I[21F] fucked my father’s co-worker and I would happily do it again.

My father had offered to host the end-of-year party at our house and I had helped out by arranging everything. During the party, he’d introduced me to his co-workers and there were a few that stood out to me. Especially one I’ll call him Dan.

He was a big man, tall and muscular clearly middle-aged but still very handsome and fit, plus he held a high position at my father’s company.

I could feel his eyes on me from the moment we met, so during the later part of the party, I’d snuck him a message then snuck away and within minutes he’d gotten it and we met up in the back room.

He didn’t even ask any questions, he just immediately grabbed me shoved my dress up, ripped off my thong, pulled out his thick cock, and shove it into me.

I’d ask him to wear a rubber but he’d told me a pretty girl like me deserved to be fucked hard rough and raw, promising to cash app me money for a morning after.

So he pinned me to the wall and fucked me roughly from behind and even as I cried, moaned, and begged him to go slower or gentler he didn’t stop.

He just kept pounding me and spanking me until I came all over his cock hard then he also quickly came inside my pussy. He didn’t help me to clean up telling me I should walk around with his cum inside me for the rest of the night.

The morning after he cash app me 2 thousand dollars.

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