I’m getting a reputation at College parties and it’s starting to get annoying

I love to hook up at parties, it’s my fave parts of college house parties. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a house party without at least giving someone head or getting felt up by someone. Most parties, I do hook up with someone. A few times recently, I’ve hooked up with more than one person in one night.

The problem with this is that I’m starting to get a reputation. I don’t really mind this too much, I like to have fun and I’m not embarrassed about this. There’s often some new people for me to hook up with, but there’s also a lot of familiar faces. It’s hard to find people I’m into who I haven’t hooked up with before. It would be nice to have something new, instead of feeling like I’m repeating experiences.

The main issue with this, is that it’s now something that people expect from me. Guys think that, because we’ve hooked up before, that we’ll hook up again that night. I was with a guy recently who just assumed we would hook up, which we did, but then he got annoyed that I wandered off with another guy later that night.

Why don’t guys understand when I just want to fuck? I feel like I’m clear enough, and they know my reputation. At least it allows me to hook up with multiple guys at parties. It seems easy for guys to approach me when they know what it is I want from them.

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