It was supposed to be an uneventful night

First off, this is an alternate account I created to tell these stories. I don’t want them associated with my main one for obvious reasons.

I lived in a coastal city at the time, and we had a work event at a convention center and hotel near the beach. There is a fairly large strip of bars and restaurants along the waterfront about 3 minutes from the place our event took place.

It was a Thursday night and the work event had just ended. Since it was a professional event, I wound up wearing a black dress, a light midriff jacket, nude-colored pantyhose, and wedges. The event ran a little late, but as I mentioned, the bars were within walking distance. The night was uneventful and I had only had a few drinks before the lights flipped on for last call. The bar closed early during the week, and I was closing out my tab when someone put their card on my bill. I looked up and it was a guy who I had spotted earlier in the night but, hadn’t bothered to do anything more. Without missing a beat (or asking my name), he asked “What are you doing after this?”

At first, I played coy and said something about going home to go to sleep, but then one of my friends walked up and invited us to her house for an after party. She lived within a 15-minute walking distance from the bars and had a nice view of the beach from her house.

We all walked there slowly, laughing and definitely feeling the drinks from the evening. The guy and I lingered a little behind, and he used the opportunity to get a little handsy. Right as we arrived at the house and everyone was piling inside, he grabbed me and pushed me up against the front of the house and started kissing my neck and groping my ass. It took me by surprise and I resisted a little. At first. As his hands moved from massaging my hips and my ass to caressing the inside of my thighs and up my dress, my body softened. I was just buzzed enough and it felt so good.

Before we could get any further, my friend stuck her head out of the door and yelled for us to come in. The next hour was more drinking, laughing, and some beer pong. We kept making glances at each other and I was getting pretty horny. My friend told me I needed to stay the night and she would take me to my car in the morning. I knew it was the best idea and accepted her offer. Around 2:45, our group slowly started to dissipate until we were the only two left on the couch.

My pussy was already wet with all of the anticipation. So, when he picked up where he left off by tearing my pantyhose open and slipping his fingers inside my panties, they slid inside me so easily. He laid me back on the couch and kept his fingers inside of me while he played with my clit with his thumb. And then his mouth. I wanted him to taste me. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled him to me. He was being too gentle, and I wanted to see if he would take control back. He did.

Once I came from his mouth, he forced me to sit up and lay across his lap. He grabbed my hair and looked down at me and demanded I unzip his pants. I could see his dick was already hard and ran my hands along it as I moved up to his waist. I unbuttoned his pants and when I got his zipper down, his thick, black cock was so hard that it popped right up. I looked up at him as I began to suck his dick.

I could tell he wanted to lay his head back in pleasure, but he apparently didn’t want to break eye contact as I tried my best to get my lips all the way to the base of his thick cock. I was starting to feel him hit the back of my throat, but he wanted it deeper. He began to grind his hips and fuck my throat. I finally broke eye contact once I started tearing up and choking.

At this point, I was in almost complete submission. Just as I thought he was about to cum in my mouth, he stopped and pulled me up to straddle him. He reached down and pulled my panties to the side as he slid himself into my wet pussy. He held my hands behind me with one hand and used the other to guide my hips up and down on his cock. It felt so good as his thick, black cock was going in and out of my tight, wet pussy. Each time I would come down on his cock, he would grind his hips up to fuck me so deep. I gasped with each thrust.

Without even taking his cock out of me, he rotated us so I was leaning against one arm of the couch with him behind me. He started fucking me so hard from the back as he grabbed my ass and my hips. I tried to look back at him, but he grabbed the back of my head and forced my face down as he continued to thrust in and out of me. With his other hand, he reached around to play with my clit. It didn’t take long for me to cum again. My pussy clenched around his cock as my moans got higher. As I came, I creamed all over his cock. He changed his angle and was able to fuck me so goddamn deep. He moved his hand from my clit to my throat. He squeezed gently at first waiting for my climax to build again. As my pussy began to tighten again, he grabbed tighter and I heard him start to moan. He was pumping faster and harder, getting so deep into me as he gripped my neck tighter. I came again and he let me breathe as he pulled out to blow his load all over my back and dress. He sat back and sighed as I slowly rolled over onto my back, my legs still trembling. After he took a second, he said thanks, zipped up his pants, and grabbed the last half of his beer off the table as he walked out of the house.

I was left sweaty, used, and covered in his cum.

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