Im [M34] waiting for the postwoman to ring the bell

I (m34) woke up really horny in the morning and was alone in the home office. It was still morning and I was only wearing sweatpants and a shirt. I actually wanted to work, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was so horny. So I started watching porn. Just before I could cum, the doorbell rang. I got up annoyed and went to the door. The postwoman stood there with a package in her hand. I noticed she was awkwardly looking at my crotch because I still had a small boner that she could see. She gave me the package, said goodbye and left. I sheepishly went back into the apartment and was about to continue watching Poronos when the doorbell rang again. Annoyed, I went to the door – the mail carrier smiled at me and asked if she could blow me as she unbuttoned her shirt and knelt down. Before I could properly react, she pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock. I cum in her mouth pretty quickly. Since then we’ve had sex off and on when she delivers packages…sometimes just sexting when we both need it! I’m already looking forward to my next package. I hope she reads it and rings the bell soon!

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