In the movies (everyone in story is F)

I was going to watch the movies with my 3 other friends. We sat in a line and since it was a somewhat horror show my friend grabbed my hand an hugged it. After while she accidentally touched my hand and realised how cold it was. I tried touching her’s cause it was warmer.

Since she and our friend were sharing a jacket on their lap, to make my hand warm she place it under the jacket on her thigh. As my hand got warm, my mind got dirtier as I played stories in my head that I had read of people getting nasty in cinemas.

I imagined if I was to slide my hand just a little to the left and higher, I would be able to touch her pussy. I was so tempted to finger her but refrained from doing so cause we are friends and I’m pretty sure she’s straight

But I imagined if I did slide my hand there and start fingering her, would she get wet? If she did would she try to hold me tighter or try to push me away as I would use my fingers to play with her clit. I like to imagine her getting worried and trying to hold back her moans while grabbing onto my arm.

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