It not cheating if he watches me masturbate.

My pal wasn’t too bothered when his friend’s bf offered to give me a ride home after a night out because he was having fun entertaining other men. I happily took the ride home to provide her spouse with some companionship.

We got along great, and he was always telling me how tired he was of his wife’s terrible behavior. I reasoned that I would silence him and divert his attention from my friend. I instructed him to check at the traffic light when we got there. I propped one leg up on the seat and lifted my skirt to demonstrate to him my skill at toying with my tight pussy. He remained silent, but his shocked gaze was fixed on anything. He was honked at to move by a queue of automobiles as soon as the light turned green. He picked up his pace, looking for a place to pull over.

I moaned and touched myself over and over. Being in the car with him and stroking myself in front of him got me really hot. I wanted him to look at the scenery and forget about his wife. I therefore continued to pinch myself more and whine about how intensely my mini-orgasms were developing until I finally started to cum.

When he eventually found a side street to pull over, he instructed me to use my fingers to move more quickly. I was incredibly excited when he informed me that my pussy looked better and tighter than his wife’s, so I sank into the chair and went straight for him. He removed his hand, cleaned my pussy, and tasted it. With a taste of me on his lips, he could at least go back home to his wife.

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