Inevitable Rape by Jenny_Slut

Inevitable Rape

(Original story by Phil Phantom)


Pam and I have been going together since the seventh grade. We are now in our mid-twenties with four kids. Pam always said she’d have four kids – two boys, two girls. She always said we’d settle in our home town, buy a house in Elm Heights, that I’d go to law school, and that she’d be free to be a housewife and full-time mother. In fact, Pam planned our wedding in our sophomore year. From the moment we met we both knew we were perfect for each other.

People refer to us as a “cute” couple. We’re both rather short. I’m 5’4″; Pam is 5’1″. I’m rather plain, but Pam is adorable. She has long silky blond hair and deep blue eyes, hard tea cup tits, and the legs and ass of a model. We’re both smart – straight “A” students. We’re also semi-recluse, preferring each other’s company to that of friends. We both have friends, but we don’t cultivate those friendships nor do we spend much time with social activities. We simply love being with each other.

The only fears I had about our marriage was sexual compatibility. Pam seemed to have zero sex drive. She loved kissing and holding, but touching her in an intimate place, or her touching me was absolutely out. She wouldn’t talk about sex, mush less do anything to do with sex. The one time I exposed myself and convinced her to touch my aching penis, I ejaculated right after her hand wrapped around my five-inch manhood. She jerked her hand away and shouted, “Oh, gross!” then wiped her hand on my shirt.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but Pam is so damn sexy. She dresses to show her body, flaunts her charms, and gets a big charge out of getting me hard and giving me blue balls. She rubs herself on me while we make out, usually while sitting on my lap. She won’t let me touch her tits or pussy, but she loves showing them to me. She thinks it’s funny if I cum in my pants. After a heavy make-out session, she’d often call me and ask if I took care of my problem. If I had, she’d press for details. If I hadn’t, she’d want me to tell her how much it hurt.

Pam was gang raped in the early part of our senior year. It was a traumatic experience. Five tough boys from school caught her cutting through a wooded lot. They made her strip and dance. They forced her to masturbate for them, stick objects up her cunt, and finger her own asshole.

Derick Dangerfield, the ring leader and super stud on campus, took her virginity while his buddies held her spread-eagled. She put great stock in virginity and planned our honeymoon to be a meeting of virgins.

Only Derick screwed her pussy, but the others took her orally and anally several times each. When she didn’t arrive at our usual meeting spot, I back-tracked her path and found her in a fetal ball, covered in dirt, debris, and semen. We held each other and cried.

Pam refused to go to the police, though we both knew every guy involved. I didn’t blame her. We live in a small town. The humiliation would have driven us away. When I got Pam cleaned and dressed, she calmed down. She was terribly sore, but her spirit hadn’t been broken. As I brushed her hair, she smiled impishly and said, “I guess you can forget about me wearing white at our wedding.”

I told her she could wear any color she wanted, including snow white. She surprised me by saying she would never be a hypocrite and wear white. She said that everyone would eventually hear about her putting out to Derick. She said she may even be pregnant with his child. She counted back the months from June 14th and cried, “Oh no! If I’m pregnant, I’ll be ready to deliver in the middle of June.”

I said, “We can get an abortion long before that.”

She grasped my shoulders and said dramatically, “No! There will be no abortion. If I’m pregnant, I’ll deliver his child. If you won’t accept his baby as your own, Philip, then you’re not the man I thought you were.”

I assured her that if she wanted to keep the child, I’d consider it ours. I reassured her that I’d do the same if the father were black or Chinese. This brought a big smile to her face. She hugged me fiercely and told me she loved me. Then she said something rather strange. She sat back with an impish pouting look and said, “You know, it’s kind of sexy thinking about being nine months pregnant with another man’s child on my wedding day and everyone knowing who the real father is. It kinda turns me on.”

“Pam, that’s a wicked thought. You surprise me.”

“I know, but I’m being honest. I think it would be so neat that they’d all know that you loved me so much you’d take me even carrying another man’s baby. You must think I’m awful.”

“No, I’m glad you’re being open and honest. It is rather exciting, but I’d rather it happened to someone else.”

“Philip, I want to ask you the biggest favor ever.” I nodded. “If we find out that I’m pregnant, I want you to ask Derick to be the best man.”

I gave her a hurt and stunned look. She was dead serious. She made me promise. I eventually did. Pam was raped again the following week and twice the week after that. I insisted we go to the police; she vehemently refused. I begged her to at least tell her mother so she could get put on the pill. When she refused that sound advise, I began to suspect the worst.

The thought of my Pam bearing Derick’s baby, and me having to ask him to be the best man, drove me mad. The first time I saw Derick after that fourth rape, something clicked inside me. I ran at him like an enraged bull. He parried me off like a skilled matador. I plowed into a trash can. He then proceeded to slap the shit out of me while I swung wildly but never connected. He never really hit hard, his slaps were meant to humiliate.

I eventually wised-up and stopped swinging, taking several slaps with my head bowed in submission. Derick grabbed me by the back of the neck, pushed me into a men’s room, shoved my head in a toilet and flushed several times. Someone dragged my pants down and Derick kicked me in the balls from behind after releasing me. I rolled in a fetal ball clutching my groin. I looked up at this towering blond-haired, blue-eyed jock and heard him say, “You ain’t man enough for a babe like Pam, needle dick. You should be thanking me for servicing her for you.”

After leaving me, they raped Pam again. We cleaned and comforted each other that afternoon. She praised me for trying to stand up for her, but in the same breath warned me never, ever to do anything like that again. I assured her I would not.

By this time news of Pam’s multiple rapes was all over school. For me, the humiliation was unbearable, but Pam took it quite well. I noticed her becoming aroused when kids pointed to her and snickered behind her back. I pleaded with her to reconsider the pill, but to no avail. I also begged her never to go through that wooded lot. That’s when she informed me that the last few times she was ordered there. To top it off, more kids came to watch her perform. She described her act in minute detail, seeming to enjoy the telling.

Over thirty kids, mostly male, but some female, had seen my Pam buck-naked and dancing a slow bump and grind while fucking herself with a hair brush handle or a dildo. Derick was always master of ceremonies and the only one to fuck her cunt. She had her period on time, and was deeply disappointed by it. I was dumbfounded by everything she told me and at her behavior. She still called the activity rape, but it wasn’t rape in my mind. When I asked her how she could act so uninhibited with Derick, she said, “My Dad always said, ‘When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.'” She obviously took that advise to heart.

That evening, we were at our favorite parking spot. Pam had her panties off and was examining herself between the legs, touching her tender pussy and complaining of a sore asshole. I saw an opportunity to turn our misfortune into an opportunity to broaden our sexual experiences. I gingerly ran my hand up her inner thigh. When it was an inch from her pussy, she said, “Philip, what do you think you’re doing?”

I blushed and stammered.

She acted very upset that I would start treating her like a whore. She made me feel three inches tall and I begged her forgiveness. She sat back against the door and spread her legs wide, fingered her pussy and said, “Nothing has changed between us, Philip. Don’t ever think you can treat me like a whore just because others do.” I just stared in open-mouthed awe as she opened her top and fondled her tits with her other hand, saying, “I may be Derick’s whore, but I’m your fiancee.”

I nodded and apologized again.

My subservient acceptance pleased her. She smiled and said, “I know this might excite you, but that’s your problem not mine. I’m no longer a virgin girl, I’m a woman now, and women have needs that must be met. Right now, I need to cum. You can look if you want to, or look away, but don’t you dare expose your penis to me and do that disgusting thing you do at home. I won’t tolerate that sort of behavior from you either.” I nodded sheepishly. My balls ached.

News of Pam’s rapes eventually got back to her family. I was with her when they confronted her with it. Pam told them, matter-of-factly, that it was true, that she couldn’t stop them, and that it would probably continue. She identified Derick as her principal assailant and reminded her father of his advice. He shook his head, but said, “I still think it’s good advice, but you should go to the police. You do what you want, though. It’s your life and your body.”

Pam’s mom said, “Well, I suppose we should see about getting you on the pill.”

Pam surprised them by saying she didn’t want on the pill. Pam made some lame excuse about reading something that said they were unhealthy. After Pam’s mother suggested other birth control devices, Pam said, “Mom, it’s only Derick that is having vaginal intercourse with me.”

This seemed a strange response to me, but it stopped her mother. I could see her wheels turning. She knew who Derick Dangerfield was. Everybody knew the Nordic football hero. I also knew that her mother’s only misgivings about our getting married had to do with our being a poor genetic match – like mixing shit and ice cream. She told Pam that her kids would likely be short, dark-haired, dark-eyed geeks.

Pam told me this and it hurt. It came as no surprise when her mother said fine, but when you get pregnant, and you will, there’ll be no talk of abortion. Pam told them that I already agreed to accept the child as my own. Her mother praised my good sense and noble gesture. Her younger sister came over and patted Pam’s tummy, saying, “Wow, Pam, you might have Derick’s baby in you right now.”

Pam smiled and patted her tummy saying, “I think I might. I checked my cycle, and I should be ovulating. I told Derick, but he did it anyway. He even said he was going to do me two or three times a day all this week. That should do the trick.”

Her mother came over and said, “It certainly should.” She then cast her eyes on me and said to Pam, “I suppose you two…”

“No, Mother, we’re not. Philip has pledged to come to our marital bed a virgin.”

This news brought a smile to her mother’s face and a blush to mine. I was astonished at the way they were taking this news, like they were all in favor of Pam getting pregnant by Derick – her mother especially. She said, “Well, as your father said, we’ll honor your decision on this matter, but I don’t like the idea of you doing it in the woods. If these encounters are inevitable, as you say, then I think you should bring Derick here. Don’t you agree, dear?”

He agreed. I couldn’t believe my ears. Pam was elated and hugged her mother’s neck, then went over and kissed her dad. When I got Pam alone in the car, I confronted her with what I’d seen and heard. She said, “Don’t act so surprised, Philip. You knew how mother felt, and I told you it excites me to be pregnant with Derick’s baby on my wedding day. I should think you’d want me out of those woods. Does it turn you on or something. Do you masturbate thinking about me groveling naked in the dirt like a cheap tramp?”

I said, “Of course not. But you can’t expect me to jump up and down about your family making getting you pregnant with Derick’s child a family project.”

“Well it is, so get used to it. Let’s swing by the burger bar.”

“The burger bar? That’s where Derick hangs out. Are you crazy? That’s asking for trouble.”

“Philip, I am not going to live in fear of running into Derick. If he’s there, he’s there. Besides, I need to tell him what Mom said unless you want me in those woods tomorrow.”

I drove to the burger bar gritting my teeth. He wasn’t there. She changed her mind and wanted a Pizza Hut pizza. He wasn’t there either. We went to every place Derick was known to hang out, each time, she’d get another craving. We were about to give up, but she insisted we cruise the burger bar once again. My heart sank on seeing his old Buick. She had me park next to it. Derick smiled, got out, and swaggered over. Pam rolled the window down and gave him a warm hello, saying, “Surprise, running into you here.”

Derick leaned into her window and they exchanged a passionate kiss. She practically hauled him in through the window, slobbering all over his face, using her tongue liberally. Derick reached between her legs and tugged at her panties. Pam lifted right up to facilitate his effort and I watched her pink panties come sliding down her legs and saw her frantically kicking them off. She then sat with her legs wide as he fingered her pussy.

Pam raised her skirt so I wouldn’t miss a thing and humped her pussy on his fingers, hugging tightly to his neck and moaning loudly. He broke the kiss and had to push her away. He opened her door and said, “You don’t mind if I borrow your fiancee, do you needle dick?”

Pam reached over to me and cupped the back of my head, saying, “I’m sure he doesn’t, not after the lesson you gave him.” She scooted out and let him lead her to his back seat. He stripped her right in the parking lot and eased her onto her back on the back seat. He opened his pants and climbed in, pulling the door shut. Derick’s buddies gathered at the windows as the car began a steady rocking. I could occasionally see Pam’s right foot in the driver’s window. Other people joined the audience. My dick screamed for release and I rubbed my crotch. When he finished, he flipped her onto her belly and four guys took turns in her ass. He dragged her back, naked, and tossed her clothes in the back seat after she got in. I got out of there fast.

Pam slumped against the door with one leg cocked and resting against the seat back, the other on the floor board. In the occasional light, I could see the big puddle wetting my seat. She cupped her cunt, trying to keep the semen in it. She looked at me and at my astonished expression and said, “Well, now that you’ve witnessed a rape, what do you think?”

“Do you want me to be honest?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“I think you wanted to be raped.”

“Is that really how it looked to you?”

“It looked that way to everybody, Pam.”

“How many people were watching?”

“Ten or twelve.”

“Did they seem to like watching me get raped?”

“Yes, I’d say so.”

“Well, for your information, getting my butt fucked by four guys was no picnic.”

“And getting it by Derick was, I suppose?”

“All right. You want it straight. I told you. I’m a woman now, and I have needs. I needed a good fucking. You’re still a virgin. You don’t appreciate these things. Besides, I’m trying to get pregnant as if you didn’t know.”

“Yes, you’ve made that painfully obvious.”

“Oh, poor baby. Did seeing me get raped make your little pecker all hard. Are your balls black and blue? Do they hurt?”

“Yes they hurt. They’re killing me.”

“Oh, I feel so sorry for you. It must have been awful having to watch Derick and his friends use me like that.”

“Pam, shouldn’t you be putting your clothes on?”

“No, I kinda like this. It’s so bizarre riding around naked. Philip, take me home. I want you to carry me into the house like this.”

“Pam! Are you serious?”

“Yes, it will be so neat. Daddy’s never seen me naked before; besides, I think they’ll get a kick out of it. I want you to tell them what happened.”

“All right, Pam. If that’s really what you want. I know your mother will be pleased.”

I pulled into their driveway. We waited for the traffic to clear. I carried Pam in my arms while she clung to my neck. I managed the door and stepped inside, kicking the door shut. Her father was watching TV with her younger sister sprawled on the living room floor. They got up and called Pam’s mother. She came from the kitchen, took one look at Pam and cried, “Oh my God! What happened?”

I held Pam so that her naked ass faced her dad. He seemed to enjoy the view. Pam said, “I’m all right, Mother.”

I said, “Derick and his buddies raped her in the back seat of his car at the burger bar.”

She said, “Here lay her on the couch. Elevate her lower extremities.”

I set Pam so that her ass rested on the sofa’s arm and she reclined with her legs dangling off the end. Her mother looked between Pam’s legs and said, “Oh my, you did get raped.” She stripped off her apron and dabbed at the semen running from Pam’s ass. She asked her husband to hold Pam’s feet apart. He eagerly accepted that role and spread her legs wide. Her sister knelt by her head and stroked her forehead, staring hard at her sister’s bused crotch. Pam caught my eye and made faces that I took to mean, “Tell them.”

So I told them exactly what I saw from the moment she saw Derick. I was hoping to explode this rape myth, but my story did not explode anything but my hopes. They were just relieved that no other semen but Derick’s had contaminated her vagina. Her mother mopped her ass, but the semen on her labia lips got put back inside.

Her mother said, “Did you tell Derick he’s welcome to use our house.”

“Yes, and he was so pleased. He’s stopping by in the morning before school. I still have to meet him in the woods, but he’ll swing by every night before going home.”

“That’s excellent. That should do it.” As though suddenly realizing I was there, she said, “I’m sorry, Philip, but I won’t be a hypocrite about this. I think you and Pam will make a great marriage, but Pam and Derick will make beautiful babies together. I know that must hurt, but that’s how I feel. I’m not going to hide it.”

Her sister said, “Don’t feel badly, Philip. We all love you; you know that.”

I nodded, but it hurt. Her father had nothing to say. He was too absorbed studying her pussy. The whole scene was almost too much for me. My cock was hard the whole time. Watching her family attend to my fiancee’s vagina was a very erotic sight. They took their time, too. After cleaning all she could clean, her mother stood up and said, “Stay like that for a while, Pam. You need to keep the sperm near your womb.” When I left thirty minutes later, Pam was still sprawled and her father was still holding her legs for her.

I didn’t see much of Pam during her ovulation cycle, but she called regularly to keep me informed. I learned that Derick took her in her bedroom the first time, but after learning of the family’s complicity, he took her on the sofa with them gathered around. They actually assisted. Her father usually held her legs, and her mother milked Derick’s spent cock into Pam’s pussy. Pam enjoyed sharing these obscene details and called me several times while Derick was fucking her.

After that week, we still didn’t go on regular dates as we had before. All of our time was spent chasing down Derick. When we found him, he’d get in the car and they’d start making out while I drove to our old make out spot by the lake. By the time we got there, Pam was usually naked and fawning all over his cock. She freed his cock first thing and Derick usually sat beside me. Pam loved showing off his cock and tried hard never to block my view as she slobbered up and down his considerable length. I have to admit, Derick has a magnificent piece of manhood. It’s easily eleven inches long and thickly veined. His crown has a nice shiny helmet shape that looks delicious sliding between my Pam’s hungry lips.

To begin their fucking, Pam likes to straddle his lap facing us with the interior light on. She gets in position and likes me to guide it in. I felt funny grasping his rod and aiming it at my fiancee’s gaping hole. Seeing her sink down its length and swoon was hard to take. They used me like an accessory for fucking. Pam placed me in the positions she wanted. Her favorite was with me on my back and her on all fours head to crotch.

In this position, I stared up at his cock plunging into her cunt. If he came in this position, I could count on Pam hovering her dripping pussy over my face after he pulled out. She also like to get fucked on her back with her head in my lap. It was sheer torture to watch another guy enjoy her so much while I got nothing but blue balls.

Pam missed her period and they celebrated. She made me invite Derick to be my best man at the first opportunity. He laughed his ass off and accepted. You might wonder why I still wanted this girl for my wife. Truth was, I fell more deeply in love with her everyday. She was still the same Pam she always had been, but in addition, I discovered that she was also a sexual dynamo. I looked forward to my honeymoon with growing eagerness.

Pam’s belly began showing after the fourth month. By the sixth month, she looked very pregnant and her tits swelled up nicely. She proudly displayed her bulging belly and kids at school were forever copping a feel, ostensibly to feel the baby kick. She was quick to let everyone know that Derick was the father and our wedding was still on.

This caused me no end of embarrassment and thrilled Pam to no end. After learning that she was pregnant, it was open season on Pam’s pussy for Derick and his pals, even her father. We often drove to the lake with a full carload. Watching her pull a train was especially difficult for me. Pam became a very popular place for young men to deposit their sperm. Her excuse for doing this was that she had needs.

My family was aware of Pam’s reputation and my mother was sick about my pending marriage and about the baby, None-the-less, they treated her respectfully, even though she went out of her way to shock them. Whenever she stopped by, she insisted everyone feel the baby kick. She did not wear panties and merely placed the hand up under her skirt. She told me that my father and two brothers rarely missed an opportunity to play with her pussy.

I once saw her take my mother’s hand and practically jam it between her legs and hold it there. Mom went beet red, but did not jerk her hand away. Pam told me later that she used her fingers to press two of Mom’s into her hole. She held Mom’s hand by the wrist, and Mom toyed with her pussy for several minutes. After that, Mom would not stay in the same room with Pam.

That was fine with Dad and my brothers, because Pam would plop down, spread her legs wide, and lift her dress above her belly. Dad and my brothers made no pretense of feeling the baby kick. They felt Pam’s pussy. I was the only one not invited to play. Incredible as it may seem, I still hadn’t touched Pam’s tits or pussy.

Just before the wedding, she was eight months along and bulging at the seams, a waddling beach ball with legs. She really poured it on then. She’d walkin our house and pull the dress over her head. She’d parade naked, then recline on the sofa with her legs wide apart. Often, she’d go seek Mom out and force an embarrassing scene on her with us guys watching. She could squirt milk from her bursting tits, and Mom usually got a good dousing while being forced to finger Pam. Despite all this, my family attended the wedding.

The wedding was a simple ceremony at the Holiday Inn banquet room. Between her family and mine, a few friends, and a dozen or more of Derick’s friends. In all, we had sixty people. We hired a justice of the peace for a piece of Pam. I watched him get paid the day before the wedding. Derick made a mockery of the wedding. Everyone but his bunch were in tuxes and nice dresses. Pam wore a frilly bright red maternity dress, low-cut and fairly short. She had a pink veil and short train. We used a cloak room in the rear of the hall as the bridal chamber.

All the guests were seated and the organist played the wedding march. Me and Derick were at the alter with her father and the JP. All eyes were on the cloak room door. Derick left the front and walked back to the room. We saw him slip inside. The hall was abuzz when he didn’t immediately return with Pam. Ten minutes later, they were still in there. The wedding march stopped playing. The crowd murmured among themselves. Her father rapped politely at the door. After twenty minutes, Derick emerged zipping up his fly. Pam stepped out looking disheveled. The march began, they advanced on the stage, vows were exchanged, words were said, we were pronounced husband and wife. The JP said, “You may now kiss the bride.”

I turned to kiss Pam, but she turned to Derick as he turned to her. I stood there like an idiot and watched a five minute passionate lip-lock with slavishly working tongues. The wedding party was absolutely stunned into silence as Derick ground his loins into Pam while cupping and squeezing her ass. The JP finally said, “It’s customary for the groom to give the bride the first kiss.” They parted reluctantly and Pam gave me a peck on the lips.

The next insult was the ultimate insult. I was to remove her garter and toss it to the bachelors. Pam and I were up on the elevated stage. A stool was placed off to the right and in front of her. I knelt as Pam gathered her skirts. She gathered them too high, exposing most of her right leg as she placed her right foot on the stool. From my position, I could see the cum slick going from her crotch to her red garter. Pam did not stop raising her dress.

It soon cleared her crotch and everyone saw the mess running down her right thigh. The dress did not stop there. Pam raised it above her belly and was naked below. I groaned as the wedding party made a collective commotion and laughter broke out from several quarters. I tried to ignore everything and gingerly worked the garter down her creamy leg.

The garter had trapped the drooling sperm, acting as a dam. The garter was sopping wet with Derick’s discharge. I plucked it from her foot, pinched between thumb and forefinger. I flipped it to the bachelors. They wisely made a hole and the garter landed with a wet plop on the floor. It sat there in that cleared space like a turd in a punch bowl.

Pam was elated after we got away, headed for the Ozarks. I had given her the wedding she wanted and a memory she’d never forget. She fucked me with little enthusiasm, but we had a great honeymoon anyway. We settled into a fairly normal marital relationship. She gave me straight sex, but passively took it. The baby was born on schedule – a healthy boy that looked exactly like his father. She named him Derick.

I could tell that Pam missed having sex with Derick, but her excuses and games had no underpinning once we were married. If she messed around on me it would be out and out infidelity. She would not do that. At times I could see her mind trying to think of a way to legitimize bringing Derick back into our relationship. A few weeks after the baby was born, I climbed into position between her legs. Pam handed me a condom. I looked at it, then at her and said, “What gives?”

“I want another baby. I want four, remember.”

“So why the condom?”

“Philip, I can’t have four kids with different fathers. It wouldn’t be fair to them. They’d be half siblings. I can’t have that. Derick has to be the father of all my babies. I spoke with him about this and he agrees. He does have a say so in this matter. He is Derick’s father, you know.”

I knew right away that Pam had found her way. In a way, I was happy for her. She had that old gleam in her eye. She noticed my passive reaction and became emboldened, saying, “He has agreed to serve as the stud for this family, but he laid down rather stiff conditions.”

“What are they?”

“First, he demands unlimited access to my body and not just during periods when I’m not pregnant. It is, after all, the incubator of his children. Second, he demands the right to share it with his friends as payment for his services. And third, he demands that you wear a condom whenever I’m not pregnant. I already agreed to his terms. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way.”

“I see. Is there anything else.”

“Yes, you’ll have to hurry. He’ll be here soon. And Philip, you’ll be moving into the baby’s room for a while. Derick will be living here until he impregnates me. Mom is also moving in with us to help out. She’ll take the guest room.”

I tore open the condom while Pam smiled and parted her legs.


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This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author

does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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