I[F19] sucked dick in an elevator

We went back to his apartment after the party, and I made the decision to stay the night there, so I was fucking this guy from the club. As soon as we started making out, he began eating my pussy and getting me really wet. I couldn’t help but take it out of his pants and tell him to put it inside of me, and he even used his mouth and fingers to make me cum.

And after that, he promised to drive me home, so he shows me the elevator to his apartment on the 20th floor, where we go to his car to make it home at last after a night out.

I got this crazy idea because I love having sex in public. I started getting down on my knees, untying his pants, and sucking his dick while we were in the elevator. I did it quickly, like I spit on it to make sure no one saw us, and when the elevator finally stopped, he was still showing off, but fortunately no one else was around.

The worst part is that he messaged me the following day to say that the elevator has cameras and that someone might have seen us. Despite this, I’m proud of myself and would love to explore more unusual locations.

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