I’d forget how much I can enjoy giving head.

My husband is such a good man. He works so very hard to give us everything we could ask. He’s a great Father as well. I suppose I should take better care of him, more often anyway.

Friday night he was showering and I was thinking about all those things and realized we hadn’t had sex all week. I knew he was tired from his long work week and would be going to bed as soon as he was done cleaning up.

I quickly stripped out of my house dress, no bra or panties to slow me down.

I stepped into the shower and kissed him as he washed his hair. His hands automatically went to my hips and then my breasts. Gently pinching and pulling on my lower nipples, making them hard and thick.

I raised my hands to rinse the shampoo from his hair while one of his dipped between my legs, petting my bald pussy lips.

But this was about him so I skipped back enough to take his hardening cock in my hand, jacking him gently as we kissed.

Breaking the kiss, I rinsed the soap off of him and turned him so his back was to the wall and I could sit on the edge of the tub. This puts my mouth at the perfect height to take him fully.

Cupping his large balls in one hand, I began to suck his cock, feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth. As his cock head reaches the back of my throat, I relaxed and took him all the way down. With my nose mashed into his pubes, I flicked my tongue out to lap at his sack.

His moans and pants spured me on to pick up my pace and I began to bob my head back and forth, sucking his hard cock just the way he likes it.

One of his big hands scoops my hair back while the other reaches down to cup my breast and play with my nipple.

My free hand fell between my spread thighs and found my swollen clit, making small circles as I continued to swallow his cock. I could not help but to moan with a mouthful of his cock as I fingered myself.

My moan set him off, and I could feel his cock start to throb against my tongue. I knew he was close and about to fill my mouth with his cum.

His hand tightened in my hair and the first jet shot straight down my throat. I keep sucking and stroking his cock with my mouth as he unloaded his balls into me.

He tried to pull back, out of my mouth, but I wanted to drain him completely. I kept sucking softly as the last of his cum filled my mouth. Swallowing it all, I finally let his escape my lips and looked up to smile at him.

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