Invading the Aliens

Invading the Aliens

Let me introduce myself. I go by the name Tango and I am a galactic smuggler – like that famous one that was caught by the bounty hunter. Its my job to get people and items into places where they are not supposed to be. It is far trickier than you can imagine avoiding The Empire patrols that seem to show up at the most inopportune times. The ship is fast, stealthy, well armed and shielded although it’s not flashy but not drab and crappy looking. I have a droid named CRV7 (V for short). The droid identifies as female and is sarcastic and a touch jealous when attractive humanoid females are near.

The Rebel Alliance has contracted me several times and honestly they pay well and they aren’t the Empire. The RA agent has briefed me on my next assignment – to get two passengers and their equipment to a really cold snowy planet. I don’t ask who or what. That is not my business and I would rather not know.

At the appointed time the passengers and their equipment arrive and I am surprised to see Fulcrum – A very exotic Togruta female who I have known and transported in the past. We are friends, allies and on occasion lovers when the need arises. And it does arise when we are close.

She is beautiful, exotic and very deadly – especially with light sabers. And I have seen her toss men and droids with nothing but a movement of her hand, even though they aren’t near. And she is a very understanding and great lover. Fulcrum wraps her arms around my neck and hugs me tight and kisses my cheek. She tells me how glad she is to see me after six earth months apart. And glad I am her pilot for this mission.

The other passenger is another exotic humanoid woman. Her skin is reddish brown with what looks like leopard spots in certain areas. Reddish brown hair with green eyes and pointed ears… an elf but far sexier. She introduces herself as Sierra and she’s pleased to finally meet me. Sierra seems to have heard a great deal about me (from who I don’t know) and is looking forward to the trip with Fulcrum and I – and all we have to share with her.

We get clear of the planet and V and I set the course for the destination, and at sublight speed will take about six to seven earth days. Once we are done that the ship will pretty much stay on course and that allows us time to sleep, eat and do those things humanoids do.

I settle in for some rest in my cabin but to my surprise – this should not have been – Fulcrum is in the bed and waiting. It has been so long since we have been together we can’t keep our hands off each other. There isn’t a lot of foreplay – a bit because her tits are awesome and so is her ass – and her Togruta pussy is something every guy should experience. Wet, slick and definitely made for fucking – which we do. And not slow and easy – this is like animal fucking – hard fast and we tend to be a bit noisy. You know what I mean – the slapping noises, the moans and growling when she cums. I’m always amazed by her enthusiasm for sex – oral, and PIV and all the other.

After we are done we hear a knock and the door opens. Sierra stands there with nothing on but a smile. She says that she heard us engaging in some kind of physical activity – and wants to join. Sierra explains that many of her people were used as slaves – the men – and the women were concubines to various Empire including her mother. Its been going on for generations – the women of her species are highly prized by the Empire’s ruling class due to their exotic beauty. Sierra escaped that destiny and joined the rebels. Her mission is classified – and I don’t want to know either.

I motion her over to the bed and now I have two very exotic humanoid women to keep me company. I kiss both of them deeply and Sierra strokes my cock while I suck her tits. My hand creeds down in between her legs and they part instantly. Fulcrum watches and says she always wanted to see me fuck another woman so I slide a finger in Sierra. She is as good as any woman and very receptive to a good fingering. And it seems the harder the better. After a few minutes I feel her pussy squeeze my fingers and her body tenses as she cum. Fuck I love these women. My cock is hard again now and I push Sierra on her back, mount her and she guides my cock in that nice tight alien pussy. She is tight but the slickness of her pussy is awesome – fucking her and Fulcrum is the best a guy could get. Her legs come up over my shoulders and I hear Fulcrum say I should pound her hard like I pound her. So I do – hard nasty and noisy. Sierra is as expressive as Fulcrum and when she cums its hard and she’s grunting and growling. That is fuckin hot. And it doesn’t take lon for me to dump a load in her. I lay back, wide eyed and my girls clean my cock. OMG what just happened…

I dress and check on our progress…..V is always alert….and V says I certainly hope you enjoyed yourselves – you made enough noise to alert the Empire patrols……

More to Follow.

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