Indian Wife’s past hook up at a debate tournament with a sexist dude (1/2)

You can read the previous post on my wall for some context.

After my wife started hooking up with her big dicked FWB (let’s call him Rohit), she started getting more interest from other guys on campus. She took great pains to keep her fling on the down low because she didn’t want to be known as a slut but the word seemed to have gotten out anyway, at least in limited circles.

Some were friends of Rohit who got wind of their hooking up from him and some were just guys who knew she was single after her breakup.

The best part is that my wife didn’t give any outwardly vibes of wanting to hook up. She was pretty and fit like any woman in her early 20s (perky C cups, curvy ass, flat midriff, wide hips) – definition of slim thick. She also dressed conservatively. Jeans and Tees or Indian wear like sleeveless kurtis.

She was initially taken aback by the attention but soon started enjoying it. She flirted back with guys she liked and the conversation inevitably moved to texts, FB and Gtalk (you can probably figure out the time period from this).

A couple of months later, she travelled to a different city for a debate tournament. Being an extrovert, she got quite close to the local uni students who were organising the debate. People tend to take her easy going and chatty nature as her interest in them and one of the guys – Rahul – took a shine for her. It was quite common for people to head out for drinks after the debate rounds were done. My wife and her teammates headed out to the local pub and ran into Rahul and some folks from other colleges.

In my wife’s words “Rahul wasn’t particularly smart but had the cockiness that comes from being good looking and having a rich father.” He apparently drove a Honda City back in the day at a time when most students barely had a two wheeler.

My wife and Rahul didn’t exactly start off on the right note because my wife put him in his place when he made a sexist remark about female debaters not being good enough. For context, my wife was a true blue feminist and didn’t brook any kind of sexist remarks or attitudes.

At the pub, my wife noticed that Rahul made an effort to hang out with her. He ordered lots of drinks for the table, put on a charming front and reined in his tendency to make sexist comments and my wife (who was getting progressively drunk) found it amusing. He was also sitting next to her and casually put his hand around her shoulders or touch her while making a point. All the touchy feely behaviour was stirring up her horny side. Ordinarily she would just text Rohit if she felt this way but that wasn’t an option here. She decided to see where things would go with Rahul. She was never one to casually hookup but felt liberated in a new city. The male attention was exciting.

It was getting late and Rahul suggested that they go to a more happening pub to dance. My wife went along but my wife’s teammates wanted to crash and headed back.

My wife isn’t big on dancing but wanted to give it a try a few drinks and shots down. For Rahul, this was just an excuse get closer to my wife.

Things naturally heated up on the dance floor. Rahul took every chance to dance close to her and tried to feel her up over her dress. My wife resisted initially but eventually let him cop a feel of breasts and grind against her ass. They sneaked away and made out in the washroom. Rahul pushed his luck and cockily asked her for a blowjob. My wife says that she found the thought exciting and would have obliged him if the toilet stalls weren’t as filthy.
They headed back in as the place was shutting.

Things were quiet on the way back as they had to drop off a few people. Rahul probably thought he had lost the moment but my wife was still aching for some action.

To be continued…

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