Jacqueline Fernandez and her Adventures Pt 02 by Mysteryguy2107

The next morning when Jacqueline woke up with her new body, she first couldn’t believe herself that she can have so much muscle mass and yet still she looked proportionate but she noticed one thing. Her calves weren’t as tight and hard as they were in the past. Maybe she just got his cum and to fill her up completely, she needs more cum. She then saw her huge grandfather with tons of muscles next to her sleeping naked since his final form made his clothes torn. So she quietly scooted towards his cock and started massaging it.

When she moved, she realized that her hairs has also been changed as well. Now, they look like they’ve been to a salon despite her not going anywhere. She grabbed his 7-inch flaccid cock and started to massage it slowly and slowly and occasionally kissing it as well. She started getting wet and since she was still wearing those shoes from her last fuck, her heels went to 3 inches and she was feeling like she’s wearing runners instead of spiky heels.

After 10 mins, her massage made his cock hard at 13 inches and surprisingly, her grandfather was still asleep.

So she just took the head of his dick and started bobbing her head slowly first. Her grandfather was still having sexual pleasure equal to 10 teenagers together, that is why his cock was reacting so violently with even a small touch. In her mouth, her improved lips would’ve made a normal dick cum by now since she can literally make any guy cum in less than a minute.

After 5 minutes, her grandfather woke up and looks at her daughter, “Oh my darling that feels so good!”

“Really daddy? Because I can make you feel even fucking better!”. She put a sexy emphasis on “fucking” making his cock jump. “Ohhh Daddy, I can feel that you want to cum soooo badly! Huh daddy?! You want to cum now daddy?!? Come on daddy cum for your ultra horny wife daddy!!” She was encouraging him so much that after saying all this, she took all of his 13 inches deep in her throat and started murmuring, sending vibrations all the way to the balls and to make things better, she was massaging the balls as well. She kept the deep throating trick of hers to the last and that made him groan and cum hard unleashing torrents of cum for the next 2 minutes and Jacky was swallowing every single drop of cum, even licking his cock clean so that she can make her muscles tight and chiseled as fuck and they were getting into effect after she swallowed the first shot of cum.

When it was all done, she smiled to grandfather and said “thank you daddy for this wonderful load”. She was also pretty wet and her horniness level was seen quite clearly with her heels which were about 6 inches high, making her calves very tight.

“Oh darling, I didn’t know that your sucking skills have improved so much! But I’m not done yet” With that his cock started to grow again and Jacky was in awe when it was just growing and growing and with Jacky’s hungry eyes, it increased its length from 13 inches to 16 but the thickness became 3 inches instead of 1.5. With that, Jacky came close to him and whispered: “Daddy, FUCK ME !!” With a bit of grunt and a purr in the whisper, he got the hint that she wanted it, Hard!

“Oh baby, you’re so sexy!” “I know daddy but I’m yours, I’m yours to do anything you want to do with me”. With that, she put a grip on his cock and started to stroke it slowly, her biceps were started getting more prominent. Jacky – “Daddy i want you to choke me!” she started stroking faster, “Impale me!!” even faster strokes, “make me scream!!!” her hand was a blur at this point, “I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to even think straight let alone walk!” She made his cock so hard that it literally was as hard as diamond and her biceps and shoulder muscles made her arms so sexy that you can easily see the flexing from the arms of her dress. After 2 minutes of the fastest hand job in the world, he roared “AAAARG !!!!!!! GET FUCKED NOW !!!!” He picked her up, tossed her into doggy style, making her arch her back sexily and sticking her huge ass which was surprisingly wasn’t that big as last time, just 40 inches. Maybe she needs more cum. Her heels were now 8 inches and he saw her heels making him even more hard and again without removing her dress, he impales all of his 16 inches cock inside her pussy. Jacky – “Oh my goddddd!!!! Daddy fuck me!!!! Fuck me hard!!” He picks up the speed right away, “Yess Daddy!! Fuck your ultra-sexy wife like your personal whore!!!!” Her ass starts to get bigger again to 45 inches. Grandfather with a roar – “YEAH BABY!! GET FUCKED YOU SEXY BITCH!!” With that, his cock started to grow even more inside her pussy and it reached to her stomach, “Aah! Aaah!! Aaah!! Aaaah!!! Yess!! Oh fuck!!! Daddyyyyy!!” With that, he hit his dick straight to her g-spot. “Daddy again! Hit my g-spot! Oh daddy I’m about to cum!” Grandfather – “who owns you?!” A spank on her growing ass “Aah you, you own me, daddy!! Can I cum daddy please daddy, oh please!!” This time her tits were getting bigger and rounder.

Still, in doggy style, he grabbed her tits from behind to feel them grow and her dress getting tighter than ever before. While gripping her tits, he started really bang her with almost all of her force and now again his cock was reaching 22 inches again. She was on the verge of cum and her whole body was shaking but somehow she was holding herself. “Daddy pleaaseeee!!” “NOW SLUT!!” With that, her pussy walls started to vibrate and she squirted for almost 5 minutes. “AAAHHHHHH OHHH MYYY GODDDD !!!!!!!” She was screaming. For a moment, she also went unconscious for a minute but when she came back to her senses, she just collapsed on her grandfather. She was still having the aftershocks of her orgasm Her muscles were all tightened up now but still were lacking the bulk which she wanted.

After her orgasm, she removed his cock and watched in awe that how much big his cock is. “Daddy your cock is so big, I can’t fucking have enough of it. I can just imagine how big your load is going to be when you’ll give it to me huh daddy? Will you give me your load daddy? Daddy?” while she was encouraging him, she pushed her finger inside his asshole and started rubbing his prostate. With that he groaned “Oh daddy, I want you to be an animal whenever you fuck your daughter daddy.” “Oh I know my slut, you want it all and I also know I will fill you up completely when I’ll cum because you are the SEXIEST BITCH IN THE WORLD!!” With that his cock rose to 30 inches and he became that same handsome monster like he was last night with even bigger blue sparks in his blonde hairs. He picks her up and slams her onto the bed like nothing and gives an animalistic growl and puts his whole 30 inches in her asshole. “OHHHHH FUCKKKK!!” and she cums the moment he pushes all of his cock inside. Her heels again go to 12 inches with a strap on her ankle. The moment she started cumming, her hair also started to become blonde with blue sparks along with her body changing into a full female body builder and her height increasing from 5’4 to 6’1 and she was looking hungry for his cock like she’s gonna die if she don’t get it.

This time, he fucks her for 20 minutes straight, bed shaking, both of them sweating but Jacky’s sweat was making her smell even sweeter and wanting him to fuck her more. “Faster daddy! Cmon!! FASTER!! DADDY DESTROY MEEE !!!” with that she wraps her legs around him and encourages him even more. Her ass again went to 50 inches and to make it even better, she was massaging his cock from outside, increasing pressure with her perfect 6 pack abs and her hands since his cock reached all the way to her stomach. Like this, both of them were about to cum. “There you go slut!! Fucking take it!!!” “Oh daddy, Daddy!, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum, yeah daddy, I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!” With that, both of them came together and he filled her up completely. With that she was satisfied with her body and grandfather collapsed on top of Jacqueline and both of them went to sleep again.

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