I’ve got creampied on Tinder date

The date with my Tinder match was going well and there was definitely a strong connection between us. As the movie started we couldn’t resist sharing kisses in the front seat of his car. Our hands explored each others bodies feeling the desire building up. I could sense his excitement growing against my thigh. Things quickly. I ended up sitting on his lap moving sensually against him.
He gently lifted my dress. Moved aside my underwear revealing my wetness. Pleasurable moans escaped from me as he stimulated my spot with his finger. I responded eagerly by grinding against his hand. Feeling an urge to taste him I leaned over and released his throbbing member from his pants. Taking him into my mouth I skillfully pleasured him with swirling motions of my tongue while moving up and down.
He pressed me back against the seat lifting one of my legs over the center console. With one movement he entered me deeply initiating a passionate rhythm of intense lovemaking. Ecstatic cries escaped from me as he filled me completely. Our bodies moved together frantically as he thrust into me repeatedly and forcefully. The pleasure intensified as he penetrated my wet core vigorously. In a climax, for both of us his warm release filled me while waves of ecstasy consumed me completely.
Exhausted we leaned against one another our breaths breaking the stillness, inside the car.

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