In her childhood home

Bathsex has been on our list for a while now but because we dont own a bath it was hard to realize. But an opportunity finally presented itself. Her mother and brother were away for the weekend and my gf was asked to mind the house and dogs. I would stay home to mind our own dog for the night but would come over the next day for a bath.
We came up on the plan on Friday evening and it would happen on Sunday. This would also be the first time for her to have sex in her childhood home, something that was also on the list since she knew the rest of her family did and she was feeling left out. We were teasing eachother a bit on the Saturday and on Sunday we had the fun kind of sexual tension going.
When I came in the house we started kissing straight away, groping eachother in the process. We go upstairs to draw the bath and has the water is filling up tub, I whisper in her ear “why don’t you blow me while we wait” I drop my pants and she starts to suck sensually, rocking her body for a bit before she stops and giving me a cheeky look. She goes to grab a bathbomb and I get fully undressed, she throws in the bathbomb and gets undressed herself. We kiss some more and get into the bath which we discover, is a bit too tight for the 2 of us. We make the best out of it and try different positions to be close to eachother. Once we found a position that worked I start fingering her, kissing her on her neck and boobs as she moans in my ear. I try to enter her but the bath simply was too small for the 2 of us. I decide she still gets to get an orgasm in the bath and start fingering her more intensly, rubbing her sweet spot until she cums. I could feel how desperate her pussy was getting and ordered her to get out of the bath and bend over it. We get out, I slap her ass and push her legs wider before I stick it in. A few slow deep thrusts as I grip her thighs thight, I start to increase the intensity as she starts moaning “fuck me like you own me”. A switch goes off as I increase my grip and start pounding her, using my thight grip to throw her body into mine. She lets out pleasures screams as my breathing gets heavier. I feel I’m getting close and I up the intensity to the highest, her body is mine and she was loving it as she lets out another scream as I cum deep into her pussy. We kiss some more and get back into the bath where we need a second to catch our breath after the intense and pleasurable fuck we just had. “Another thing crossed of our list” we look at eachother with a smile and close our eyes to give our body’s some rest.

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