In the Kitchen | Part two


You turn your head as you approach to reveal a long, delicate neckline which extends in line with lush cleavage. As you inhale, your breasts blossom and I run a gentle finger along the strap of your bra down to the cup. I curl my finger around the fabric and pull lightly. A delicious smile crosses your face and I allow more fingers to grab at the top of your breast, pushing upward with a firm palm. Your head tilts back, mouth opens. My free hand cradles the back of your head as my lips press heavily against yours. The taste is exquisite. I allow myself the pleasure of running just the tip of my tongue along your upper lip. Placing one hand on my chest, you reach the other for my eager cock, bringing it rapidly to attention with a long and skillful stroke. In this time my lips have journeyed the length of your neck and arrived at the soft curve of your shoulder. Gentle kisses send your mind racing through a lustful maze, at the center of which lies your moistening vagina, pleading for attention. You’ve been waiting weeks for our bodies to touch this intimately and as your legs swiftly wrap around my torso, I whisper in your ear how desperately I want to fuck you.

I pin you back against the wall and let my lips run wild across your clavicle. I catch a hint of a smile as I bring my mouth to yours, closing around your lips, and letting my teeth gently sink in. My hands are under your ass, holding you at my waist. I step forward so you can feel the length of my cock press firmly against you. We gaze into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Our mutual looks communicate what a thousand words could only begin to describe. Our undying love for one another. The intense heat of passion that burns with every touch and gesture. Our mutual trust and respect that bonds us so deeply. The many words we use to communicate our thoughts and opinions, our hopes and desires, are unnecessary in this moment. As I move you from the wall to the edge of the kitchen counter, our eye contact never breaks. I pull up a chair and seat myself. Then I raise your legs one at a time and begin to slowly remove your stockings.

My hard cock is throbbing, but I ignore this sensation to focus on the task at hand. As I expose more of your leg, I take your heal in my palm and lift you until my lips can touch your soft, freshly shaved skin. I tilt my chin to look up at your face and notice your eyes are closed. You have one hand behind you for support as your free hand is massaging your breast. I take a deep breath while I admire your simple beauty and move on to massaging your upper thighs…..

\[Stay tuned for part three tomorrow…\]

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