It’s coming back in dribs and drabs

Recently hubby and I have been getting back to our usual selves and in a much better place mentally and physically.. in the sexual sense.

I do not know if it is being in a better place and myself starting to feel a bit better about myself inside and out that I have been able to open up more and almost like a key is turning the locks in my head.

He has a hotpast kink and it is definitely getting easier to recollect some of my past thrists with … well… the many men/boys some girls…. of the past.

Before you judge… I was a bit (loosely putting it) of a slag back in the day.
If it had a penis I was on it. I wouldn’t say no to a good set of boobs either …
I was going through something that had happened to me when I was younger and lets just say…
Me deciding who it was I slept with and when helped me massively. Feeling like I was in control if you get me.

My husband literally saved my life and while he was a top shagger too at the time I really think we where always meant to be together and that my past has maybe been some sort of fate so I can excite him with the stories of back seats, under motorway bridges, being caught giving head and sex in parks 😅

Seeing folks stories on this feed has also helped as it stirs up memories that I think I must have locked away either through some sort of self protection or embarrassment.

Does anyone else find they have details coming back to them after telling a story or seeing similar on here?

He is on reddit and will now and again come across a story of mine so I am thinking to start posting more. Hopefully more details will be added as they come back to me.

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