” she said. Jamie hesitated, looking at the cock that was just in his ass. “I said clean it off! It’s no different than licking my ass and your hole was clean, right?”

“Yes, Kar… Ken.” Jamie knew she was right. Why does he continue to argue with her? He tentatively licked the smelly shaft and then began to suck the cock clean. Karen undid the strapon and climbed on him, pressing her wet pussy onto his face. She looked down at his girly figure and small dick.

“Eat me, bitch, tongue my ass-hole.” James went to work on her, pushing his tongue up her ass and tasting her funk. He licked and slurped her juices as she rode his face. After a while, she saw his little dick getting hard again. She leaned forward and began to play with it, feeling it grow stiff.

“You are in for a treat tonight, Jamie,” she said. “I want you to fuck my ass!” She too liked her little hole fucked, though she had never let him before.

Jamie was shocked! His dick stiffened. “With this?” he asked, reaching for the strapon.

“No, silly, with your clitty! That cock is too big for me! Maybe another time, after I let your dicklet stretch me out a bit. She got up on all fours. “Eat my asshole for a while and then lube me up!” Karen wiggled her ass at him. James dove in, spreading her cheeks and tonguing her ass, pushing it in as deep as he could. After a few minutes, Karen ordered him to fuck her!

James positioned his cock against her greasy hole and pushed it in. There was hardly any resistance because his cock was thin and his wider tongue had loosened her up. “Oh, you are so tight!” he cried. He began fucking her with short strokes. Karen reached down and began rubbing her pussy. She could feel his small cock sliding in and out of her ass-hole. It wasn’t as big as she liked, but it was giving her a good feeling as she massaged her clit.

“Oh, oh, fuck! I’m going to cum again!” he exclaimed before long. The excitement of fucking his wife’s asshole was too intense to ignore. It was what Karen had expected, but it was ok, as it put her plans one more step towards completion. After he splooged, pumping his thin sperm into her anus, she put her head on the pillow, stuck her ass up high, and said, “Clean me up now, Jamie.” She smiled, thinking of him slurping his own cum from her ass-hole. “I want you to get all of your nasty cummies out of me.”

She began to rub herself harder as James pulled out and immediately began tonguing her ass-hole cream pie. She rubbed herself with both hands as he reamed her ass with his tongue! “Get the cum out of my ass-hole, you butt-faggot!” she moaned. “Oh, shit, you nasty little cum-guzzler!” Karen said. “You love slurping up cum, don’t you, Jamie? Suck it, suck the cum from my ass!” She felt her husband put his lips to her shit-hole and suck. She rubbed herself harder, enjoying his degradation. She gave herself a massive orgasm while pushing his slimy cum out of her ass and into his mouth!

“Oh, shit! You nasty fuck! You dirty, nasty cum-sucker! You cock-sucking queer! You ass-fuck! You sissy-shit-ass-muncher! Oh! I’m coming!” through her delirium, she remembered to moan, “I love you Jamie, you fag, you slut, you nasty, little bitch!”

Jamie was a mess; Karen’s juices smeared his makeup and lipstick. He looked like a cheap whore after an all-night orgy. “Go clean up our toys and then yourself, Jamie,” she ordered.

When he returned, Karen continued, “I liked how it felt when you fucked my ass, so I’m going to use the small butt-plug to get my ass ready for something bigger. You can start using the big plug, my little ass-slut.” She smiled at him and handed him plug. It was long, thick and heavy in his hands.

“Get it inside of you and come to bed,” she ordered. Karen rolled over and smiled as her husband struggled with the large plug. She listened with enjoyment as he and grunted and groaned, trying to maneuver the huge butt-plug into his sore, stretched ass. She heard him snap his panties in place before climbing into bed, groaning softly and then giving a long, satisfied sigh. ‘What an obedient little sissy-cum-eating-ass-slut I’ve made!’ Karen thought, almost giggling out loud.

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