I[21F] sucked a cop off to get out of a ticket, a girl gotta do what she gotta do right.

The title says it all, yes I did what many people believe pretty girls do to get away from a ticket. I already had a few for speeding and another one would mean losing my license for a while, so I did it and I’m happy I did because his cock wasn’t only big but his cum tasted great.

Thankfully the stop was late at night and on a pretty lonely route, I had to make a detour and because I was scared I was speeding, but after seeing flashing lights, I knew I was caught so I stopped, and once the cop was in front my door, asking if I knew my offense I confessed and begged, asking if there was anything I could do to not get the ticket and he gladly took the bait.

Saying a pretty girl like me looked like she knew how to use her mouth and I immediately showed that I was down for it.

So on the darker side of the car away from the open road, I kicked off my shoes and used them as softer pads as I went down on my knees, then without hesitation I gladly unbuckled and unzipped his pants, then took all 8inches of his big, thick, creamy cock in my hands, stroking it for a bit before I took it in my mouth.

Lightly sucking on the tip then slowly working my way down the whole thing, even when it hit the back of my throat I didn’t stop until my face was pressed flushed into his crotch, then I pulled back and bobbed my head happily sucking him off.

I was barely sucking him for 2 minutes before his knees started shaking and he shouted fuck over and over.

Grunting and groaning as his hips bucked back and forth pounding his cock in my throat. I’d encouraged this by grabbing his thick powerful thighs clad in his uniform as I moaned and gagged swirling my tongue around his whole length.

When I felt that he was close I began sucking him even faster and harder making it sloppy and slutty, I did this until I felt his body tense and then jerk as he shouted fuck, as he came undone shooting ropes of hot cum down my throat, and in my gut.

Then I licked him clean and fixed his pants, stood up and gladly licked my lips then told him thank you for more than one thing.

The head was so good that before I left he gave me his number telling me to hit him up whenever I needed a cock in any of my holes.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it, but who knows?

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