I’m addicted to my redhead classmate [F19]

We share a class together in uni and the only thing i think about all lesson is the various ways id fuck her and use her body.

I’m addicted to her. Using her to cum is better than any other porn. She has ginger hair that drives me wild for some reason, these gorgeous tits that need to be ripped out of her shirt. She has a nice ass too but she doesn’t show it off much. I’d love to be able to bend her over my desk and fuck her mercilessly. Just creampie her in the middle of class.

I’d love to go down on her and use her as my personal cum dump. Every time i see her i fantasise about handcuffing her and putting her in doggy. Or going down on her and devouring her pretty pink pussy.

Plus she’s only 5ft 1 so she’s nice and tight and easy to throw around. I’d love to find a pair of her panties too. Dm for pic

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