Intro to swinging

I [40m] always knew I was into group sex and exhibitionism. Years ago when I was in my 20s I had caught my neighbor watching my girlfriend and I have sex thru the open window and it turned me on so completely. She [25f at the time] however was a very private person. Very conservative and quite a bit more religious than I was. But she was also an absolutely gorgeous woman, with velvet soft chocolate skin, beautiful DD tits and nipples so sensitive she could orgasm just from me sucking on them. Everything changed on a trip to Vegas. I was ready before her and as I waited I found my way to a swingers message board. Reading the stories and personal ads of couples looking for dates got me so revved up. When she walked out of the room wearing a super short dress, perfect tits ready to burst out the top of it, I was instantly hard.

We hit the casino floor and it seemed like all the eyes were on her. A few drinks in I got enough courage to bring it up and I told her about the swinger site. I explained to her how much the idea of having sex in the same room as another couple turned me on. To my surprise she asked to look at the forum and within minutes she found a cute couple that had posted their pic. She told me to message them and see if they wanted to meet us at our hotel. Whether it was Vegas or the alcohol, she was in the mood to experiment.

Ok this post is getting long. Let me know if anyone wants to hear what happened next

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