I[19F] peed on my boyfriend during sex…

Alright, so he was cracking jokes about us drinking together. That’s why I suppose it wasn’t entirely impromptu. However. When we got back to my house, I needed to urinate. After telling him to undress and lie down, I got up on him and began riding him until I told him I had to go extremely badly.

I questioned whether he was serious, and he nodded yes before giving me a powerful kiss. He just answered, “Do it,” with a slight chuckle. I just let it go and rode him for a while. It was really warm. He was completely covered in it. and just kept emerging, hehe. After I continued riding until I had to get off to finish urinating, it went up his chest and struck him in the chin all at once. 😳

He took me down and gave me more kisses. Subsequently, he replaced it and concluded. He adores me beyond measure. It was exhilarating and heated, and I felt very naughty. I have no idea why. Lol, cleaning up was such a mess 🙆🏻‍♀️

That’s my acknowledgment! On this one, am I alone?

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