Idk why but when I slipped it out and put it in my ass, things got real awkward after

So guys… This recently happened and I felt I had to tell someone so I’ve came on here… To rant as usual

To give you some backstory I had met him pretty randomly on a night out and we had gone to his house to fuck. As you do…

So we were in his place, we had started to fuck and his cock was sliding in and out of me pretty nicely.

It was getting intimate, and I was loving it. You know that feeling when a guy is just filling you up to the top? Don’t get me wrong though, smaller guys know how to work it too for sure.

But anyway, everything was going fine, it felt so good, and all of a sudden i had an intrusive thought.

I sat there wondering to myself, like why is my ass twitching. I thought about it for a second whilst he was pounding me and acted on impulse…

Heat of the moment, I grabbed his cock and slipped him out. Before his cock returned to my pussy I guided it smoothly into my ass. I moaned so load, it made me so fucking wet. The way my ass stretched around it just slowly opening as it slid in. I don’t think he even noticed for a while, he just got faster and faster. I felt like i was being turned into a hole. A damn big hole. I clutched at the bed begging him to fuck me even deeper. We fucked and fucked and fucked. He came so deep inside me and i remember screaming “fuck” as i felt it enter me. He collapsed over the bed and so did I. We lay there, looking at the ceiling. Wondering what the fuck just happened? We didn’t speak a word the rest of the night.

When we got up in the morning, it was still really awkward. You know when you can just feel tension in the air?

I left pretty quickly after i woke up and we’ve not really spoke since. See him around sometimes and he doesn’t say hi anymore, what do you guys think went wrong?

4 thoughts on “Idk why but when I slipped it out and put it in my ass, things got real awkward after”

  1. He wanted to release himself and be done with it.
    He wanted your body/beauty and be done with it.
    Maybe he let himself go more than he wanted and is ashamed of his irresponsible behavior.
    He wants more but is afraid of what you might think of him and how you might respond if he wants it again but just wants the “flesh experience” and not the emotional experience.

    There are many maybes, I’ve had a similar experience and looking back now, the only reason I never talked to her again, was because I wanted it again, but I didn’t want her persé and I felt bad about that for her and for me.

    I still have good memories of that night and wished I handled it better and her with more respect.

  2. Unplanned anal can leave a…mess…if you don’t prep for it properly. Without being too gross or outright with it, if he noticed some “stuff” on him left over from you, it might have grossed him out and scared him off.
    Its more common than you’d think.


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