I[F19] just let a married guy fuck me and idk how to feel about it

After getting fucked by this man I met at the beach, I just arrived home. We used to frequently encounter each other at our favorite beach and engage in light flirtatious behavior. Even though he is much older than I am, he is still very attractive, and I somehow managed to get welcomed back to his apartment. Until I saw how the house was adorned, I was genuinely unaware that he was married. His wife’s belongings and overtly feminine decorations throughout the house only made me feel more attracted to him, so I suppose I was just a little enamored with the occasion.

He slammed me from behind and forced my face into her pillow after we had a straight sexual encounter on his and his wife’s bed. He was also really shady about it. It was making me cum so fucking hard that he continued telling me how much hotter and tighter I was than her. Naturally, he also ended up cumming inside of me. I didn’t care at the time, but while I was taking the Uber home, I began to regret what I had just done. I honestly don’t know whether I will be able to stop him from doing it when I run into him again, even though I know I will. How can I proceed? Please help, I feel so bad about it but I’m also strangely attracted to it.

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